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TTWS is releasing their first album in 16 years, New Constellation and we want you to be a part of it!
6,304 backers pledged $264,762 to help bring this project to life.

Some news and thank you.

Posted by Toad The Wet Sprocket (Creator)

Hello, Everyone -

So - after many maddening delays, much hand wringing, flying monkey wrangling and accelerated hair loss - all packages items (except for the vinyl, which apparently has to be processed though a time machine) are either on their way to you or already at your homes. It has been a wild, fun ride. Thank you all again so much for your support, and thank you doubly for your patience as we worked through all the kinks. You all made this album release possible, and as much as we wish we could have made the process quicker, it has still been an incredible experience. So once again: Thank you.

Just a couple notes:

1. If you are one of the handful of people who haven't responded to the survey with your shipping address and (if applicable) shirt size, then we can't send you your stuff - please check your spam folder. Our wonderful production manager, Lora, has sent you all emails directly.  If you still can't find it - please contact Jessica through the contact form here in Kickstarter from your account. 

2. The bonus EPs are still available here:

In the Round at Revolver

Live in the West

click the download icon to the right of each track

3. For those who ordered vinyl - it is still in process but the process is ssllooww. We are doing our best to expedite, but please be patient. Just so you know - it will be 180g vinyl on 2 discs (for maximum sound quality) and will include the four bonus tracks.

4. You are awesome. We could not ask for better fans. Thank you. 

Once again - we are so sorry for the delays. It drove us a little crazy not being able to get these out to you sooner, and to not have it all delivered before the album was released publicly was maddening for us all. Our learning curve on this process was much steeper than we thought it would be, and we really appreciate how understanding you've been as we've figured things out. For those who have asked - the Kickstarter CD package distinguishes itself from the retail version by having 4 extra tracks, full lyrics, an additional art panel and is a robust digipak instead of a cardboard wallet.

All the best, Toad


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    1. Missing avatar

      Terrence Weatherby on

      Awesome! Um... still haven't received a link for the Digital Download. Any luck on getting that emailed to me soon? No big deal -- it's only $10 and I'm happy to help...but... if you get a chance...

    2. Rachel Hill on

      I was also wondering if there was an update on the vinyl?
      The concert in Kent last month was amazing. Thanks for being awesome.

    3. Missing avatar

      Daniel Holtzleiter Jr on

      An update on the vinyl is probably appropriate at this point...

    4. Chris Mooar on

      Hi. Will the vinyl be available to buy outside of this Kickstarter? I pledged and got the CD...awesome...but now kicking myself I didn't go bigger and get the wax.
      Cheers and merry everything, Chris in NZ

    5. Missing avatar

      Robert DeLucia on

      Any update on the vinyl?

    6. Missing avatar

      Jason Donoghue on

      Just curious if there was any update on the vinyl? Thanks! It was great seeing you guys live in Boston!

    7. Craig Teel on

      I must be one of the handful of people who haven't responded to the survey and I can only assume it was eaten by the spam monster. What do I need to do at this point in order to get my items shipped?

    8. Jared McGrath on

      Any new word on when the vinyl will be shipping? Looking forward to having my physical copy. Thanks!

    9. Stefan Rosenkranz on


      till today no cd arrived. still waiting

    10. Missing avatar

      David Archibald on

      Jessica, it's been over two weeks since the CD's allegedly shipped and I'm still waiting. Is there any way to track shipments or have another one sent. I know the mail can be slow, but 7-10 days is typical for CD shipments. Getting ready to give up and add one to my Amazon wishlist.

    11. Missing avatar

      Pamela Silverman on

      Still no CD in my mailbox... any news??

    12. Missing avatar

      David Archibald on

      Still waiting on mine. Maybe tomorrow ?

    13. Michael Teague

      Received my CD yesterday!

    14. Missing avatar

      Mike on

      Mine arrived today too!!!

    15. Missing avatar

      Steven Beres on

      I received mine today as well. Thanks so much Toad!

    16. Missing avatar

      Joe Droege on

      Mine arrived today. I too was getting worried. I'm posting this to reassure the rest of you waiting for your "stuff" to arrive. CD packaging is very nice! Thanks Toad and keep on ROCKIN!

    17. Missing avatar

      Tim Prochnow on

      Mine showed up minutes ago. They are out there and on their way. I, too, was becoming worried that a neighbor might have stolen it or something, but all is well. :-)

    18. jeffry halbert on

      well, it wasn't there when i cam home yesterday, but it (literally) just arrived! heard the mailman come by and the "plunk" of my mail in the box was louder than normal so i dropped what i was doing (granted it was only taking my turn on words with friends...) and ran to check the mail and voila! there it was!

      have faith everyone, things are still trickling in!

    19. Missing avatar

      Zachary B Hurley on

      Dear Jessica, I have not yet received the cd that was being shipped. Please, a response would be appreciated to all who have devoted to Toad.

    20. Ryan Patrick Smith on

      Dear Jessica, as you can see many of us have yet to receive the cd that was being shipped a week before the official release date. Now it has been well over a week and still no CD. I am beyond disappointed. I gave my address in August. And while the idea for toad to do kickstarter was born in Here in Bloomington il July 2011 at the castle. I feel responsible to all the fans that haven't gotten the CDs etc yet. I would like a response as I have left several message and comments and have gotten nothing in response. Thankfully the digital copy is on the computer and SPOTIFY has the new cd too. I would greatly appreciate a email or a comment back today. Thanks.

