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$300 pledged of $3,500 goal
$300 pledged of $3,500 goal

2 week update on new Kickstarter for To Breathe Free


Firstly, I’d like to apologize to those who have joined the new Kickstarter for To Breathe Free and are receiving updates from our two different campaigns. I’m trying to space these out so they don’t become a nuisance but I also want to keep everyone updated on the progress of the new campaign who haven't had a chance to join in and might still like to.

2 weeks have gone by on the new project and 11% of the funding goal has been achieved! It has already exceeded the funding percentage of the first attempt. I also have some new media mentions in the works so things are going very well. If you haven’t had a chance to re-pledge, and would like to, please visit our new project here:

Thank you all for the support!


The relaunch of To Breathe Free on Kickstarter!

Hi Everyone,

I want to say thank you again for all the support you provided me and the first Kickstarter campaign for To Breathe Free.

We didn’t reach our goal but that isn’t a reason to give up. So here we go! To Breathe Free has just been relaunched on Kickstarter here:

With this new campaign you will see a new video, a lower goal of $2,000, a longer deadline, and a new incentive at the $25 level. For $25 dollars you will receive a limited edition greeting card print with To Breathe Free’s book cover on the front and a personal thank you note, along with my signature and the date, on the back. These prints are professionally produced and are only available here on Kickstarter with a maximum print run of 100 copies. AND you will also receive 3 copies of To Breathe Free. 1 in MOBI format and 1 in EPUB format for yourself and a third copy in either format for a friend. 

I know many of you are invested in seeing To Breathe Free come to publication, so if are willing to re-pledge your amount I would be so grateful. Remember, you were not charged for the pledge that you made on our first Kickstarter because the goal was not reached. Also, I know that life’s problems can hit at anytime, so if you are on a tighter budget this time around, I completely understand if you need to pledge lower. Even $1 is a huge help!

Lastly, I would be so grateful if you took a moment to “like” this new Kickstarter project page on Facebook, tweeted it on Twitter, or shared it in any other way. All the buttons and the link for you to copy are right under the video on the new project page.

So now it’s time to get back to work! I will be spreading the word about this new campaign as soon as I post this update and I will not rest until the deadline is reached.

We’re going to make it this time!

Thank you so much again for your support. And remember; NEVER give up on your dreams. Failure is a necessary step to achieving them.



Thank you for your support!


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To Breathe Free’s Kickstarter project mentioned on the website of Poets & Writers Magazine!

I’m honored that our Kickstarter project received a mention today in the online “Daily News” section of Poets & Writers Magazine! Please be sure to check it out and if you have a moment, please share it on your social networks. There’s a lot of other compelling news in the post too.

Thanks for the support as we near the end of this campaign. If we are not successful this time around, it doesn’t mean it’s over. Be sure to stay tuned and I’ll let you know what will be the next step.

Best wishes,


To Breathe Free mentioned on International Business Times

Hi Supporters!

My deadline is fast approaching (April 26th) and the project’s funding still has a ways to go. Each of you has been a major help and I refuse to give up on bringing To Breathe Free to life. I’m continuing to reach out to different media outlets and just received a wonderful mention on the popular news site International Business Times (aka IBTimes) in an article titled “Why Some Authors Are Turning To Self-Publishing.” I welcome you to please read the article at the following link: ‎

If you enjoy it, please consider sharing it on your Twitter, Facebook, Google+, through email, or in any other way. Anything is a great help!

Thank you again for all of your support. I’ll keep everyone updated on the progress as we head towards the deadline.

Take care,