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A classic, dystopian visual novel which has stirred countless hearts.
A classic, dystopian visual novel which has stirred countless hearts.
2,427 backers pledged $188,176 to help bring this project to life.

Project Progress Update #11: Explanation Of Development Status And Revised Schedule

Posted by Frontwing (Collaborator)


Hi, everyone. We have a detailed and important update on the project’s status for you today.

First, we want to apologize once more for the continued issues and delays, and the inconveniences they have caused for all of our backers. 

We’d like to outline the developments which have occurred since our previous progress update. While the coding and debugging process for the game was much more complicated than expected, development on the game program itself was completed at the end of July. In August, we planned to carry out the final stages of development as well as the Steam submission process, in order to release the game and distribute rewards this month. However, we were forced to reevaluate our release schedule and plans due to the announcement of the discontinuation of the PS Vita.

As many of you may be aware, Sony has announced discontinuation of support for the PS Vita system in the US and Europe, with the deadline for new physical game runs being March 2019. As mentioned in our previous update, we’ve been working closely with our developer and publisher for the Vita port to ensure we can meet that deadline, and in continuing to evaluate that scheduling, it has become necessary to prioritize the completion of the Vita port before we are able to release the PC version.

To put it more simply, we’ve rescheduled the Vita port development to come before that of the PC version, rather than afterwards as originally planned. This means that the PC version will be further delayed, and physical copies will be available roughly at the same time as the Vita port.

In concrete terms, currently we are working based on the following schedule:

  • Digital reward distribution (Steam release): delayed to December 2018
  • reward fulfillment (both PC and Vita): delayed to February 2019

We realize that this difficult decision causes further delays for our PC backers, and wholeheartedly apologize for the outcomes of this situation. However, our utmost concern remains ensuring all backers will be able to receive all of their rewards, and appreciate your understanding of our decision in light of the difficult circumstances.

We’d like to close with a small preview of the in-progress Vita version, which we hope you’ll enjoy. (Please note that these are images of a development build, and may not represent the final product.)

Regardless of the continued delays, we continue to take all measures necessary to ensure we can fulfill this project promptly, properly, and completely.

We’ll continue to provide you with updates on project status as soon as the become available, and appreciate your continued patience.





前回アップデートからの状況の推移についてご説明いたします。 今年6月に発生していた複数のデバックにおける問題については、想定以上の時間はかかりましたが、その後の地道な対応により7月末月時点で無事解決に至っております。 そして8月にかけてPCバージョンの最終的な開発とSteamストア審査等を経て9月にデジタルリワードを配布できる予定で動いておりましたが、同じ頃に発生していた別のもう一つの問題において重要な判断が求められる状況が生まれておりました。 


ご存知の方も多いと思いますが、Sonyが北米・ヨーロッパでにおいてVita Port製造を2019年3月末で終了するというニュースがありました。 我々プロジェクトチームは上記に対応するためデベロッパーやメーカーとスケジュールを調整していたのは前回アップデートでお伝えしたとおりですが、その過程でより安全で確実にVita Portを支援いただいたBackerにリワードお届けするためには、PC版開発よりも優先してVita版開発を完了させ、いち早くVita版の製造に入ることが必要であるとの結論に至りました。



  • デジタルリワード(Steam版) ⇒ 2018年12月に延期
  • フィジカルリワード(PCパッケージ版、及びVita Port)⇒2019年2月に延期 

今回のプロジェクトチームの判断はPC版のBackerに負担をかけるものであり、対象となる皆様には本当に申し訳なく思っております。 しかしながら、私達にとっ最大の懸念であり、絶対に避けるべきことはゲームをプレイすることを楽しみにしていたBackerの皆様にリワードそのもの届けられないことであり、その上での結論であったことをご理解いただければ幸いです。





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    1. John Estes on

      Glad Vita isn't cancelled for those that backed that version, but as a PC backer I'm very disappointed at the delays. Issues like this are what has made me shy away from backing anything on Kickstarter much anymore.

      Also, am I missing something? I see a lot of people telling PC backers to chill, but only one dude that seemed annoyed. Feel like I'm missing some posts.

    2. Missing avatar

      Michael Bramstedt on

      So long as I get my physical Vita copy, I'll be happy!! Thank you for making that a priority!!

    3. Adam on

      I am glad to hear the vita version is not cancelled, and even see screenshots of it. I really really hope you guys don't miss your deadline so we can get those physical copies. At least there is proof it exists, unlike Dies Irae where they say nothing except they are having issues. Sorry I won't be able to play on PC while I wait, but I prefer the Vita version first anyway.

