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The video games you played as a kid, mashed together and remade into a tactical roguelike.
The video games you played as a kid, mashed together and remade into a tactical roguelike.
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    1. Tom Johnson 2-time creator on

      I like your idea of supporting a more guns-blazing kind of playthrough, with medkits for on the spot use and running back to town if you got low. The next version of the game has some chanegs to make movement on the world map a bit more like Jagged Alliance, where you won't have to manually walk through the intermediary zones if you've cleared them. That may help with the concerns I had, or possibly make them worse. I think it's worth trying; maybe I can make a healing-in-towns prototype and see how it works and affects other aspects of the gameplay. Thanks for the suggestion!

    2. Missing avatar

      Kaeroku on

      Hey Tom! I just had an idea regarding your comments about sleeping in hotels. They're spread out enough that I think you could get away with making it cheap (or even free, a gratitude thing from the town members for what you're doing.)

      The benefits of healing kits etc are that they can be used in combat or to continue the fight in other sectors without taking the time to go back. Never underestimate time as a resource! Convenience costs are ones that gamers (and people) routinely pay.

      The limited healing options currently in the game definitely promote careful gameplay, but at the same time do-or-die game styles where you just go in guns blazing and try to nuke everything down can be a lot of fun. Dangerous, but fun! If healing in town were an option, it might promote that kind of thing, since you could heal using kits and if you got really low run back to town for a quick refresher.

      Up to you man, just trying to play devil's advocate somewhat and suggest that including hotel healing isn't necessarily a bad thing **even if it's cheaper than medkits** as you feared.

    3. Tom Johnson 2-time creator on

      Hi Paul! Bug reports are much appreciated! I've been trying to fix any issues as fast as possible. I am so happy you like the game; I really put everything I had into it and I would have felt terrible to have disappointed you after you followed the game through so much of its development and provided so much help and feedback.

    4. Paul Benbrook on

      Hi Tom!

      Enemy is FANTASTIC, played about 24 hours now and I'm feeling fairly comfortable with it's systems. Having said that, I've dug up a few interesting bugs that I'm going to write up on the forum when I have a little more time (probably under the name NooklearToaster).

      Just wanted to say you've taken the past few years and produced something absolutely amazing. I'm really glad to see this all come together so well.

    5. Tom Johnson 2-time creator on

      Thank you Steven! I'm really glad you're liking the game. I always liked the mood that it set in a lot of old games (which I don't think they were even necessarily going for) where you could talk to NPCs but they all just had random and sometimes unsettling dialogue.

    6. Missing avatar

      Steven Wall on

      This game is awesome. I love the creepy vibe the villagers give off when you talk to them. Especially when in the Horror zones.

    7. Tom Johnson 2-time creator on

      For that, if you press 'Page Down', that will lower the view layer and let you see under the roof (or any tall trees obstructing your vision). You can bring it back up with 'Page Up'. I'm hoping to add a key bindings menu soon, which I hope will help - I know that in other games I often use keybindings as a quick in-game controls lookup.

    8. Chris on

      Thanks for considering the tutorial idea, Tom! The only other thing I've been having trouble with is getting the camera to zoom inside buildings when I've sent my squad in. I just entered a town and wanted to purchase weapons, but I haven't been able to figure out how to get the camera to allow me to look at the view from in the building.

    9. Tom Johnson 2-time creator on

      Hi Chris! I'm glad you are having a good time with the game after the initial learning phase. Thanks for the suggestion. I'm hoping to get a tutorial and/or some tooltips in before the public release, since they will likely be even more confused than backers. :)

    10. Chris on

      Enemy probably should have a tutorial to get people accustomed to it. At first, I was a bit confused on what I was doing. Overall though, it is pretty cool though. Love being able to destroy the environment for tactical advantage. :)

    11. Tom Johnson 2-time creator on

      Hi Tim! There aren't ways to sell back items or sleep in the hotels. I've had several people ask about that - it is more unintuitive than I realized. The reason I don't let you sell back to shops is so that people don't feel like they need to vacuum up every item they find in the world; instead, I try to just give an equivalent amount of gold drops to what you would get for selling items. Sleeping at the hotels to regain health is a cool idea - it makes a lot of sense that it would work that way. The reason I haven't implemented that yet is that I was concerned if it was cheaper than medkits or healing potions, then people might feel like they needed to always walk back to town to heal there. Those things likely need a bit more in-game explanation, at the least - but I am also open to changing them if they don't seem to be working and I am open to suggestions. I hope you are liking the game. Thanks for writing.

