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A full-color book collecting comics from the movie-themed webcomic Theater Hopper. Includes written commentary for each strip, sketches, and more!
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What Should The Next Update Be About?

Posted by tombrazelton (Creator)

Since the design and layout of Theater Hopper: Year Three is already completed, I feel a little bit stuck in terms of posting information and updates that will engage people who either already have or are planning to pledge to the fund raising drive.

I had the idea to put a camera over my shoulder while I am drawing the Monsters, Inc. giveaway artwork (speeding it up in post, of course). But other than that, I'm at a loss.

What information are you guys interested in? Can you give me some topic ideas to post to this space?

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    1. tombrazelton 2-time creator on

      Ashamed as I am to admit it, I kind of like the emotional blackmail idea. I think there is a fun way to do it and not come off too desperate.

      I'd love to use the baby somehow. I'll have to see if Cami is up for that. Not sure she would want to be filmed!

      But Richard hit on the right idea with this campaign. If I can't get book 3 published, there will be no book 4 or 5. I will have to give up the pursuit of self-publication.

    2. Missing avatar

      Mathew Bradley on

      "Or mention your baby on the way and show Cami's belly" I have to agree with this one, my younger sister has "raised" a fair amount of gifts/"pledges" using this tactic :) j/k of course. I think if you keep doing what your doing you don't have to worry. Speaking of time lapse style videos it would be really interesting to see a "mini documentary" on the steps you go through to create the weekly strip (similar to monsters inc. idea)

      Pretty easy to take screenshots of photoshop etc, and compile a short video with some commentary. I think if the readers saw how much passion and effort you put in to each strip that we get 3 times a week for free it might encourage some donations.

    3. Missing avatar

      Christian Southworth on

      actually thinking about it some more I back Richard to the hilt...use emotional blackmail (you can tell I pre-ordered can't you)

    4. Missing avatar

      Christian Southworth on

      To be honest Tom I think the best thing to do is keep mentioning on the main comic site. that's what Gordon did for multiplex, make us read about it before we get to read the blog. It'll help those who care enough to read and post think about what they could be contributing too, think about it you had 30+ comments on the blog today, if they all pledged.........

      or is it possible to do some quick sketches only available to those whove pledged? kinda like the buzzcomics incentives? dunno if it is and I wont be able to see them not having a US based CCard but that might help encourage people to join up and give money.

    5. Richard Kempter

      Start with threats. Being nice has you stuck on 33%. More pledges means the dog can eat.
      Or mention your baby on the way and show Cami's belly. The baby wants the book done. She told you (put ear on belly and do high pitched voice). "When I come out I want to see this book in print or Tom will be so tired from my crying, pooping, and making his life miserable he won't be able to draw anymore."
      Beg. Cry a bit. Really say "Without this there IS NO BOOK!" Never a 4th book. Or 5th. Skip that fancy coffee or bought lunch for a week. Use that money for this. Re-tell the number of visitors you get. One dollar. Isn't my time away from my family to entertain you 3 times a week worth one dollar? It's less than a penny a strip. (50 weeks times 3 strips equals 150).