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The video games you played as a kid, mashed together and remade into a tactical roguelike.
The video games you played as a kid, mashed together and remade into a tactical roguelike.
The video games you played as a kid, mashed together and remade into a tactical roguelike.
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    1. Tom Johnson 2-time creator on

      Sorry about that. Maybe the original email was spam filtered? I've sent a message to your Kickstarter inbox with the Steam key and the direct download link. Hopefully that way it will get to you for sure. Thank you for supporting the game, and I'm sorry you had such a long wait to play.

    2. Missing avatar

      That One Industrial Complex on

      Never got the Steam Key/Direct download link.

    3. Tom Johnson 2-time creator on

      Hi Chris! I sent out Steam keys and also direct download info to backer email addresses on the day of the backer release. Maybe yours was accidentally spam-filtered or went to an address that is out-of-date. Just so you don't have to go digging, I've sent you a message via Kickstarter just now with all the info from the email. Thanks for letting me know the original message didn't get to you.

    4. Chris Brainard on

      How do I get my digital copy?

    5. Tom Johnson 2-time creator on

      Hi Gambler! Definitely! I'm sorry I've been slow on getting those out. I'd been trying to balance my work between updates to the game and rewards for backers, but I just finished a pretty big update and for the next period I hope to work on the physical rewards exclusively until they have all been sent out to everybody. Thanks to you and everyone for waiting so patiently :)

    6. Missing avatar

      Gambler on

      Hi Tom,
      just wanted to ask if there will be news about the phyical rewards in the upcoming update too :)

    7. Tom Johnson 2-time creator on

      Hi Greg! Sorry for the late reply. I've been working on a new update, due out today, and in the process I somehow missed this post. I like the idea of a postmortem / future plans update. I may try to get a few more things finished up for the game and get a better idea what my future plans really are, and then I'll see if I can put something together. Sales-wise, Enemy struggled a bit, but that's ok. It was mostly just something I wanted to make. And, on that note, thanks for all your help, your feedback on the updates, and playtesting and letting me know about issues in the Linux version. I think the game is substantially better thanks to your influence.

    8. Greg on

      Hi Tom!

      I hope the last few months have gone well for ya. Any plans for a postmortem/future plans update, or something similar? I understand if not - I'm just curious how things went (hopefully more in the "I'm now a millionaire!" direction, and less of the "well, turns out I actually can survive in a cardboard box" direction).

    9. Tom Johnson 2-time creator on

      Hi Nicholas, I just sent you a message via Kickstarter. I hope you enjoy the game!

    10. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Elliott

      I must email some down the road but I have no backer code for steam
      Any chance you can send me a email please.
      Been watch people play this too on YouTube looks pritty hard :-)

    11. Tom Johnson 2-time creator on

      Hi James, I'm glad you're enjoying the game. I'm going to try and resolve some new bug reports that are coming in with the release, and then once everything is good and stable I'll start on sending out all the backer rewards. I don't know how long it will take to get everything solid, but I hope it won't be more than a couple weeks. Sorry for the delay!

    12. James Beirne on

      Hey Tom, any idea when the $25 backer rewards are coming? Loving the game (though constantly dying), thanks!

    13. Tom Johnson 2-time creator on

      Hi Jon! Sorry about the crash. You can log issues at or on the Steam forums for the game. I have a temporary hotfix for the problem you're seeing, based on some earlier reports from backers with the same issue. If you paste the file into the root Enemy directory (the one that contains enemy.exe), I think you should be able to play. I hope to have the issue resolved in a more sophisticated way in the next few days.

    14. Jon Borchardt on

      Where do we log issues?
      On steam, my version just crashes on boot.

    15. Missing avatar

      Phil Mouch on

      Actually, I figured it out. For me, anyway (though keybinding would be awesome!). On a mac (without the keys) fn+up arrow is page up, and fn+down arrow is page down. So I'm good. Though I've had some crashing issues today. Still enjoying the heck out of the game. Thanks!

    16. Tom Johnson 2-time creator on

      Ha ha, that is a problem! I've been working on a keybinding menu recently and I am hoping to go live with it sometime tomorrow. So hopefully in another day you should be able to bind it to a key your actually have.

    17. Missing avatar

      Phil Mouch on

      Thank you so much for the reply! Now, if I don't have page up or page down on this super tiny keyboard?

    18. Dax Jacobson on

      Don't know if guys would be interested in this - Underworld Ascendant
      it's already past 700k of 600k, I found it via a posting on polygon or some other game web site a while ago. it's down to 60 hours, more money in the project more polish in the final game.

    19. Tom Johnson 2-time creator on

      Hi Phil! If you press Page Down, that will lower the view layer, making everything above a certain height invisible and letting you see into the buildings. You can bring the view layer back up again later with Page Up. I hope you enjoy the rest of the game!

    20. Missing avatar

      Phil Mouch on

      Great game. One question, on the first map, I started in a building. I left to go attack the enemies on the map and came across another building. Opened the door and went inside, but the roof never disappeared so I could never see what was actually in there. What am I doing wrong?

    21. Tom Johnson 2-time creator on

      Thank you Al! I'm really glad that you're liking it. I'm excited too; a bit nervous, but excited. It's been a long buildup to this point.

    22. Missing avatar

      Patrick Al Goss on

      Just wanted to say congratulations Tom! This is is a fantastic game, and I can't wait to see the public response.

