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Empires follows 4 post-graduate men as they attempt to become professional video-game players in lieu of taking jobs in the real world

Hey yeah we just made an awesome TV pilot for you to watch! 

But here's the thing -- we ran out of money while we were trying to finish it... and so we need your help to get this baby across the finish line.

The good news? We're prepared to shower you with rewards and adoration for your fiscal & emotional support. 

So watch the video above, and then check out the rewards over to the right, and then read some of the info below, and then call up your tax attorney and ask 'em how much money you can afford to write-off this year, because a donation to Empires is a donation to and for America!

A little bit more about the project:

"EMPIRES" is an independent TV show about four post-graduate men who are attempting to become professional video-game players in lieu of taking real jobs. The show's main focus revolves around the misadventures of these four friends as they try to make their passion a career.

We just shot the pilot episode in Los Angeles and wrote out 5 addt'l episodes to follow, and we structured them in a way so that the pilot can be extended into a feature film, or cut down into a web-series, so in addition to helping us finish the TV version of the project, supporters will be involved in the long term life of the project as well.

And did we mention that there's snakes and motorcycles involved!!!?!?!?

Yeah. It's gonna be that awesome.

P.S. there are no snakes or motorcycles involved in the pilot.

And some frequently asked questions:

When do I get my rewards?

The project only gets funded if our entire goal is met, so pending that happens, you'll receive your reward shortly after the projects deadline. If the goal isn't met, you won't be charged, but you also won't receive any rewards. 

What happens if you guys exceed your goal?

Awesome happens. Lots of rewards and lots of awesome.

Can I change my donation / donate more than once, etc.

Absolutely. Once you're a backer of the project, you can adjust your support level up until the projects deadline.

Will people see how much I donate?

Nope. That's between you and your pocketbook.

And where does this money I'm donating go to?

The majority of the remaining expenses are post-production related, so paying our editor, getting a sound mix, and doing some color correction make-up the brunt of it. The rest of it will go towards creating & fulfilling the rewards that have been promised. Very little, if any, of the funds will go towards buying cookies, and that is a promise.

Are you sure about that? 

Well yeah if you wanna be a stickler about it, some of the funds will go towards buying cookies, but less than $25 most likely. 

And what if you guys don't reach your goal by the deadline?

Then we fail. No money is exchanged. No rewards are received. No cookies are eaten....FOREVER

Where can I find more info / ask a question?

There's some handy dandy links below, plus feel free to email us at and we'll be glad to answer any specifics.

/// Our Tours /// Our Movie /// Our Press /// Our Favorite Thing Ever ///


Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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    We will, we WILL, rock you. And give you a special thanks in the credits.

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    21 backers

    Now we're gonna send you a DVD of the finished product, plus an original drawing from Todd & Alex, and thank you in the credits.

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    You just earned yourself a spot on the roster! And to make it official, we're gonna send you a custom-made EMPIRES team jersey, plus all of the above rewards as well.

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    In addition to the above rewards, we're gonna send you a signed prop / set-piece, and a 5lb gummy bear named Sven or Boris (your choice).

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    Congrats! You just got your first (or latest) Associate Producer credit. And you're also gonna get all of the previous above as well.

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    Get the popcorn ready and call a babysitter cause we're coming to your house to host a private screening of EMPIRES for you and up to 10 friends (plus your babysitter). And we're gonna bring all of the above rewards with us.

  • Pledge $750 or more
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    All of the above rewards, PLUS, we'll drive to anywhere in the continental U.S. and throw water balloons at a person of your choosing. Or, if you're a pacifist, we'll name a character after you instead.

  • Pledge $1,000 or more
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    You said you like 90's action movies? Great. So do we. And we're gonna do a live scene-by-scene recreation of a 90's action movie in your living room, complete with homemade props & costumes. Plus you get all of the above rewards as well. *Movie choices include; Aliens, Die Hard, Die Hard 2, Con Air, Face-Off, Heat, On Deadly Ground, The Rock, Speed, & Under Siege.

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    WHOOAAAAA big tymer, we didn't realize we had an Executive Producer on hand! Can we get you some fresh berries or sparkling water while you await the arrival of all of the aforementioned rewards in addition to your new Executive Producer's credit on the project? Or would you prefer some braised rabbit confit with fennel soffrito? We'll get right on it as soon as we figure out what that is. In the meantime, make yourself at home, cause you're officially the bo$$ now.

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