    12. Tom Johnson 2-time creator on

      Thank you Michael! I loved reading about your experience. The past few days I've been a bit frazzled with all the after-release work and your post really brightened my day. One of my big goals for the game was for the gameplay systems to have enough depth that they could always generate surprises and stories. I am similarly a fan of Ironman modes, the tension of them and having to deal my mistakes. I'll tone down the rotation in the start menus with the next game update. Now that you mention it, I've started noticing it too, ha ha - especially on the last screen where you choose the stats. Thank you so much for writing, and for all your support along the way.

    13. Missing avatar

      Tim Garris on

      Maybe I'm just missing it, or maybe this has yet to be there a way to sell items in towns? Or to sleep at the hotel to regain health?

    14. Michael McLord on

      Hi Tom, congratulations for a successfull (backer-)launch!

      I'm still in my first attempt, yet advanced to the 4th area. Wow, I was shocked when my first casualty was of all possibilities my main character! Poor buddy got hit by a firebomb, paniced and ran around screaming and set the whole environment on fire. The rest of the team, though devastated by the loss of their beloved leader within the first 10 minutes, pulled themselfs together an managed to finish the area nonetheless. Haha, it's like Frodo got killed in the Shire and the Fellowship of the Ring continues its journey without him! Now, more than ever!

      Gamers are used to eradicate errors or bad luck by reloading, playing trial and error. But I always loved to play games on "Ironmode", where it's "think first, act later"! Only a game with permadeath and automatic saves without a reload option can deliver such an intense experience. Thanks for staying true to this concept, I love it!

      Just one tiny thing:
      The fast rotating green grid in the background at the character generation screens made me really dizzy. Felt like motion sickness. I think it would be OK with a slow(er) rotation.

      You promised. You delivered. Count me in on your next project!

    15. Tom Johnson 2-time creator on

      Thank you, Gambler! I hope the game gives you many hours of enjoyment :)

    16. Tom Johnson 2-time creator on

      Thanks Tharf! It makes me happy that you are liking it so much. That's a cool strategy. I've tried to design the game so that players can experiment and be creative with things like that, just interesting interactions between the different gameplay systems.

    17. Tom Johnson 2-time creator on

      Thank you Kaeroku! That really means a lot to me. I haven't had time to do much outside of development lately but I've heard several stories of Kickstarter projects that went awry. I'm glad that Enemy is living up to what you were hoping for and I'm hoping to put in several more improvements soon. For me, this community has really been better than I honestly even thought an internet community could possibly be.

    18. Tom Johnson 2-time creator on

      Hi abramsaw! Yeah, being a squad member is definitely a high risk career. I imagine they leave the part about meeting a terrible and hilarious end out of the recruitment brochure. Thanks for the well wishes. I'm glad you have liked the game so far!

    19. Missing avatar

      Gambler on

      This is just great, thanks a lot! :)

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      Tharf on

      Cleared the first area, and it was really great ! I had no real problems : with two melee characters, and scattered enemies. I really enjoyed attracting the ninja attention with "princess", then jumping on his head with my main character !
      Too bad, I do not have time left to play today !

    21. Missing avatar

      Kaeroku on

      I agree that I enjoy challenging and difficult games, and this certainly is that! I've had three playthroughs now and haven't managed to survive past the second area in any except one of them. In fact, the only reason I even made it TO the third one that time was a lucky pickup of a higher leveled ninja joining my party in the second zone after it almost got wiped out in the first zone.

      I've seen that other people have done better, so I'm sure it's either been a series of bad luck or steep learning curve, but I am definitely enjoying it so far.

