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The video games you played as a kid, mashed together and remade into a tactical roguelike.
The video games you played as a kid, mashed together and remade into a tactical roguelike.
The video games you played as a kid, mashed together and remade into a tactical roguelike.
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Public Release and a Note of Thanks


Hi everyone! The hour is finally upon us. Beginning right now, Enemy is live on Steam and available to the public! I hope you've all had a good time playing the game and that it has lived up to your expectations. If you liked the game, it would really help me out if you would consider reviewing it on Steam and telling people about it, whether they be your friends, people on forums, or YouTubers.

It has been a long two years. The game ended up being so much more involved than when I first conceived of it! I've really enjoyed making updates and hearing back from all of you. Your support was a huge help for me and kept me going through the long development process. So I wanted to say thanks. For me, this community has been better than I honestly even thought an internet community could be.

Thank you,

Tom Johnson

New Public Release Date: March 17th


Hi everyone, this is just a quick update to let you know that the public release of Enemy has been moved to March 17th to get in some last-minute polish and fix a few remaining issues. That's a five day delay; sorry about that! I know that all of you already have the game, so I hope this isn't too much of a problem for you.


Tom Johnson

Development Update: Features Update and Public Release Date


Hello everyone, and welcome to the March update! This is just a brief writeup to let you know about new features in the latest update and to announce the date of the public release of Enemy:

Quite a few new features were added to the game in today's update, largely based on suggestions from players. Much of the terrain has been reworked to improve gameplay. Mountainous regions are now easier for both player characters and enemies to traverse, allowing for more open combat and requiring less complicated paths to get where you want to go. These changes should also resolve issues where enemies on high cliffs could attack you without warning and with little room for defense or counter-attack from your squad.

On the gameplay side, I've reworked how fire spreads and how berserk characters behave. Fire used to spread very quickly along places where there was kindling, but would also burn out quickly and do little-to-no damage to structures. Now, it spreads more slowly, but with each turn it gradually destroys the structures that are burning. It also spreads one square each turn even to squares that don't have any flammable objects, so you can no longer just safely stand next to fire.

Previously, berserked characters would repeatedly attack random locations, which were usually empty. Now, they repeatedly attack the nearest person who isn't on their team. This can make it easier when your squadmates panic, but it also means that when enemies go berserk they will likely still attack you. You can see whether an opponent is fleeing or berserked by hovering the cursor over them, and they also have different dialogue when one of your attacks triggers them to go berserk.

You can now fast-travel past cleared zones on the map menu, similar to the system in the Jagged Alliance games. So, as you make your way through the world, you will see your zone of control gradually increase. The map menu also has a notification if you are about to head into a zone that is much higher level than you, so that exploring off the beaten path isn't so likely to get you killed.

There are a few usability improvements as well. One of the main ones is that, when you are choosing an action, the game will now display the path to your current target (or the throw arc, or the projectile trajectory) so that there won't be any ambiguity in what your character is about to do. Hovering the cursor over characters will now also bring up a tool-tip with information on them. Tool-tips also explain what the various buttons on the in-game menus do.

That's all for this update! Thanks for reading.


Development Update: Backer Release


Hello everyone! I'm very happy to announce the backer release of Enemy!

If you check your inbox, you should find a Steam key for the game, as well as login credentials to download directly from the official website. You may want to check your email's spam folder in case it was routed there by mistake. If it doesn't seem to be there either, just send me a message on Kickstarter and I'll reply with the information you need.

There will be at least one major additional update and a public release in the upcoming month. After that major update, I'll send out the special cartridges and other physical rewards to the appropriate backer tiers as soon as possible. At the bottom of this message you will find a short video tutorial explaining the basic mechanics and controls, and also a keyboard command cheat sheet.


This video explains the basic mechanics and controls. It covers some things you might not realize if you just try to learn by playing.


Below is a cheat sheet of keyboard commands for reference. An upcoming version of the beta will allow you to rebind these in the Options Menu.

  • WASD or arrow keys: Move camera
  • Q and E: Rotate camera 90°
  • Pgup/pgdn: Raise/lower view layer
  • Ctrl: Toggle crouch for currently selected squad member
  • Shift + Left mouse: Perform action in sprint mode
  • F1-F6: Select and zoom to squadmate 1-6
  • Tab: Cycle among squadmates
  • 1-6: Select action 1-6
  • Space: End turn
  • C: Open character sheet
  • I: Open inventory
  • M: Open map
  • L: Show combat log

Also, I wanted to thank all of you for your patience and support. Working on this project and hearing your feedback and suggestions has been so rewarding, and it never would have made it without you. I hope you like it!

Best wishes, Tom Johnson

Development Update: Release Date Announcement and Gameplay Adjustments


Hello everyone, and welcome to the January development update! There been lots accomplished this month, but I'll start with the biggest news:

Enemy will be released to backers on January 29th! That's not long, so the next development update will be the release of the game. The public release may come slightly later, not more than a month, in case the wider pool of backers discovers any bugs that may have slipped by the smaller beta pool. It will also allow time to add features like a tutorial, which backers may have less of a need for, and to ensure that backers don't have to wait while I fulfill administrative duties regarding release and contact press outlets and YouTubers. After the public release, I'll send out the special cartridges and other physical rewards to the highest backer tiers as soon as possible. Thanks to all of you for your help and patience in getting the game to where it is today.

There have been a lot of development changes too. One of the biggest impacts on gameplay was that I have substantially increased the view distance and field-of-view for both player characters and enemies. There are a few advantages to this, I think. One is that it just feels a bit better when you're playing that your teammates no longer seem to have tunnel-vision. Additionally, it takes less time to find opponents on the map, so there's less wandering around. Most importantly though, the improved visibility means that each instance of combat takes place over a larger area and that more enemies get involved, sometimes joining the battle from directions you weren't expecting. Both of these changes together means that there is a lot more going on in combat and a lot more to think about when you are making decisions. I've also put the finishing touches on the day/night system, reducing visibility at night unless a light is nearby.

I've also added some new functionality for peaceful zones and zones that have been cleared of enemies, in which the rest of the party follows the actively selected character when they move. Unlike in combat mode, they all move simultaneously, in real time. They avoid blocking doorways and other obstacles, and follow the selected character out of the level if they leave. This is mostly for convenience, so that you can easily loot the level you have cleared and walk around towns purchasing items without having to manually command each squad member one-at-a-time. There has also been a ton of bug fixes based on feedback from beta users, and I've improved the game's performance in the three areas that needed it: particle effects, when characters are on fire or are holding a light source, and during AI processing.

The code that places bosses and the player home on the world map has also been substantially improved. Additionally, I've added a combat log that tracks everything that has happened in your current playthrough. Finally, the game has achievements now. Since Enemy is a hard game, achievements such as defeating a boss really mean something and aren't just rote accomplishments that everybody will get. There's a full list below:

This month's video is a playthrough of the first area from start to finish. In the past I showed excepts of combat but I thought this might give a more full picture of what the game is like.

That's all for this update. Thanks for reading. Tom Johnson