    23. Tom Johnson 2-time creator on

      Thanks for the feedback, guys! The latest build starts you with a med-kit, makes drops a bit more common, and also makes mental health damage a little more predictable. Kind of small changes, but hopefully they are a step in the right direction!

      I think healing some on leveling up is a smart idea. I had considered other healing options like healing on clearing a zone or entering a new zone, but a lot of those could be gamed (leaving one weak enemy in a zone so you could go back and 'clear' it for healing when you needed to, etc). But leveling up really doesn't have that problem, which is quite nice.

    24. Eric on

      Tom, I love the game (just played some more during lunch a few minutes ago). I would like to throw my 2 cents in regarding the healing as well. Is there any way that a "healing over time" thing could be setup. It could be based on either the health stat or mind stat or a combination of both maybe so that you could regenerate some health per turn or maybe just making it so that if your character levels up they go back up to full health which is fairly common in games. Just a couple thoughts. I love the game though and so do my kids!

    25. Aaron Lutomski on

      That would be good! Right now the issue is that you might survive a 'screen' or two, but be unlikely to make it to the nearest town because you took too much damage in the process. The very early game seems to be the biggest issue, so I think that would be a good way to go.

    26. Tom Johnson 2-time creator on

      Hi Aaron! Healing is done all through consumables right now: med kits and, later, healing potions. A few other people have had concerns about healing, though, so I'm looking into it. There's a good chance that, at the least, I will start you with a healing item or two and also increase their frequency as drops and in containers.

    27. Aaron Lutomski on

      Is there any way to recover health aside from the health kit things you can buy in town?

    28. Tom Johnson 2-time creator on

      Thanks Greg! That forum is the best place for bug reports. I'll try to resolve anything you post there as soon as possible. I'll also try to get the Steam store page and forum set up tonight. I was going to do so last night but got caught up trying to resolve day-one bugs that people have discovered.

    29. Greg on

      Or actually, this is probably the best link:

    30. Greg on

      Probably should've verified that'd work without the ?f=3.…

    31. Missing avatar

      Blackadar on

      Greg, there are no forums at that link. There's a phpBB shell, but "The forum you selected does not exist." is the only thing there.

    32. Greg on

      There's the forums on his website:

      I've somewhat taken over the "Are you playing Enemy on Mac or Linux?" thread, but you can come join that party if you want.

    33. Charles George on

      Hi Tom, do you have a place for bug reports? I'm getting some crashes on my MacBook, and the continue screen locked.

    34. Missing avatar

      Blackadar on

      Thanks Tom! It looks great.

      After playing for a few minutes, all I have to say is holy moly this is hard!!! Fun and charming, but hard. Also, you may want to get your Steam page / Steam forums up and running soon so we can share tips among ourselves.

    35. Tom Johnson 2-time creator on

      Thanks everyone! I didn't get to respond to your posts as they were made because I was frantically trying to get everything uploaded and sent out but seeing how enthusiastic all of you were was great and really encouraging. I hope you have a good time playing the game and that it lives up to your expectations. Also, I'll be listening to any feedback you have, so if there is anything you like or dislike about the game, let me know and I'll see what I can do in an upcoming patch. I couldn't have asked for a better group of people.

    36. Missing avatar

      Simon Green on

      Nearly finished downloading. *Squeeeeeeeeeee*!!

    37. Tom Johnson 2-time creator on

      Just a quick update! I'm waiting on an upload to finish and then everything will be sent out. I'll be sending out emails and I'll post a small update when I do, so you won't have to worry about missing it.

    38. Ian William Gibbs on

      Me too. I have my email and this page open, hitting refresh on both of those every few minutes lol

    39. Zak Anthony Kalles on

      Whoa, I've pretty much just commented in the update posts and not here. Right now I'm just F5ing everything in excitement and stuff.

    40. Missing avatar

      Simon Green on

      LOL@David ... I had the exact same thought!

    41. Missing avatar

      David Torres on

      Great, I hadn't seen a time frame posted. Was worried my key got eaten by a spam filter or something.

    42. Missing avatar

      Ross on

      He said it would be around 10 or 11 CST, so that's still a couple hours away. After such a long wait (worth every second though, don't get me wrong) I can wait a little more. This was an amazing project Mr. Johnson, and I'm just as excited to play it as I was the day I saw the Kickstarter. Actually, more!

    43. Missing avatar

      Blackadar on

      I haven't seen anything either David.

    44. Missing avatar

      David Torres on

      Did I miss it? What's going on with release?

    45. David on

      I am very pleased and excited the game is being release today. Not sure where the extra "To" came from.

    46. David on

      I'm going to try and say this as manly as possible... Ahem... It's here!!! It's here!!! OhmygodOhmygodOhmygod!!!! Ahem... I mean I am very pleased and excited to the game is being release today.


    47. Missing avatar

      CarlJohn on

      Congratulations Tom! i know you still have the public release, and its not over for you yet. but Ive never left a comment and i have eagerly waited for each update video. So i wanted to say thank you for sticking it out and working to keep consistent updates. Im so excited for the release im about to burst! Im sure its going to be great! and my new everyday rogue like! If you ever have another project im sure you can count on a ton of us! you have been fucking awesome, and a beast among game designers! cheers!

    48. Ian William Gibbs on

      How is it going to be distributed? Are we getting emails with keys or something? Sorry if this is already answered elsewhere.

    49. Ian William Gibbs on

      I am so ancy with anticipation for this game!! I can't wait to get my hands on it!

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