    21. jeffry halbert on

      i've yet to receive my CD as well. agree with William, not upset as i've been listening to it for months and the concert here in STL was terrific (as always).

      that said, i'd love to come home today and find it in the mailbox...

    22. Missing avatar

      William Huffman on

      No CD here either. I'm a little surprised, but I'm not upset. I've been digging the album via the download (but my CD-rom had issues making a CD and my mp3 player bit the dust just days before the download came). And their concert in Portland, ME, was fantastic.

    23. Shawn Glass on

      no CD as well - over a week past the official release :-/

    24. Missing avatar

      Mike Guerrero on

      No CD yet; I thought they were all shipped already. Glad I am not the only one.

    25. Missing avatar

      Mike on

      I see I am not alone. My CD hasn't come either.

    26. FlipNPG on

      My cd hasn't come in yet. :(

    27. Marie Butcher on

      I have not received my CD either. Sure wish I had it...

    28. Missing avatar

      Steve Peters on

      I'm waiting as well. My concern is that I moved since I contributed months ago -- so I thought maybe it was delayed in the mail due to forwarding. This might mean I'm waiting even longer (I couldn't figure out how to update my mailing address with Kick Starter).

    29. Brady W. Clark on

      I'm glad to see that I am not alone that my CD has not arrived yet... :) I'm sure it's on its way!

    30. Daniel Foy on

      I still have not received my copy of New Costellation. I am wondering if my iPhone ate my reply how do I contact Jessica to see if the info was actually sent?

    31. Jennie Cauwels on

      How long should we wait till we worry? All I'm expecting is the CD, and I've received mail from Canada that was shipped after this update.

    32. Missing avatar

      Morgen Benevedo on

      On one hand I'm glad that others are waiting like me. It means I wasn't overlooked. On the other hand, it means we still wait. I hope the guys see my impatience as a sign that I really like the new album and can't wait to listen to it during my commute.

      For those that are wondering my cd burner is on the fritz and I don't have an mp3 player in my car, hence the desire to get my hard copy.

    33. Jason Kahler on

      Is there any way to check on CD statuses? I am still waiting. Patiently. But I feel left out!

    34. Missing avatar

      Josh Hathaway on

      Just checked for my CD in the mail today as well. Mucho sadness- it wasn't there. I did, however, write a review of the album over at BlindedBySound:

      ...and CHarlie Brown would also throw in a "Good grief."

    35. Julie Swope Melendez on

      I'm still waiting :( total sadness

    36. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    37. Ed Craig on

      I keep listening to New Constellation and the EPs. I have missed hearing new stuff from you for so many years and I was convinced that I would have to be happy with playing Pale until the laser in the CD player burned out. Thanks for the many years of wonderful memories!

    38. Missing avatar

      Brian Russell on

      Still waiting on mine. Wasn't in today's mail. :(

    39. Gary Criscione on

      Still waiting for my cd, but in sure it is on the way. I'm like a kid checking the mail everyday...

    40. Toad The Wet Sprocket Creator on

      Hi everyone - things were shipped separately so if you are missing one thing or another they will be coming shortly. We're really sorry about this but we are trying like mad to get everything out.

      Please note if you are at the $15 level - there are no physical goods so we do not need your address.

      If you haven't gotten your CD yet - it is in route. Most of you sent your address back in August so there is no need to send again - that note was for the few who didn't respond to the survey. Hopefully you will get it in the next few days.

      If you still don't have a download code - please message us directly - do not post here.

      THANK YOU :)

    41. Edward Linder

      The items arrived today but the poster got bent in shipping and has a crease in the center :(. Love the new disk and stickers! See you in soon.

    42. Angella Mercier Sherman on

      I got my stuff yesterday and it's fantastic. Slapped a socket on my work computer can't wait to show it off. Looking forward to seeing you guys in Michigan in November!

    43. Kevin Amburgy on

      Got my shipment today! So awesome!!! Thanks guys!!

    44. Missing avatar

      Sandra on

      Thanks go to all of you, Glen, Todd, Dean, and Randy!! I would have waited until the end of time to get this package, absolutely no worries with the time thingie. I actually received it on October 15, the day it was released, so ALL IS GOOD!! ;) You all did such an awesome job on this CD, I'm in love with it from beginning to end!! So THANK YOU, for all that you do and bringing your music back into my life, full of fond memories of the early days music and concerts I attended. Cannot wait to see you at College of St. Rose in's been 18 years since I've seen you in concert, and that was a college show too, at Siena College with Rusted Root....looking forward to it SO much!! See you Nov. 3rd...and thanks again for coming back so strong!! A forever TOAD fan!! ;)

    45. Missing avatar

      Marshall on

      Having been a fan for years and waiting more than a decade since the last release, an extra few weeks didn't matter at all. Going to a concert this summer was the first concert I'd attended in five years because it was the first time I was excited to go see a band perform live. Glad everything has ultimately been successful!

    46. Jason Carr on

      I have never received the link to the album digital download. It's been a long time now, guys. What are the chances I'm ever going to receive it? I've been through my spam filters, and everything. I'm happy to have helped fund this project, but I want the music!! HELP!!

    47. Missing avatar

      Robert DeLucia on

      Double vinyl bonus!! It's well worth the wait guys so don't sweat it. The t-shirt, stickers and cards are excellent.

    48. Missing avatar

      Robert DeLucia on

      Double vinyl bonus!! It's well worth the wait guys so don't sweat it. The t-shirt, stickers and cards are excellent.