by Tom Johnson

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      Steven Wall on

      All those updates sound awesome! Now I just need to restart as my last game bugged out.

    2. Tristan van Essen on

      One of the best projects, I have ever backed on KS. Your game is extremely awsome Tom. Keep these great updates coming, to make this even a better game, than it already is.
      I now wish I had given more than a 10$ pledge, since you definitely deserve more.

    3. Tom Johnson 2-time creator on

      Thanks Steven! If you have a corrupt savegame, you can send it to tom@enemygame.net and I may be able to fix it for you. Any kind of savegame bug is always a top priority for me.

    4. Tom Johnson 2-time creator on

      Thank you Tristan, that is such a fantastic compliment! I'm glad you have gotten so much out of the game, and I'll keep working to make it better. :)

    5. Tom Johnson 2-time creator on

      Thank you Stern! You and all the other backers have been really good to me, being supportive throughout development and giving lots of helpful suggestions afterwards. I appreciate it.

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      Tharf on

      The berserk behavior is a great feature, I experienced it with a boss that went berserk and hit my soldier : my soldier first started to flee, then went berserk too and finished the boss ^^

      Everything in Enemy is really well thought out, every feature you add make sense and add more fun to the game :-)

    7. Tom Johnson 2-time creator on

      Thanks Tharf! Generating cool stories like that out of the gameplay was one of my main design goals for Enemy. I'm glad you like the new features; a lot of the changes this month were based on backer suggestions, and I think they add a lot. I appreciate the feedback :)

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      Kaeroku on

      Looks great Tom. You know I'm in for your next game :)