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We turned Salvador Dalí into an action figure to celebrate his art and eccentricities!
We turned Salvador Dalí into an action figure to celebrate his art and eccentricities!
We turned Salvador Dalí into an action figure to celebrate his art and eccentricities!
831 backers pledged CA$ 39,810 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Today Is Art Day 5-time creator 3 days ago

      @Lauren Hi Lauren! I have sent you a private message to help you out. Please check your Kickstarter messages. Thank you! -David

    2. Missing avatar

      Lauren Norman 4 days ago

      I did not receive a survey, where can I find it, or can it be resent?

    3. Today Is Art Day 5-time creator 5 days ago

      @Stella I'll reach out to you with a private message. Thank you! -David

    4. Missing avatar

      Stella Dai 5 days ago

      Hi! I've just changed the shipping country in the survey from US to China, how could I pay the additional shipping fee, if any?

    5. Today Is Art Day 5-time creator 5 days ago

      @Philip I'm writing you a private message so we can arrange something for you. Thank you! -David

    6. Missing avatar

      Philip May 5 days ago

      Can someone please get in touch about shipping timelines? I’m moving toward the end of the month so want to make sure my Dali gets to me to join his other friends. Thanks!

    7. Today Is Art Day 5-time creator on

      @Nikolas Our first Kickstarter campaigns (Van Gogh and Frida) did not include the small transparent base. All our new figurines come with the base now so we offer a transparent base to former backers who would like to add it for visual coherence or to help with stability. I hope this answers your question! -David

    8. Nikolas Obrenović

      what is the extra base question about in the survey. This is my first purchase but what if I plan to buy others in the future. Thanks

    9. Today Is Art Day 5-time creator on

      @Kevin We are aiming at shipping them in the last week of August. Since we are shipping from California, I'm assuming it would arrive on time before the event in September. -David

    10. kevin white on

      Greetings...are the Dali on track to be shipped in August ? A friend of mine in San Diego is having part of the Pierre Argillet collection showing in his gallery in September, and I would love to have this to him before then.

    11. Today Is Art Day 5-time creator on

      @Matthew It will most likely be in early August. -David

    12. Missing avatar

      Clark84 on

      When are the surveys being sent?

    13. Today Is Art Day 5-time creator on

      @Keaton Unfortunately, your order of Monet and Klimt had already shipped. I tried to retain it but the warehouse had already sent it out. Next time, you can always reach out to me before you make the purchase. It gives us more time and possibilities. -David

    14. Missing avatar

      Keaton on

      Like Courtney, I bought Monet and Klimt and would like to save a box, some shipping charges (if possible), etc. Thanks.

    15. Courtney Hancock

      Thanks so much!

    16. Today Is Art Day 5-time creator on

      @Courtney Hancock I will reach out with a direct message to you to look for some options. -David

    17. Courtney Hancock

      I just got the email about Monet and Klimt and I'm thrilled! I thought I'd throw out the idea that since I'm already awaiting a package from you, is there any way to order them and have you just hang onto them and ship them with Dali to save a box? (If it's not possible, that's totally fine, I just thought I'd see if it was and do my part to keep the recycle bins slightly emptier ;) )

    18. Here's a Tissue

      Understood. @Creators

      Thank you for clarifying that.

      I took part in the other campaigns and will continue to support.

      Great quality work.

    19. Missing avatar

      Patrick Curtis on

      Lobster Telephone as a stretch goal would have been awesome but how can you complain with three mustaches :p

    20. Today Is Art Day 5-time creator on

      @TheDigitalProfessor I'm not sure I understand your comment... We do not offer stretch goals for this project. The only thing we will do is announce our next action figure if we reach $75K and the second next action figure if we reach $100K. This could happen. Our first Kickstarter campaign went over $140K (Van Gogh) and $80K (Frida). -David

    21. Today Is Art Day 5-time creator on

      @Matt We only sell bases without pins at the moment for the first figurines (Van Gogh and Frida) who did not come with a base. If you want a base with pin, please send me a direct message and I'll see what I can do. -David

    22. Today Is Art Day 5-time creator on

      @Matt Leo is a bit top heavy! I personally display him without the hat to give him a chance. :)

    23. Here's a Tissue

      Just a quick comment...

