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The Living Room- A Temporary art space in Amsterdam's video poster

The living room is a temporary art space for exhibitions, discursive events and performances. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on December 3, 2010.

The living room is a temporary art space for exhibitions, discursive events and performances.

About this project

This is our Living Room project: a physical meeting place for artists, thinkers and performers in the neighborhood of Bos en Lommer, Amsterdam. It will be a temporary space existing for a period of three months which will host contemporary art exhibitions, discursive events, music performances and many other cultural activities.

The Living Room is born out of the experience of living and working in Amsterdam: a city which hosts a large number of diverse communities and serves as a hub for artists and scholars from around the world.
But Amsterdam is also a vivid example of de-politicized and consumerized urban environment which is steadily becoming one of the main characteristics of our neo-liberal society.
Through The Living Room space we wish to create an artistic and intellectual platform that will react to this current situation by questioning the notions of Locality, temporality and community in our precarious existence.

For those who are familiar with the situation in Amsterdam, finding a space is not an easy task. Yet, after months of research and hard work we are finally negotiating for a space located near the border of Bos en Lommer and de Baarsjes (it's perfect!). With your help as well as support from a few local funding bodies, in the next couple of months The Living Room will come into its complete being. We have developed an exciting and detailed artistic program: featuring new works of promising artists, unique collaborations of contemporary performers and discussion series' with some of the most interesting activists and scholars from contemporary.

Just like in our own homes, The Living Room will be a space for congregation, debate and inspiration created by its inhabitants; a place for artists to develop their practice, for thinkers to meet their audience and for the visitor to engage in a truly contemporary experience.

If you've read all this and you want to donate but prefer not do so on the internet, contact us here for details.


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    Thanks for the help! For your contribution you will receive a digital living room kit complete with pictures, texts and films from the daily activities of the Living Room.

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    Thank you so much for generous support! In addition to the digital Living Room kit, we'll send you a special edition postcard of the Living Room.

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    We are so very happy with your support for the Living Room!! In addition to the Living Room kit and the special edition postcard, you will receive free admission to all Living Room activities with a door charge for the duration of 3 months.

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    You've really outdone yourselves!! To show our gratitude we would like to offer you all of the above gifts as well as the special edition (printed and bound) Living Room kit. This unique publication will function as the catalogue and official documentation of the Living Room Contemporary art space.

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    As our primary benefactors, we owe you our biggest thanks! We would like to offer you all of the above gifts packaged as an individual personal Living Room Kit: including select editions from works of the participating artists, performers and musicians. In addition to this we will personally bake you our most famous cake and mail it overnight to you anywhere in the world.

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