    4. Missing avatar


      I hope you guys take advantage that steam allows fully uncensored games now. Like Linus Gustavsson said either have 18+ already included or have a DLC for the patch which you can set a price on and give steam keys to those who get it for free.
      Art books that have nudity can be added to steam now via DLC too.

    5. Missing avatar

      Linus Gustavsson

      Since you are late on PC, and Steam had time to set up their 18+ store functions, it would be nice if I could get the full game pre-patched on Steam so I can skip the patching step. Of course not everyone might want the game in 18+ on Steam, so you could probably solve it with a DLC function or two versions on Steam.

    6. FlamingFirewire on

      Having realized how awesome it is to play visual novels on the Vita, I hope you meet the production deadline for the Vita Physical copy with a stable, ultimate version of the game!

      As many have said, I was worried Vita would get cancelled like it did with Bloodstained, but I'm than happy to hear I'll be the opportunity to enjoy the Vita & PC ports once all is said and done :)

      I'm really looking forward to playing this, so I'm glad I've learned the value of patience~

    7. Missing avatar

      Gary Huss on

      This is fantastic, thank you guys so much.

    8. G To The Next Level on

      Kudos to you guys for dedicating to make the physical Vita version a higher priority since time is not on our side. Let us have this, PC Gamers who are whining have plenty of time. Yes it sucks, but your gaming option of choice is not on borrowed time.

    9. Missing avatar

      KristinaPotts on

      Like others, I started reading this update with a bit of nervousness. After Bloodstained, I was half expecting you guys to cancel the Vita version. I know this will anger some PC backers, but I'm very glad you guys are committed to bringing it out on Vita, both digitally and physically. Vita players are so often treated as second-class backers, so it's nice to actually be prioritized for once.

    10. Alexandro Ferreira on

      Hold on, PC backers...give us a chance to celebrate possibly the last physical good game on PSVita. And in just after you'll can enjoy this wonderful game in all its glory on PC!

    11. Missing avatar

      Sean McClure

      Games have been pushed back since games started being announced before release. Things happen and if people that backed are worried about their tiny contribution in the big picture, maybe they shouldn’t back games or any products at all on Kickstarter. I sincerely doubt this is the only game they own and they are sitting there with their console and nothing to do. This instant gratification culture especially with a product that is being developed brings out the most juvenile behavior. Take your time and make the best game you can. childish side

    12. Serene on

      Happy to see you prioritise the Vita version over PC. Makes a pleasant change from other companies and hope that you will be able to get it out before the end of the year.

      That said, I don't understand why other people in the replies here are pissed. Console VN fans have had a lot of promised ports from other companies cancelled so it's good that Frontwing are going to actually release this. There are literally months left to release this game physically on Vita in the West. There is an infinite amount of time to wait for the PC release as Steam and physical PC media is unlikely to be discontinued completely. Console fans deserve priority sometimes as PC folks usually get it and often nothing comes to consoles.

    13. Missing avatar

      Sean McClure

      I want to thank you guys for shifting focus to your Vita development to make the deadline! Doing the right thing in reference to the Vita makes me want to find new ways to support you and ready to jump on the next title you work on! Another publisher that received millions of dollars of support cancelled the Vita version straight away and it seems it was so they could use the money and time on the Switch version instead even though many many backers were on board because of the Vita version. We constantly see lacking integrity in the industry with promises broken, so as a member of an active Vita community, sincere thanks!

    14. Marlon Blaine Guillory

      This will make me rethink backing any more of your projects in the future . It seems that a lot of the projects are taking a lot longer than advertised. I understand you wanting to finish the Vita first, but I am starting to tire of waiting for what I have paid for !!!

    15. Вениамин Володарский on

      Oh, please, say, that's all because AkabeiSoft are really not comfortable to make any deals for foreigners?..

    16. Missing avatar

      Shymel on

      Thank y'all so much for not canceling the Vita version but instead prioritizing it!

    17. Missing avatar

      Stijn Nachtergaele on

      Was also preparing for Vita cancellation, but happy you guys commit to delivering what is promised. I feel for the PC backers though!

    18. Missing avatar

      Aria_Kirishima on

      Thanks you. I thought this update was to announce the cancellation of the PSVita version but fortunately, it was not the case. I will wait for my Vita physical copy :)