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TTWS is releasing their first album in 16 years, New Constellation and we want you to be a part of it!
6,304 backers pledged $264,762 to help bring this project to life.

Message from Jess

Posted by Toad The Wet Sprocket (Creator)
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Hi everyone! Sorry for all the notes but I wanted you all to know where we are with the codes and general info on your backer level.

If you were an early backer - we had a form we created on our website to collect everyone email addresses so that we could send download codes early. Unfortunately the way KS works, we couldn't get any of your information until the end of the campaign (yesterday). So - we had to create our own work-around. We had been sending codes every few days to those who filled out the form and there were many emails un-opened from those blasts so we assume they went to spam. Please add to your address book and it should help!

For those who are recent backers - we now have everyone's contact info and we will be sending messages to each backer level tomorrow to get sizes, give you all your codes again and update you on specifics relate to your backer level.

Thanks again for supporting this project. It's been a great learning experience and as a Toad fan myself - I can relate to the enthusiasm!

Thanks for bearing with me! More soon


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    1. Kevin O'Toole on

      Still waiting for codes. Almost a month.

    2. Ange Keskey on

      Hi guys,I am new at this Kickstarter stuff and haven't seen an email or whatnot for the download. Any suggestions? Thanks! Looking forward to listening!

    3. Brian Starkey on

      I actually received med code but still waiting on word of the 96k option. Any status updates?

    4. Missing avatar

      Karla Hard on

      I keep inquiring about my code and still haven't received it. Where is it?????

    5. Missing avatar

      Victoria Stephens on

      Hi, I backed the album in early July. I still have not received the album download code. I have reached out in 4 different emails and not gotten any responses. I was charged almost 3 weeks ago to my credit card. Sorry for the public comment, but I feel like I have already tried the direct email options? Please contact me with some info.

      I can't wait to see Toad tomorrow night at Mtn. Winery. Maybe Glen can just hand me the album over some shared wine then=)


    6. Missing avatar

      David Lawrence House on

      Hey. Gotta say I love the new album. I've played it to death. I'm just wondering if there's a timeline to think about for the acoustic and live recordings we've earned for reaching the two stretch goals? I can't wait to hear them.

    7. Melissa Bengson on

      Still waiting. No codes and its been almost a month now

    8. Missing avatar

      Jonah Smeds on

      It has bee nearly three weeks now and stil no codes. My payment has been processed. I've jumped throgh all the hoops, but still no reward.

    9. Missing avatar

      Andy Valentine on

      I also have yet to receive a download code and I've checked & double-checked spam. Is there going to be another distribution of download codes? I'm excited to hear the album! Thanks :)

    10. Brad Banky on

      Ditto in regards to the code. I got the email prompting me to fill out the form to receive the code, which should have been within a day or 2 but never received.

    11. Jennifer Spring Gerber on

      Sorry to add to the pile but I too wanted to report no download code email received yet. I received my "Response Needed" email on 8/8 and followed the instructions in the "backers only" update. Is there a new schedule for distribution of download codes after 8/3? Can't wait to hear the record!!! Thanks for all your efforts! :)

    12. Steven Scott Chaney on

      I haven't gotten codes yet either. :)

    13. Stephanie Cipriani Morrison on

      Hi Jess,

      I still haven't received a download code, and am ITCHING with excitement to hear this album. Could you help me out? Thanks much!!! Steph

    14. Ted Curran on

      Hi Jess-
      Just a note to let you know I still haven't received my codes. Thanks for your effort in getting these out!

    15. Amy T Baxter on

      you rock girlfriend! thanks for getting back :)

    16. Todd Rush on

      You are never going to do this again, are you Jess?

    17. Missing avatar

      Kyle Simmons on

      Hey Jess,
      Still no download code for me. I backed last Sunday so i thought i would end up getting my code with the ending of the kickstarter. Not sure whats going on or what I'm doing wrong but looking forward to getting to listen to the new album. Thanks for your help!

