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A full-color book collecting comics from the movie-themed webcomic Theater Hopper. Includes written commentary for each strip, sketches, and more!
91 backers pledged $3,966 to help bring this project to life.

Prize Giveaways

Posted by tombrazelton (Creator)

I was trying to brainstorm a couple of ideas that might help to spur pledge donations and as I looked around the Kickstarter site, I saw that somepeople sponsored prize giveaways for reaching certain fund raising milestones.

I thought this might be something I could take advantage of as well, but I wanted to measure your interest in the prizes first before committing resources to them.

The first giveaway I thought about was giving away a gift certificate good for $50 off anything in the Theater Hopper store. Actually, I thought about giving away a couple of these. Maybe 2 or 3 after we reach $1,000.

After that, I had the idea of giving away some DVDs and original art.

I have a couple of DVDs that I've replaced with Blu-ray copies. I thought it might be kind of cool if I gave away the DVD with some custom artwork inspired by the film.

So, for example, I have a 3-disc copy of Wall-E on DVD. I would give that away with a drawing of Wall-E and Eve. Maybe their little pet roach. Who knows?

I also have the Iron Man Collectors Edition on DVD and would save that bad boy for last in the giveaway I do.

Obviously, only people who have pledged would be elegible to win. And it incentivizes people to donate in larger amounts because it limits the number of people in the giveaway with them!

What do you guys think?


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    1. Missing avatar

      Joshua Lawrence on

      I've been a long-time fan of the site(been reading for at least 2 years), and happy to say I just pledged. I agree /w what Kevin said, the rewards are more than enough, but I'm not going to complain if you want to throw in something extra :-)

    2. Richard Kempter

      I like the idea. You should post it on the front page and mention it in the video.

    3. Adam Clarke on

      I like the DVD idea Tom. And it was good running into you again this week. But please don't call me a hobo again. =)

    4. Kevin Saunders

      Just pledged, and While I think the rewards are great, give always would be extra fun. I'm particularly fond of the DVD idea as I'm both a movie buff and a fan of your artwork (no real surprise there)