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$2,011 pledged of $15,000 goal
$2,011 pledged of $15,000 goal

THANK YOU to the new backers / news to report

I whole bunch has happened over the last week. After having a great correspondence with a potential cinematographer ...I realized I could use some of what I wrote to him as an update for all of you: Here's some nibbles & bits:

• entire audio of both interviews (approx 45 minutes)has been transcribed and formatted into a script template. I had about 10 volunteers go through all of the audio (how we initially got in touch)
• digitized and edited the 40min Hampshire Interview Footage
• digitized end edited the 9min Pearl Interview Footage
• digitized Coventry traffic jam footage
• redited the trailer to make it a little more fancy
• refining the website on a weekly daily basis - still need to add a page recognizing all of your fine contributions - it'll have to wait til after the 10th, unfortunately.
• raised approx $700 in last 6 days on without even having launched my full-out campaign
• whole bunch of blog-interviews lined up for the Butterroom, YEP,, plus about three more.
• using twitter & facebook and linkedin are all really helping to get the word out
• got another article with springfield, ma's online newspaper.
• had an invester from a documentary firm email today showing great interest
• fbooked with "stickemup" promotions who does great viral advertising stuff...I know the owner-lives in the area..
• just found out another "my-best friends' best from highschool" connection - He holds a great position with red light management. Major good news for the effort of getting "my foot in the door" (I hope)...once the official trailer has been completed.
• setting a mtg. date with cinematographer & scriptwriter to details of shooting new footage which will be included in the trailer

so, there's a bunch going on and your pledges are helping others to realize that this is a serious endeavor ...golsh darn it all. I'm hoping to reach 10% of the campaign by he end of next week.

I'm trying to spead this link around as much as possible without sounds like a broken record or self-promoting freakazoid...
plus, i'm supposed to be on vacation but we decided to leave early tomorrow am instead of this afternoon because of all the rain...anyway, i digress. Thanks again and keep spreading the link around to as many people as you can. I'd even suggest a small link at the bottom of your signature (if you use one)...that way, you don't even have to think about remembering...I find that works very well...just a hint...



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