    18. Mitchell Schorr on

      I Have Something to Say to Jess:

      We’ve all waited long Enough for Toad to make a new album. But like All Things in Life, we can’t always have what we Desire. Fortunately, we have a Rare Bird in Jess who seized The Moment so we could get a Little Heaven. Still, you’re going to take some Friendly Fire. Even with your Eyes Open Wide, and despite all your Good Intentions, Something’s Always Wrong, and you have to Pray Your Gods when dealing with some who, let’s face it, are kind of Stupid and got themselves in a Jam. But, Jess, I Will Not Take These Things for Granted. Because of you I’m Not Waiting to Listen to New Constellation In My Ear; I can even begin to share it with a new audience who didn’t get to hear Toad Before You Were Born. All in All, I can’t Begin to tell you how happy we all are that you are One Little Girl who didn’t Throw it All Away and let the Crazy Life of customer service Hold Her Down. I bet you’re thinking, “Oh, the Stories I (could) Tell. Still, All I want is to get Way Away and Walk on the Ocean, or maybe just Fall Down”

      P.S. If you happen to be with Toad when they come through my town, I’ll be sure to say, “Hey, bartender, give her one more drink. Perhaps we can discuss what they’ve done with Peltier.

    19. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Hitt on

      Hi, I filled out my address to receive my cd and other goodies. I picked the album release option, I am just curious how do I receive the tickets and passes for the pre-show and concert? I know you are getting millions of questions but could you answer when you get a chance.

    20. Missing avatar

      Martyn Whyman on

      I have just filled out the survey about tshirt size and address. I wasnt able to change the country from US to UK(even though my shipping states outside th US). So I added Uk after my postcode. I hope thats ok. Thanks Martyn

    21. Missing avatar

      Drew Webb on

      Jess, just want to say thanks for all the hard work you have put in. I Had an issue with my pledge and it wasn't resolved until today. However, it has been completed so I am wondering what I can do to get the download. Thanks a ton!

    22. Missing avatar

      Erin Marie Holvoet on

      Got my code this AM and just downloaded the record - thank you! I think the "problem" is that you guys are so nice, you wanted everyone to get the music faster than waiting for the project to be finalized on KS...because it sounds like you could have just sent everyone a code at the end, period. Thanks for loving your fans like that! Can't wait to pump new Toad music into my ears!

    23. Missing avatar

      matt hartig on

      Jess, can you please resend my code. For some reason my most recent email with code has disappeared. I am not sure what happened. Or if someone could please post the Tech Support email so I can go that route. Thanks so much.

    24. Missing avatar

      A Perfekt Rain on

      Awesome, hoping I get it tonight. Finally! So excited I can hardly take it. Filled out the form twice and pledged a week ago.

    25. Toad The Wet Sprocket Creator on

      Hi everyone. We're sending codes tonight. Trying to do a little recon with all the codes we already sent out. You would have only received the email if you filled out the form that we linked from update #8. Sorry for all the confusion! We're doing our best but promise you'll get the music!

    26. Missing avatar

      Kristi Miroballi on

      Looks like I'm not the only one waiting for that email with a download code...Sorry to be another person to bug ya, but when should we expect info to download the album? I backed up Toad a couple months ago and as a $10 backer it said I will get a free download of the album, but not sure how or when. I also made sure I didn't miss any emails from you in my SPAM and there was nothing. :( I'm too excited, I want to hear the new album!!! I hope to download it soon! I need to know the music as I'm going to the Chicago concert in Nov! Thanks for your help! ~K

    27. Missing avatar

      Daniel A. Peterson on

      Thanx for the update Jess!

    28. Missing avatar

      Michael Williams on

      Hi Jess, I filled out the form and have been watching/waiting for the download instructions...when do you expect they'll be made available?

      Thanks for the hard work....looking forward to the music!


    29. Missing avatar

      Chris Powers on

      when will the codes for the full album come out, backed them a six days ago and have not received anything?

    30. Jeff Li on

      Hi Jess,
      I filled out the form a few days ago, but just saw this post. Unfortunately, I totally emptied out my spam folder without even thinking. Not sure if an email actually did come through. Should I refill out the form? Or is there an easier way you can get me the info on the download directly?

    31. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Esposito on

      Thank You, Jess! You guys are doing a great job, keep it up!