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Tomorrow is a magazine about (and for) the people who are working out what’s next.

Tomorrow is a one-shot magazine about creative destruction—a fitting concept for eight recently unemployed journalists and designers. Our next move: Pushing others to jump out of their comfort zones, too, and writing and designing the hell out of the results. For the next month, we will crash on one issue of a magazine. No salaries, no health care, no ergonomic office chairs. No foundation grants, no advisory boards, no independently wealthy vanity investors—for now, at least. That means no filler, no product placement, no luxury gift guides. It means we won’t be afraid to publish things that are complicated or sexy or weird... the kinds of things that might just get you fired. (We’ve been there.) Tomorrow will feature original articles and essays about what’s on the cusp, plus fresh design, illustrations, and photography in a quality print publication.

Who are we?
Tomorrow’s eight co-founders and editors are Tim Fernholz, Ann Friedman, Megan Greenwell, Amanda Hess, Cord Jefferson, Dylan C. Lathrop, Zak Stone, and Nona Willis Aronowitz. We spent most of our waking hours together at GOOD magazine until six of us were fired and two more quit in June 2012. There, we put out a daily web magazine and a quarterly print magazine with written and visual journalism about the economy, sex, culture, politics, sports, and food.

We’re in the process of recruiting a diverse team of kickass contributors. (If that’s you, please get in touch: And keep up with our progress at and

What will Tomorrow be?
We’re starting from the beginning: What areas of society need to hit the reset button?

Tomorrow is about (and for) the people who are working out what’s next. Today’s dilemmas deserve fresh eyes liberated from the tired status quo of superficial journalism, boring narratives, and old ideas about what works. We’ll take a look around the corner to bring you stories about the people, the movements, and the trends that are tearing the world down and building it anew.

Tomorrow will be available on the web, but first it’ll be published as a treasure-it-forever print issue. We’ll give you 100 oversize pages of reporting and essays, plus full-color photos, illustrations, and infographics. This is print, after all—we might as well go big or go home.

Tomorrow’s first edition will be printed and shipped to your door in fall 2012. A launch party in Los Angeles will follow. Arrange your hangover burrito plans now.

Where will the money go?
The $15,000 will fund production, web design and hosting, tech needs, postage, and one amazing launch party. We'll print enough magazines so everyone who orders an issue gets one. But if you exceed our expectations, we’ll exceed yours. If we raise more than $15,000, we'll be able to compensate contributors and ourselves—at least a little. If we raise even more than that, the publication will get even better.

What is Tomorrow’s future?
We’re committed to making at least one issue—but we’re open to more. If you’re an advertiser or independently wealthy human who would like to help us sell out, hit us up. (Hey, we need to find work sometime). To stay in the loop, follow us at @tomorrowthemag, find us on Tumblr at, or email us at

Shipping note: If you live outside the U.S., please add $5 for a copy of the magazine or $10 for the stickers and/or tote.

Special thanks to filmmaker Will Lamborn, who directed, shot and edited our video, Aaron Cassara, who shot the New York footage, and musician Noah Harmon, who composed and performs the original theme song. 


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