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Astronauts aboard a generation ship have no idea their therapy sessions are broadcast on Earth as reality TV.
Astronauts aboard a generation ship have no idea their therapy sessions are broadcast on Earth as reality TV.
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T+11: Monkey bread and other things

Posted by Tom Pike (Creator)

Hey there, Spacers! We've got a couple quick things to tell you about today:

Science Fiction Doubly Featured

So we already told you how we were named a Project We Love by the Kickstarter Staff. Well guess what? Yesterday, out of more than 600 live projects, we were Kickstarter's featured film & video project!

We feature you too, Kickstarter!
We feature you too, Kickstarter!

But then, that's what happens when you run a campaign that has raised 34% of its goal, with $15,639 pledged by 225 backers! We have all of YOU to thank for this, so thanks again for all of your support. It means the world (and other worlds, perhaps) to us.

$15K - Achievement Unlocked!

That's right! Yesterday we hit $15,000, and we've rewarded the Spacer who pushed us over with a special custom voicemail greeting from AMI 2.0.

We've also put up our special $65 pledge level, available to anyone who's interested in hearing some awesome audio-only episodes of the show!

So guess what comes next? Well, the person who pushes us up to $20K - whether by a new pledge or upgrading an existing one - will get a custom voicemail greeting from Nicki Clyne. Seriously cool of her, and super exciting for one of you!

Personal Space Teaser Trailer

We've been holding this one back awhile, because we wanted to make you think we weren't going to release one of these. But where do you think all of those great pics of Overture and the amazing header images of planets come from?

They come from our teaser trailer. Which we'll be releasing to the public very, very soon.

More info on that as we come closer to releasing it!

Tropes, Tropes, and more Tropes

Tom, Dana, and Zack all cut their teeth on the TV Tropes webseries Echo Chamber. Throughout the years, TV Tropes has been incredibly supportive of our endeavors since then, and has asked regular troper comic artist Mike Howland to make us a comic! Check it out:

Want to see more of Mike's work? Click on this image!
Want to see more of Mike's work? Click on this image!

Pretty great, right? We've decided that it's deuterocanon

So that's it for today's update! Tomorrow, we'll talk about some of the videos we've released this week - and no, surprisingly, we don't mean Science Marches Han.

Tom & the team


Extended Universe

Killing Death

Below is an excerpt from Stan Blaszkiewicz’s autobiography / tell-all / philosophy / self help / cook book, Cryptobiosis: Killing Death, which was self-published at the dawn of the cryonics age and is now sadly out of print.


But how do we know when a person is dead? It used to be we’d glance at a peasant who collapsed in the fields, and just shrug - “Welp, old man Hamstone finally kicked the bucket.” Further down the historical timeline, we’d check to see if they were still breathing, and if they weren’t, we’d give up. Then came rescue breathing and CPR, and now the loss of heartbeat isn’t even considered to kill a person. Death now is the point at which brain activity ceases and cannot be resumed.

Suppose I could slow or stop the process of brain death. Dip you in a big bin of liquid nitrogen. Bam - you’re not dead, and you’ll hover on death’s threshold as long as I want you to. And you won’t die til I take you out again. Big ol oopsie if I do. Unless in the intervening time, I’ve managed to conquer whatever it was that was killing you. For example, if I’d frozen victims of bacterial infections in 1860, I could cure them today!

By the way, do you ever think it’s weird that people who died in 1860 never heard jazz? I just don’t know what to make of that. How do you live life that way thinking you had some kind of complete experience? People just died and were like, “Yep, I’m good! Life well lived!” and I’m sitting here from the future screaming at them that they’re about to miss out on the biggest musical revolution of all time.

Then I sit down and ask myself, what am I missing out on? What kind of FutureJazz is going to transform the musical landscape that I will never hear? Which is why we need cryonics. I already missed one revolution by being born too late. I have no intention of sitting the next one out.


If you’re wondering how we can cure bacterial infections now, the answer is 1) penicillin and 2) read a history book sometime maybe? We got one of our greatest medical innovations of all time cause Alex Fleming couldn’t be bothered to clean out his fridge.

Bread isn't just for penicillin, though! It can also be used for eating. Some of my favorite breads include rye, sourdough, wheat, white, breads with cheese baked into them, breads with fruit baked into them, Irish soda bread, challa, dosa, monkey bread, tiger bread, obwarzanek krakowski, baguettes, ooththappam, flatbread, pita, pumpkin bread, sweet breads, beer breads, Japanese milk bread, pumpernickel, blaa, borlengo, balep korkun, bagels, and toast.

Some of my favorite scones include [...]


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    1. Mandi Rose on

      Weirdly, I can totally relate to that thought tangent in 'Killing Death'. Liking how AMI is coming across as a passive aggressive Glados :-)

      Really looking forward to this!