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A photography magazine focused on the lovely way girls look when the sun first comes up, captured on film.

Sometimes 1 p.m. counts as the morning. Sometimes you just have a long night, and you wake up  hoping no one see's you before you have a shower and a cup of coffee. In your eyes, you look like a mess.

I'm pretty sure you're wrong.

About This Here Project: A little while ago I did a photo shoot with Tayler (pictured in the project photo), and she'd just woken up, didn't feel like changing. And it was amazing! I love that wild hair girls have when they wake up. That right there can make a relationship: opening your eyes in the morning to see this beautiful creature rising with the sun, comfortable as can be in one of your old shirts.

"First Thing in the Morning" is a magazine made to reinforce that. This isn't a glamour magazine, nobody is going to spend hours (or even minutes) putting on makeup; this 25 page magazine will feature three girls having their picture taken with 35mm film and The Impossible Project's instant film shortly after they wake up. There is a lot of emphasis in the world on how girls look, and how they can look better by covering up how they naturally are. Well, we're going to stick to what's real.

Amanda- 8.28.12, no make up
Amanda- 8.28.12, no make up

What You Get For Being A Backer:

It doesn't take much to be a part of this project. For $1 you can get a PDF download of the magazine, but if you feel like holding something tangible in your hands and want to really be influential in making this happen you can get a physical copy of the magazine, or one of two Polaroids taken for the magazine. (All tiers for backers listed to the right)

Also, this isn't 20 pages of photos/words and then a 5 pages of ads. There are no ads. There is only art.

To see more of my photography:


Project reaches $100- All rewards $6 or more will receive a free 4x5 print on a premium postcard.- MET!!!

When 20 magazines are ordered, the page count will increase from 25 to 40 pages.

Project reaches $500- Another 10 pages will be added to the magazine. 


One new, limited reward just added! For details, follow this link to a new update:

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

This is a brand new section, and I'm sure it will be useful to any existing/new backers. I've created one magazine and three books via Kickstarter so I'm pretty familiar with the challenges, and there aren't any risks.


1. Time: Since I'm using a different company to have the magazines printed, I don't have the auto template that I've used on previous books and magazines that I've created through This means that with the help of a couple of friends I have to create the magazine using Microsoft Publisher, which will be a learning experience. I hope to have the magazine finished and shipped by the end of October, but if this proves to be a little harder than I expected the latest it will be finished is November.

2. Shipping: This sort of fits in the "Time" category, but the time it takes for the printers to ship the magazine to me determines how quickly they get to you. Also, international shipping time varies so as soon as I get magazines/postcards in, they will be going out to you as quickly as possible.

That's about it as far as challenges go: time is the enemy.


  • Well, this isn't U.S. Weekly. This is something that is independently created by me and a few people I know, without ads or a big budget. In fact, without you there is no magazine.

    This is the first real magazine I'm making, and this is basically the pre-order. The amount that you donate includes the cost for your magazine, the cost to ship it to you, and keeps ads out of it.

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  • Yes, there will be a way to get them through Magcloud. However, to make this Kickstarter more exclusive since you guys are the ones making this possible in the first place, the magazines on Magcloud will be a bit more expensive (to be determined), and will only be available until the 2nd issue comes out. Adds worth to your pledge here doesn't it?

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  • Very. For every person that gets a PDF for $1, I know that you are at least interested in what I'm doing here, and you are contributing to the success of the project. If you like what you see, you might come back next time.

    For every person that gets a physical copy of the magazine, or a print/Polaroid, that's someone that has a large amount of faith in this. I get to put something solid in their hands, and they get something unique. If there are 20 magazines ordered I will increase the page count from 25 to 30, which means more of the photos I take will make it into the magazine.

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  • Definitely. Any and all of the rewards will ship internationally. If you'd like to add a couple of dollars to help with shipping feel free, but you don't have to. Totally up to you.

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  • No nudity at all. On top of not wanting to cover over the natural beauty that women posses with make-up and Photoshop, I also don't want to objectify them. Totally family friendly magazine.

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  • Of course! If you'd like more than one magazine, simply add the cost of another magazine to your pledge and shoot me a message letting me know about it. I just added a $50 reward package for 5 magazines (big thanks to Natalie Williams for the idea!), so you can also pledge for that package. If you'd like more than that, simply send me a message and we'll work it out!

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    $1 will get you a PDF download of the enitre magazine! That's right, you can see all of these pretty girls anytime for just a dollar!

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    You get one 4x5 print of a shot from the magazine printed on a premium postcard. (PDF version included)

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    PICK AND PRINT: Exclusive reward; You'll be able to look through the magazine, pick the Polaroid you like, and receive one 8x8 archival print of it along with your own copy of the magazine. (PDF and fre 4x5 print included)

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    You'll receive one signed Polaroid chosen at random, and signed by me along with a copy of the magazine. (PDF version included as well)

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    SHARE THE WEALTH!: for $50 you'll receive 5 copies of the magazine as well as 5 postcard prints. Make your friends into fans as well! Start an instant book club (wait...magazine club!)

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    3 FOR YOU: Exclusive reward; you will receive 3 Polaroids taken just for you. Each will be signed by the model in the photo as well as myself. You will also recieve 1 copy of the magazine, and be listed in this (and any subsequent issues) as a "Founding Patron".

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