      Why make unrealistic stretch goals? It's the same as saying this way we don't have to provide anything additional.

    24. Boaz Halachmi

      @Matt: The first two figures doesn't have a hole for a pin.

    25. Missing avatar

      Matt Prokosch on

      I have the same problem as John with my Da Vinci. He's much too top heavy with his hat on and falls over every time.

    26. Missing avatar

      Matt Prokosch on

      Are you able to sell bases with pins? I'm still in need of one. Glueing doesn't always work. The glue builds up on the shoe and is eventually useless to hold the top-heavy figures.

    27. Missing avatar

      John Eldard

      I had to glue da vinci and Rembrandt to their bases because they wouldn’t stand up. They would fall down all the time

    28. Missing avatar

      Nigel Ip

      Please crowdfund Raphael and Michelangelo figures?

    29. Today Is Art Day 5-time creator on

      @Jerome We just sent an update with an option to add a base (it's a new reward). See recent update here:

    30. Today Is Art Day 5-time creator on

      @edosan My pleasure! -David

    31. edosan on

      Thank you for the new pledge! My Vincent will get a base!

    32. Today Is Art Day 5-time creator on

      @Stephanie There is now a reward called SALVADOR DALI FIGURINE + Extra Base at $36 that includes a transparent base (or 2). Please change your pledge for this one and you will be all set! -David

    33. Stephanie Noell on

      Very excited for Dalí to join my Frida and Van Gogh! Speaking of, would it be possible to do an add-on of $2 to my existing pledge to get bases for both of them? Thanks so much!

    34. Sharon Zhang on

      My dream come true. :P

    35. Missing avatar

      Jerome Burger on

      Can you add an order of two(2) bases to my order of Dali??The $7.25 shipping cost seem rather high for a $2.00 charge.

    36. Missing avatar

      Dawn Tenebruso on

      It would be great if Dali had a pet anteater.

    37. Today Is Art Day 5-time creator on

      @mauro I will write you a private message. I'm surprised you mention "three figurines" since our Leonardos, Vermeers and Rembrandts all had bases. I'll be in touch. -David

    38. Today Is Art Day 5-time creator on

      @Florina Our René Magritte figurines are available here: I would recommend you purchase them from our site as we do not offer combos on this Kickstarter campaign. -David

    39. Today Is Art Day 5-time creator on

      @Jared You can purchase a base (without pin) right here: -David

    40. Jared Kaping on

      @florina you can order Magritte on their website right now! They didn’t do a Kickstarter for it just released it from their website

    41. Missing avatar

      mauro on

      hi guys, I've supported your previous projects and the last three figurines don't stand by themselves. they are very unbalanced. i noticed you show dali with a base display. i wonder if i can get those bases for all my other figurines as at the moment i can't display them and are useless, many thanks. mauro

    42. Florina Sauvageau on

      Hi guys!

      Thanks for this awesome new figurine, I am totally PSYCHED to be able to get Dali!
      I have one question, though: I have noticed that you also released a Rene Magritte figure, and I`d like to know if we`ll be able to add it to the order, once the campaign ends? :D

    43. Courtney Hancock

      I'm surprised how fast the early birds went! It's been less than two hours since I got the e-mail from the first two campaigns about Salvador. I'm pleased to see this much support :) Y'all have been great through the previous campaigns!

    44. Jared Kaping on

      Also can you at some point make bases available for the first figure(s) that came without them? I would definitely buy them

    45. Jared Kaping on

      Very excited about this one!

      Have them all so far can’t wait for more!