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Flood Tide is a film about a group of friends who build a boat from whatever junk they can find and set out for open water. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on July 20, 2010.

Flood Tide is a film about a group of friends who build a boat from whatever junk they can find and set out for open water.

About this project

WE MADE IT! (thanks to you)

At 11:08 am on July 20th we reached our goal of $10,000! We are completely floored by the support and generosity that so many people have shown.

We're excited to use these funds, to get to work and to get the film out into the world. We'll be contacting all donors about rewards in the next couple of days.

As of writing this the campaign still has 11 hours to go. If you find yourself on this page, still consider pledging. Any money we get beyond the initial 10k goal is also crucial and neccessary. It will be used to tour the film more widely and will enable us to reach places we might not be able to otherwise.

However, if you're not totally dead set on pledging to Flood Tide, here are some really great campaigns that are active on kickstarter right now:

One last note: At times it's felt strange to raise money for a weird art film in the midst of oil spills and endless wars and so much other local and global injustice. But our friends have always reminded us that it's important to make space for art and music, to make space for the imagination and the sense of possibility that art can inspire. We hope that in some small way Flood Tide will inspire a sense of possibility and energize people to take steps to build their own worlds in everyday, simple and practical ways as well as in ways that are ridiculous and impossibly grandiose.

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Flood Tide is a film that has been in the making for two years. We are almost done. We would never have come this far without the work of many incredible friends, cooks, builders, teachers, students, boat captains, musicians, performers, artists, and passers-by who offered to help. We're putting out this call to get the help we need to finish the film and take it out into the world. Read more about the project below and please give what you can.

THE FILM: It was the summer the gas stations closed. The summer they played music in the old mill. The summer they built a boat. The summer they left.

Flood Tide is a road movie on a river. It tells the story of four musicians who create extraordinary boats out of ordinary junk and set out for open water, fueled by dreams, desperation and a sense of adventure.

The film's quiet narrative unfolds through fragments of memories, songs, letters and diary entries. Characters played by non-actors from the bands Dark Dark Dark and Fall Harbor chase jobs, dig through the past, and eventually, float out of town. They drift past empty new condo developments, anchor to explore crumbling castles and swim in iridescent green quarries. They get stopped by torrents of rain and groaning, broken down motors.

Flood Tide follows an unpredictable voyage down a strange and meandering river, a search for a new life along a polluted estuary that flows both ways.

CONTEXT: Flood Tide is a collaboration with the Swimming Cities of Switchback Sea, a project dreamed up by the artist Swoon and built by an eclectic group of artists and performers. In the summer of 2008, the crew built and floated seven large, boat-sculptures down the Hudson River, putting on performances in towns along the way. While documenting the real life journey, Flood Tide is a work of fiction that uses the voyage as its centerpiece. A small crew, with cinematographer Ava Berkofsky behind the lens shot verite footage of the boats underway and created fictional scenes as well.

MUSIC: Music is an integral part of Flood Tide, both onscreen and off. In addition to original songs by Dark Dark Dark and Fall Harbor, the film includes music by Jolie Holland and Nathan Salsburg, and an onscreen performance by sound artist Pauline Oliveros. Along with more conventional screenings, a live-performance version of Flood Tide will tour museums, theaters, galleries and community centers in the United States and Europe with a live musical score by Dark Dark Dark.

CURRENTLY: We are raising funds to do some fine-tuning of the film, color correct, sound mix, and get it out the door and on tour! We've received a number of grants and residencies, but the film has mostly been funded by love, sweat and debt. We've come such a long way and right now we need additional support from friends, family and extended community. Times are tight all around. But if you can give, even $5, you'll help us get one step closer to releasing the film.

Kickstarter funds will go towards:
-4 weeks of edit suite rental and editor's fees
-Color correction
-Sound mix
-Self-distribution costs including DVD and CD production, printing, online distribution for the film and soundtrack and seed money for a national (and international) tour of the film.


Ava Berkfosky (cinematographer)

Dark Dark Dark

Fall Harbor

Ryder Cooley

Swimming Cities of Switchback Sea

More information at:

Special thanks to Rooftop Films for supporting this project and graciously providing tickets and season passes to donors.

And to Tod Seelie whose photographs are featured in the above video (and who has tirelessly and beautifully photographed 4 years of raft projects on 3 different bodies of water).


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    Pledge $5 or more

    26 backers

    Access to the project's Kickstarter updates (special sneak preview videos, songs, secret diary-blog entries) and our deepest gratitude.

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    Pledge $15 or more

    26 backers

    All that gratitude and Kickstarter update goodness supplemented by two free tickets to a Rooftop Films screening of your choice (a $20 value). See for upcoming schedules.

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    This'll get you 2 tix to a Rooftop Films event and will also reserve your copy of the film (digital download) to receive when the film is released.

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    60 bucks gets you the DVD (and digital download) of Flood Tide plus the CD of the original soundtrack with music by Dark Dark Dark, Fall Harbor, Jolie Holland and Nathan Salsburg. AND once you hit sixty, you get a special thanks in the credits of Flood Tide.

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    Pledge $75 or more

    20 backers All gone!

    Special limited reward! Swoon monograph (translation: beautiful, fancy, art book)! Abrams Books just released a 192-page book of Swoon's work and have generously donated copies to help raise money for Flood Tide. (This reward also includes a copy of Flood Tide and original soundtrack.)

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    Pledge $100 or more

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    The updates, the tickets, the movie, the soundtrack, the credit AND to top it off, the beautiful Flood Tide movie poster with an original painting by Minneapolis artist Michael Gaughan.

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    Pledge $250 or more

    2 backers

    250! Get everything we've mentioned so far plus two other amazing gifts: A season pass to Rooftop Films' screening series ( AND an original piece of art from the film: A beeswax-sealed, etched glass bottle filled with river water made by artist C. Ryder Cooley (also one of the film's characters and primary collaborators).

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    Pledge $500 or more

    4 backers

    Five hundred bucks? There's almost too much to list here in one breath: updates, DVD, soundtrack, film poster, river bottle by C. Ryder Cooley, season passes for TWO to Rooftop Films' screening series, PLUS: 4 film-related musical recordings: Dark Dark Dark's Bright Bright Bright EP & upcoming full length recording Wild Go and Fall Harbor's CD Songs from Fall Harbor & upcoming CD Meet Me at the Water.

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    Pledge $1,000 or more

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    For a thousand dollars, what can we possibly do besides sing your praises far and wide and give you everything listed above? We can give you a private behind-the-scenes tour of the film via outtakes, missing scenes and raw footage. Get a peek at some of the beautiful, crazy and sometimes a little embarrassing moments that were left on the cutting room floor.

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    Pledge $5,000 or more

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    Okay, in one fell swoop you've pretty much cut our funding issues in half. Let's be real, there's little we can do to express the inexpressible amount of gratitude we're feeling. We promise to make the best film that we can possibly make and take it as far and wide as we're physically able to. And we're giving you Executive Producer credit on the film. Of course, you'll also get all the previous rewards. We're speechless.

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