      Tom, this has felt like one of the most successful Kickstarter's I've been a part of. Yes, you were late, but you continued with a reasonable update schedule, let us know where progress was and then delivered a game which meets all the expectations and hopes we (i) had. Not only that, but you're obviously responding to release-day issues and seem to intend to continue to make this better as much as possible throughout the process.

      ...I don't say this lightly, but thank you. KS has not been a very happy place for many people (me) over the last few years due to manifold disappointments, but not this one. Thank you, sir.

    22. abramsaw on

      Hey Tom! I've learned quickly that you shouldn't get attached to any of your characters, for they will meet a terrible and sometime hilarious end in the very near future. Congrats on the release. I've been looking forward to this for a while and am not at all disappointed!

    23. Tom Johnson 2-time creator on

      Hi Kaeroku! There were a few problems with the character bonuses so they have been temporarily removed until I can fix them. The video is slightly older and I forgot that it still showed that. I'm glad you asked, I'm sure other people were wondering the same thing.

    24. Tom Johnson 2-time creator on

      Hi Aramada! Thanks for the heads up. I'm looking into it and I'll try to have a fix for you soon, in a matter of hours if possible.

    25. Tom Johnson 2-time creator on

      Thanks Zak! Yeah, it is pretty brutal but I'm glad you're enjoying it and have been able to learn from when the game throws something tough at you. I'll probably adjust the difficulty in the upcoming months as I get more feedback to make sure the game is always fair to you in its difficulty.

    26. Missing avatar

      Kaeroku on

      Hey Tom. In the tutorial video above, when you're selecting your character it shows bonuses (Night Vision, Immune to Panic, Better prices at Shops, etc...) when I choose my character, I see the text above those bonuses but no bonuses are listed.

      Any ideas?

      Otherwise really enjoying trying this out.

    27. Missing avatar

      Aramada on


      Some of us are having a problem where the loading bar gets to about 100%, and then it immediately crashes back to the desktop. (Which suuuuucks, I wanna play so badly!) We've posted about it on the Enemy Forums here:… if you and your crew could take a look into it! Thanks so much!


    28. Zak Anthony Kalles on

      This game is so hard! I love it! And by hard I mean I have yet to clear the starting area without losing someone but I'm really picking up on better strategies as I play which is great. I should bookmark the forum and hang out there now. Maybe I'll make my main character melee this next time and see how that works out for me...and not accidentally set my house on fire..

    29. Tom Johnson 2-time creator on

      Thanks Ben! It has been a long road, for sure. I hope you have a good time with the game tonight.

    30. Tom Johnson 2-time creator on

      Thanks Andrew! I'm really glad you are liking it so far :)

    31. Tom Johnson 2-time creator on

      Hi TimQuaffsPotion! Thanks for writing. I'm so glad you're having a good time with it so far. I think getting four screens in on your first night of playing is quite good!

    32. Tom Johnson 2-time creator on

      Thank you Steve! I hope you like it.

    33. Tom Johnson 2-time creator on

      Thanks Bernard, it sounds like you are getting off to a good start! I've tried to make the game responsive to any creative ideas you may have.

    34. Tom Johnson 2-time creator on

      Thank you Paul! You've been such a big help throughout all of this. I don't know what I would have done without backers like you. I really hope you like the game, and if you have any suggestions, just let me know. Your feedback has been really valuable.

    35. Missing avatar

      Ben W on

      Congratulations on getting this far! Will check it out later tonight.

    36. Tom Johnson 2-time creator on

      Hi Tomer! I'm glad you were able to have a good time on the laptop at least! I'll do my best to get the crash to desktop you are seeing resolved as well. If you haven't already, could you post it to ?

    37. Tom Johnson 2-time creator on

      Hi Gerald! Everybody should get a Steam key and also the opportunity to download directly from the website. For beta backers, the Steam key was kind of in the middle of the message you got for the January 10th update and may have been easy to overlook. I re-sent yours, just in case. Thanks for letting me know.

