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A collection of rare and newly-restored Bray Studios cartoons, produced from 1913 through 1927, on Blu-ray & DVD!
283 backers pledged $15,227 to help bring this project to life.

Time for a Stretch Goal!

Posted by Tommy José Stathes (Creator)

How about an additional Cartoon Roots release?

Amazingly, there are two weeks left of fundraising in this campaign. Many friends & colleagues are still waiting to pledge, and many new faces have yet to stumble across this project. Considering these facts and our overall success thus far, I think it's high time to introduce a special stretch goal!

Let's aim for $14,000

If we can meet this stretch goal, I'll produce a special Cartoon Roots Blu-ray/DVD combo featuring fifteen films from Earl Hurd's groundbreaking cartoon series, Bobby Bumps. Hurd invented the cel process for animation in 1915--his contributions and importance in animation and film history cannot be overstated, and, simply put, his celebrity silent cartoon character deserves ample attention and visibility a century later. This has been my feeling for a long time, and with your help, we can make that a reality!

In addition to plenty of fun and educational extras, here's a sampling of some of the titles that will probably appear on such a set: Bobby Bumps and His Pointer Pup (1916), Bobby Bumps' Goatmobile (1916), Bobby Bumps Loses His Pup (1916), Bobby Bumps, Chef (1917), Bobby Bumps Puts a Beanery on the Bum (1918), Bobby Bumps in Before and After (1918), Bobby Bumps at the Dentist (1918), Bobby Bumps' Last Smoke (1919), Bobby Bumps in Hunting and Fishing (1921), Chicken Dressing (1923), plus others; transferred in HD and restored directly from vintage 16mm, 28mm & 35mm prints. 

As is the case with other Blu-ray/DVD projects, collected funds will cover film transfers, digital restoration, new music compositions, graphic design, mastering and replication costs, raw packaging and shipping materials, plus other assorted incidentals. 


For now, I will keep the pre-existing pledge levels the same so new backers can continue to effectively pre-order the Bray Studios collection. If and when we get midway between the current funding amount and the stretch goal, at around $11,500, I will introduce new pledge levels which will allow pre-existing backers to increase their pledges and pre-order the Bobby Bumps collection as well. These added pledge levels will allow everyone who has contributed so far to further guarantee the production of this additional set--but if we don't get so close to the stretch goal, I don't want to take extra money on speculation for a product that may not wind up being produced until much later than originally planned.*

If we're successful, production work on this collection will begin after the Bray Studios release is finished and replicated, and my estimate for a very rough availability date would be April 2016. 

What if we don't make the stretch goal?

If we don't reach $14k, new pledges will still be handled as pre-orders for the Bray collection, and any remaining net profits will simply be absorbed and treated as much needed overhead here at the Stathes Archives. After all, an independent archivist must eat and pay bills while producing these releases! 

*Also, the Bobby Bumps collection will still be produced in the future, since it is something I want to do regardless of time and funds. It will simply happen at a later date and come to fruition as a result of other funding methods or a separate Kickstarter if we don't get to produce it by meeting a stretch goal in this campaign.

What can you do right now to help?

Keep sharing this campaign with film history and animation or comic-loving friends, and please spread the word via social media so new backers can find this campaign. Then check back soon to see if significant progress is being made and new pledges have been introduced. Let's make this happen! Thanks!


A comic adaptation of Bobby Bumps and the Stork (1916), strangely including Col. Heeza Liar, who does not appear in the animated cartoon.
A comic adaptation of Bobby Bumps and the Stork (1916), strangely including Col. Heeza Liar, who does not appear in the animated cartoon.
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