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A classic, dystopian visual novel which has stirred countless hearts.
A classic, dystopian visual novel which has stirred countless hearts.
2,427 backers pledged $188,176 to help bring this project to life.

Want to know about the potential Vita port? Read this!

Posted by Ian Willett-Jacob (Frontwing) (Collaborator)

This is your one-stop shop for information about the potential Vita port!

Please keep in mind that all of this information is dependent on the $120,00 stretch goal being met. If the stretch goal isn't hit, there will be no Vita port!

  • What format(s) will the Vita port be available in?

The Vita port will be available both physically and digitally.
The physical version will have special Kickstarter-exclusive packaging for backers!
The digital version will be available from the North America PSN store. Other regions are currently unconfirmed.

  • How can I get the Vita port?

It's very simple: just back the campaign for any tier containing the PC version of the game.
If the stretch goal is met, you will be asked to select between a Steam key or Vita download code for any reward containing the digital version of the game, and you will be asked to select between a DVD-ROM package or Vita card package for any reward containing the physical version of the game.
For example, if you were to pledge at the $99 "Fairy Tale Friends with Benefits" tier, you could select a Vita download code and Vita game card, a Steam key and DVD-ROM package, or some combination of the two (Vita download code and DVD-ROM package, or Steam key and Vita game card).
Furthermore, both physical and digital copies of the Vita port will be available as add-ons on BackerKit if the stretch goal is met.
Please note that the Vita download codes being offered will only be valid in the North America PSN store, and you will therefore need a PSN account in that region to redeem the code. Our apologies for the inconvenience, and we appreciate your understanding.
If the stretch goal is met, for non-backers physical copies with non-exclusive art will be available directly from the publisher, and the game will be purchasable on the North America PSN store.

  • Who is making the Vita port?

As the stretch goal has not yet been met, we do not have any finalized contracts in place.
However, we have both a developer and publisher lined up to handle the port should we meet the stretch goal, and both are very enthusiastic about the game!
Development assistance will be handled by a company here in Japan that is quite experienced with developing for all of Sony's gaming platforms.
Publishing and production of the physical copy will tentatively be handled by Limited Run Games, an experienced publisher with a wide range of successful physical releases under their belt.

  • When will the Vita port be available?
We currently hope to be able to provide the Vita port digitally within 1-2 months of the digital PC release. Physical copies will likely be produced approximately 1 month after that.

  • What if the Vita stretch goal isn't met?
In all but the most extreme of circumstances, *any backer* can cancel their pledge at *any time* before the campaign ends. (The only exception is that during the last 24 hours of the campaign, you cannot cancel or adjust a pledge if doing so would cause the campaign to drop below its goal.)
Therefore, you can feel free and safe to back the campaign for the Vita version now (which will be integral to getting the stretch goal met!), and if you later wish to withdraw your contribution you can do so at any time before the campaign ends.
Please also keep in mind that you are *not charged* until the end of the campaign.


Please feel free to comment on this update with any other questions you may have!
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    1. Stephen Jay on

      Considering how little it's moved since it hit its goal a week ago, I wouldn't hold my breath of it hitting the stretch goal. it doesn't help this Kickstarter is ending right near Christmas, People probably can't pledge as much as they want to because of Christmas shopping, certainly the case with me.

    2. Missing avatar

      Linus Gustavsson

      If we fail vita but still have extra money, do we get the fan disc?

    3. Missing avatar


      All right, I've upped my pledge. If there's a Vita port, I definitely want the card.

      I will have to downgrade it if the stretch goal isn't met though; I have no use for a physical PC copy.