    38. Missing avatar

      andrew mcmullan on

      great job Tom! this game is exactly what I was hoping for and I'm so glad you made it.

    39. Tomer on

      Whenever I try to play it on my desktop I keep getting a CTD at the end of loading with no error message (both in direct3d and opengl).

      Whenever I play on my laptop it's awesome and amazing and bravo!

    40. TimQuaffsPotion on

      I've made two characters so far (1 Action, 1 Horror), both of whom failed spectacularly and died a few screens in. Loving it. I had a lot of fun chasing a ghost around a swamp, stabbing it with my Ninja character and trying to figure out what to do before I finally twigged. Looking forward to having another go tonight - maybe I'll manage to clear a fifth screen.

    41. Missing avatar

      Gerald Koll on

      Hi Tom,
      I downloaded the game a few weeks ago directly from the website when it was still in beta, but I don't think I got a steam key.
      Do I not get one when I have downloaded directly?

    42. Missing avatar

      Steve Wang on

      Congratulations on the release.
      I'll try it out when I get home.

    43. Bernard Tabora on

      Made a platformer character, and the first thing I did was jumping through the roof of the starting house.

      Next I found a beer in a ? block.

      So far so good! Looking forward to playing some more tonight!

    44. Paul Benbrook on

      Congrats on the release! It's been a pleasure watching the game expand and take shape, you ran a really good post-campaign. If you take your bext project to kickstarter I'm in on day 1 :)

      I'm so excited to get started! Wish I could just call in sick today and get right into things. As it stands I probably won't be able to seriously play until sunday, but I don't know that I'll ever be able to stop once I get going :D

    45. Tom Johnson 2-time creator on

      Oh, and if you click on a target with the middle mouse button, your currently selected character will look at it. Turning to look at something costs one or two time units depending on how much you are rotating.

    46. Tom Johnson 2-time creator on

      Hi asciitraveller! Thanks for the report. I think our test machines already had those libraries installed, so we didn't realize they were missing from the distribution. I'll be sure to put out a hotfix soon that will work right out of the box for Linux users.

      I'm sorry to hear about the segmentation faults. Unfortunately, we didn't have many Linux users in the beta. If you go to there is a 'Technical Issues' subforum that would be a great place to post any bugs you run into. Chris Bream, who made the Linux and Mac versions of the game, is an active poster there and is very good about fixing things.

    47. asciitraveller on

      I've got various segmentation faults while playing. Is there a place for bug reports? Is it possible
      to turn your characters, like with a right click in the old xcom's?

    48. asciitraveller on

      Hi! Sadly the game didn't start up for me at first. I'm on 64bit Debian/Jessie Linux.I had to install some extra i386 libraries:,,,, and The 1.54 boost libraries were not in the jessie repositories. This could throw off inexperienced users. I think other linux steam releases solved these problems by static linking. Alternatively you coul put a list with the required libraries on the web page/FAQ. The game seems to run fine, but the volume controls don't work.
      Thank you for your effort and good luck with the full release!

    49. Tom Johnson 2-time creator on

      Hi Kanrak! That's awesome that you were able to mostly jump right in. I was working on a fix for that problem (getting walled in) the day before release but didn't quite have time to finish it. I'm planning on releasing a patch in the upcoming week with any bugs people find right off the bat, and I'll make sure that fix is included among them. Thanks for the report.

    50. Tom Johnson 2-time creator on

      Thanks for the feedback, Imban and Homer. This kind of feedback is really helpful. The skeleton enemies in the swamp are kind of supposed to be like that, they are built to panic your people, but the other enemies are not meant to be quite so intense in that respect and so that mechanic may require some adjustment. There are a couple approaches I could take to address it. Mental damage is increased if your squad can't see the person who is attacking, so one option would be to just get rid of that. This would reduce the mental damage you are taking in general and make it a little more predictable. Alternatively, I could have multiple levels of panic, where the first time you panic, the penalties aren't quite so extreme (run less / only lose half time units / recover 30% of mental health) but if you panic again soon after you get worse and worse penalties. This way you may still panic as much but it would be more recoverable when you do. I can try both of them out.