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I'm going to get as many folks as I can in front of a camera and capture their smiles, and I'm going to send them to you. Read more

Columbia, SC Photography
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This project was successfully funded on August 6, 2011.

I'm going to get as many folks as I can in front of a camera and capture their smiles, and I'm going to send them to you.

Columbia, SC Photography
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(* Note: Initial goal reached!!! New goals/rewards added for your further enjoyment.  Trying to get to $500 to get the book out there!  Plus a bonus: everyone who donates, regardless of amount, gets a button with a small photo of a smile to where proudly as well as a PDF of the book (regular or deluxe) because this project is about giving things to you, so you all get this!)

I would like to lose money giving you things.  That's a good thing right?  

Who doesn't like to see a smile?  People having a bad day I'd assume, but even they feel a bit better if you can get a grin outta them.  I figure you'll feel better if you see a pretty face with a beautiful smile, because I know I do.  So I'm going to find every girl I can and say ridiculous things to make them laugh, capture that on film, an mail it to you. 

And this really shouldn't cost you anything.  Why ask for money at all then?  To help give other people a smile.  The more people we get involved, the bigger I'll make this project.  For $1 I'm going to put a 4x6 in an envelope with a hand written letter from me about the story of that particular smile.  For $3, I'm going old school and thanks to Impossible Project you'll get your very own Polaroid of happiness.  Whether it's $1 or $3, that really shouldn't cover the cost of doing this, but it'll help me do it longer and giving something to everyone I can is the real goal.  If I'm not broke by the end of this, I'm doing it wrong.  So tell your friends, tell your enemies; uh...tell people you've never met.  Can't hurt to make them smile.

P.S.: If you live in Columbia, South Carolina (where I am) or very close, and you have someone you want to get a smirk out of, let me know and you can personalize your smile.  Or if you're vain, and want to see your own pearly whites everyday, I'll hand you a picture of your own beaming face.  We'll have a mini adventure.

NEW!: So if you didn't read the update, we are at the goal and are pushing on to new and better goals.  With all of the photos of smiles being sent out, I will collect all of the scans of the Polaroids and the 4x6 shots and create a book!  There will be an opportunity to add your own photos to the book if you donate to get one of the Polaroid cameras I have pre-loaded with a pack of Impossible Projects Polaroid film.  For all of the new rewards, check the side of the page.  And once again, THANK YOU!



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    A SMILE FOR EVERYONE- you get a 4x6 print of a very pleasant, if not life altering smile in the mail with a hand written letter from me about that particular smile. Unless you live close to me, then I might just tell you about it. But I could write the letter anyway...

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    INSTANT SMILES- A Polaroid will journey through the postal system, and find it's way to your door, rife with happiness and accompanied by words.

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    LOVE LEAVES A SMILE BEHIND- Get a smile printed on the back of a postcard with a love letter written to you inscribed with care on the other side by the very girl on the postcard. Because if a love letter can make you smile, what can?

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    THE BOOK OF SMILES- Have trouble figuring out whether to get a Polaroid or a 4x6? Do you feel like you need all the smiles you can get your hands on to get through the day? Good news! I'm going to take every Polaroid 600, Polaroid 100, 4x6, and hand drawn artist rendition and shove them between a hardback cover to uplift your life. (Backers can also receive the deluxe edition)

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    SMILING ON THE COMMUNITY- Donate a book to any library or school and fill your community with smiles. They'll be able to thank you, seeing as how we'll put a special "donated by" page in the front of the book.

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    MY SMILES ARE YOUR SMILES- Ever been published? Want to literally give smiles to other people? I will send you a Polaroid 600 already loaded with a pack of film with 8 pictures, and you can take a photo of yourself or anyone willing to smile and have their image put into a book. You'll put the pictures in the prepaid envelope, mail them to me and they'll be in a Deluxe version of the book exclusive to backers. (And don't worry, you get to keep the camera :))

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