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A storytelling film featuring legendary character actor Stephen Tobolowsky.
A storytelling film featuring legendary character actor Stephen Tobolowsky.
905 backers pledged $50,234 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. The Tobolowsky Files Creator on

      @marpha: Sorry if there was a misunderstanding about the viewing time of the film. I tried to make this very clear in the original FAQ for the project. Let me know if you were unable to see the film for some reason.


    2. The Tobolowsky Files Creator on

      Tom and Jenny: I sent you a screening link directly. Feel free to email me at if you experience any more issues.


    3. Tom and Jenny Bruns on

      I searched my deleted emails and I looks like I did not receive an email from Kickstarter or Tobo concerning the streaming of the movie. We donated the appropriate amount to qualify for this. It appears that commenters here are enjoying something we're missing. Please resend the info/link. Thanks.

    4. Rich on

      Watching this now, thank you so much Stephen!

    5. Missing avatar

      marpha on

      I'm really excited to see the final product! Just a little disappointed to find out now that we will only be able to see the film for a limited amount of time. I didn't realize that when I picked my backing level.

    6. Missing avatar

      Glenn Bristol on

      I have to say, the usual mental math I do when donating to a Kickstarter is "How likely are they to actually follow through on what they've promised?"

      That thought did not enter my head this time.

      You guys knocked it out of the park - and I'm glad to see that "Conference Hour" has a chance to find a wider audience as a result of this film. Can't wait to see the finished product.

    7. Zach Brutsche on

      Your stories have enriched my life for so long, now, that I couldn't refuse the opportunity to spread the joy a bit further afield. Let me know if you need a PA; I will drop EVERYTHING.

    8. John Schwab on

      Wow guys! Fantastic achievement. It goes to show how much support Stephen and Dave have.

      I am happy to have helped, and wish I could have donated more.

      Now the hard part begins!


    9. Ken Murphy on

      I'd bet a pint of Guinness that Stephen's grandfather used his timer at the races.
      He probably went early and timed the practice laps to see which horse or horses
      would go the fastest. I wonder if he died a rich man.

    10. Alex Haines on

      I'm that annoying guy that always tells you how amazing that one podcast is and that you should REALLY listen to it. I've done that ever since I started listening to the Tobolowsky Files. Stephen, your stories are gripping, and I'm happy to now have the chance to pay you back for hours of entertainment. Good luck and I'm looking forward to the movie!

    11. Travis Low on

      Love this podcast, and I love this idea…can't wait for the film!

    12. Missing avatar

      Jessica Person on

      I'm so happy for you guys!

    13. Missing avatar

      Janos Kis on

      Dear Stephen and David,
      Your podcast brought me many hours of quality entertainment. I always felt a little guilty for enjoying the stories free of charge, so I bought The Dangerous Animals Club, but when I learned about this Kickstarter project, I knew THIS was the time to really put my money where my mouth is. I'm glad the project already has so many backers. I'll do my best to advertise it whenever/wherever I can. Thank you, again and best wishes to you both! I'd also like to thank Robert Brinkmann for discovering such a singular storytelling talent and providing inspiration to Dave for the podcast and everything that followed it.
      Janos from Hungary

    14. fourchinnigan on

      The Tobolowsky Files and the /Filmcast have entertained me for years. I think it's time I thanked you with some monetary compensation. Best of luck, guys.

    15. Ingi Jensson on

      There be magic at work here...
      I've never felt much connection to this planet and its inhabitants, but I'll be darned if I haven't felt kinship like I've never felt before through your stories.
      You've got that 5th dimensional ability - I guess I can say that you're 'five-gaited' :)
      Keep going on your 'skeið' and I'm looking forward to see the inevitable result :)

    16. Missing avatar

      Doug Oldmeadow on

      With every episode of the Tobolowsky Files, I have been in awe at Stephen's insight and introspection into his life, emotions and encounters. Thanks to Stephen and Dave for so much enjoyment. Good luck - can't wait to see the film!

    17. Robert Brinkmann on

      Hi Dave - I am, of course, a great fan of Stephen and your podcast, but I have to say, that I think it is tacky of you not to mention the film "Stephen Tobolowsky's Birthday Party", without which not even your podcast would have come about. I still remember the day you contact me, because you professed to be a fan of Stephen's and wanted to get in touch with him - and that spawned the podcast, which spawned all the other things you mentioned.And while you don't have to mention that, I think you should as long as you keep using images created for that film in your Kickstarter campaign.

    18. Cynthia Lugo on

      Hi Stephen and Dave! I'm pretty sure that watch is a pedometer. Ask the internet for vintage pedometer pictures.

    19. Missing avatar

      Mark Uvari on

      Good luck Stephen and Dave! I've been listening to the podcast since the beginning, and I created a Kickstarter account just to back you guys.

    20. Brian White on

      "I still don't know what this damn thing is"

      Priceless. I'm very excited for this project. I know Stephen and Dave will hit it out of the park. I'm so glad they started the Tobolowsky Files, they touch every listener (now readers too) lives. Thank you both for all that you do!

    21. Valentina Vee on

      Best of luck Stephen and Dave! I've been a supporter for years and will continue to back whatever you guys make because you've provided me with so much joy and truly first-class entertainment. I have no doubt that this film will be wonderful.