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A full-color book collecting comics from the movie-themed webcomic Theater Hopper. Includes written commentary for each strip, sketches, and more!
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When Will I Get The Book?

Posted by tombrazelton (Creator)

I've had a couple of people e-mail me asking when they might obtain their copy of Theater Hopper: Year Three.

The short answer is that the book has already been laid out and is ready to go to print. So that means you'll get your hands on the book as soon as the art is delivered to the printer, the books are printed assembled and shipped back to me.

To get a little more specific, the Kickstarter fund raising campaign ends on December 31. Per Kickstarter's arrangement with Amazon Payments, I can not claim pledges until 14 days after that date.

However, since it will likely take the printer 3 to 4 weeks to put together the books, it is conceivable that I could send the artwork to the printer early to help shorten your wait.

What I'm getting at is - the sooner we meet the goal amount, the sooner you will get your book.

For argument's sake, let's say we met goal tomorrow. I could have the artwork sent to the printer and the books delivered to you BEFORE the end of the fund raising campaign! How cool would that be?
If you'd like to get your copy of Theater Hopper: Year Three and your rewards sooner, you can always increase your existing pledge account OR you can take advantage of the links and widgets under the campaign graphic to spread the word through e-mail, Facebook, Delicious, Twitter, mySpace or digg.

Share information about Theater Hopper with your friends and family! Post links to the Kickstarter campaign in the forums of your favorite movie news site! Anything you can do to help spread the word and help us meet our goal early will benefit YOU in the long run!


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    1. tombrazelton 2-time creator on


    2. Ashley Calvert on

      If Gordon pulls his pledge I'll pull my pledge from Multiplex and tack it on to yours, Tom.

    3. tombrazelton 2-time creator on

      You haven't been bugging me about it, Megan! It's a legitimate question. Any opportunity I can take to clear up confusion, I want to take advantage of it. Odd are good that if one person has a question, someone else has the same question! :)

    4. Megan Baker on

      Sorry we've been bugging you about that. Thanks for posting up an answer.

    5. Gordon McAlpin on

      If you deliver my book before the end of the funding period, I will cancel my pledge. :)