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The video games you played as a kid, mashed together and remade into a tactical roguelike.
The video games you played as a kid, mashed together and remade into a tactical roguelike.
The video games you played as a kid, mashed together and remade into a tactical roguelike.
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Development Update: Items and Inventory

This past month of development mostly focused on implementing systems for items, equipment, and inventory. I'll go over everything that was added in the text to follow, and there's also a video below that covers much of the same ground.

Every character in the game has a certain equipment load-out, with armor slots for the head, chest, and legs, as well as item slots for what they have in each hand. In addition to that, each character has their own inventory (with a fairly limited number of slots) to represent what they are carrying on them personally - things like consumables, backup weapons, ammunition, or bombs. Larger, heavier items can take up multiple slots, and reloading or equipping items costs time and can generate interrupts. Enemy also has realistic clip management, so ejected clips can go back into your supply. When you aren't in combat, you have access to a squad inventory that you can move items to or from, but when you are in combat, you have to make do with the limited load-out you picked going in. You can hover over any item for a detailed description along with its damage and other effects. You can also move, re-size, reorganize the menus to suit your preference.

Every opponent and NPC also has an equipment load-out and personal inventory. One of the design principles of the game is that enemies follow all the same rules that you do, so any weapon or armor that's used against you, you can take and use against your opponents. So, for example, you can take a wizard's magic staff and use it to cast fireballs of your own. You'll also find chests and be able to purchase items from shops in villages.

How a character plays depends on how you've built their stats, and how you've equipped them. A ranged character could find a low accuracy, high rate-of-fire SMG in an action-game-themed area and build their play-style around that. Similarly, a melee character could be squashing enemies with a cartoonish mallet, or wielding a futuristic plasma sword.

And last of all, items are defined by xml files where you can specify every single thing about them, such as what actions they enable, what they look like, particle effects they need, descriptions, damage equations, and more, so modders have complete control over them. That's all for this update! Thanks for reading.



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    1. Tom Johnson 2-time creator on August 1, 2013

      Thanks Alex! I really appreciate it. And sorry for the late reply, I've been busy working on the game. I'm a big fan of openness in games as well. I'm currently finishing up the overworld system, and my goal for it is that the way you choose to explore the world on the large scale will be open to lots of different playstyles and strategies, such as being more or less daring about taking on dangerous enemies, or choosing different types of areas to travel through (and therefore what kinds of items you'll find). I am planning on a Steam Greenlight campaign, roughly around the same time as the beta. I wanted to put it off toward later in development so I'd have as much to show as possible. And if I do get Greenlit, I'll make sure backers get Steam passes in addition to direct download.

    2. Alex Acosta on July 27, 2013

      Amazing work Tom. This looks extremely promising. The openness of the the word and the themes you seem to be working with are sounding really and great and like it will lead to some very diverse and interesting gameplay. I don't even want to fathom what balancing this game is going to be like... but thankfully that's your job! :) Keep it up my good sir because I am frothing from the mouth to get my hands on that beta after watching that video. Any plans on Steam release? Pre or post beta anyways.

    3. Tom Johnson 2-time creator on July 21, 2013

      Thanks Tom Slater! I feel the same way. My first experience with making games was messing around with half-life mods back in high school, and I spent at least as long on those as I did playing the game.

    4. Tom Johnson 2-time creator on July 21, 2013

      Ha ha. Hey Graeme! Sorry for the late reply. Yeah, Bobby is still helping out but his work will come a little further on in development. Being able to tone down or hide the grid hadn't occurred to me for some reason, but I think that's a really good idea. I'll try to work that in as a graphics option.

      A character's mental stat will gradually regenerate with time, but it also increases if events happen that make them think that the battle is going well, like killing an enemy. Things like being close to the rest of team instead of being off on their own will also adjust the rate.

      I remember getting a few wipes that way too. I also remember the first time I encountered a blaster bomb pretty vividly, where the alien fired it across a hallway, and then suddenly it turned and went down the elevator shaft, before turning again to go out an opening and explode my whole team. This game doesn't have your opponents directly taking control of you, but there are certain enemy types that do mental damage. I may hold off on giving more detail about them until a later update. (Sorry)

    5. Missing avatar

      Tom Slater on July 14, 2013

      Looking good!
      I'm particularly excited at the 'openness' of the game; one of the things I've always loved about PC games is the potential to tweak stuff.

    6. Graeme Henson on July 12, 2013

      Naked witches... giggidy.

      I'm kind of curious about the modeling on this. I was under the impression after the 4/17 update that the modeling style was going in a different direction with the help of Robert St. Aubin. Is he still helping out on that or are you going back to the more simplified models?

      Will there be a way in the final game to tone down the grid and how much it shows up on-screen? It always seems from the gameplay footage to be a bit distracting and I've always been a fan of the implied grid via the cursor box.

      Love the concept of using magic that slowly causes your character to panic, is that a trait that regenerates with time or is it something you gain back as you take out enemies? I always remember one of the more frustrating things on X-com that caused me to rage-quit was having a crack squad of fully-equipped soldiers and lose everything when one of my weaker-willed guys got panicked by a sectoid psychic attack and shot up the rest of the team from behind. That or those chrysallid bastards. sigh

    7. Tom Johnson 2-time creator on July 12, 2013

      Hey Greg. Thank you! Yeah, you can kill the shopkeeper and take his stuff. I try to implement systems that always follow their own internal logic, so that whenever it seems like you should be able to do something, you can. The way I'd like to handle robbery (though this part isn't implemented yet) is that you'll be attacked if you enter subsequent towns, and police may come after you, so that, like in Spelunky, it's a quite high-risk, but viable, strategy.

    8. Tom Johnson 2-time creator on July 12, 2013

      Thank you Imban! I'm very glad to hear that.

    9. Greg on July 12, 2013

      I wanted to see you light the trees on fire with the wizard's staff, just to prove it could be done.

      You did.

      I wanted to see the plasma sword cut through trees.

      Not only did it cut through trees, it cut through stone.

      I think the only thing I wanted to see that you didn't do was lighting the house on fire. Can you do that? Can you kill the shopkeeper and just steal his items?

      (I want this to come out so badly now)

    10. Imban
      on July 12, 2013

      This keeps looking better and better. Thanks for the update.