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Awesome Web APIs with Django REST framework 3.
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Getting ready to merge 3.0 to master.

Posted by Tom Christie (Creator)

Hi folks. I'm about ready to merge 3.0 into the master branch now - that'll be happening next week.

I'll be rolling out a 2.4.4 release immediately prior to that, as a last set of bug fixes for the 2.x branch. The 2.x branch may still remain open to security fixes, but don't expect any more bug fixes or functionality work there.

In the meantime here's a couple of things worth looking over. I've been busily working away on the upcoming documentation, including...

  • The new metadata API for handling OPTIONS requests and schema endpoints.
  • Documentation on some new validators.
  • Documentation on using serializers as HTML forms (in progress).

There's also continued work on 3.0 release notes themselves.

As ever, the best place to engage in feedback is the discussion group, so please do feel free to raise any issues or concerns there.


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