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TTWS is releasing their first album in 16 years, New Constellation and we want you to be a part of it!
6,304 backers pledged $264,762 to help bring this project to life.

Project update 10.0

Posted by Toad The Wet Sprocket (Creator)

Hello, Everyone.

Less than a week to go for our Kickstarter campaign.

So far we've raised over $200k from a little less than 5000 supporters. That's enough to manufacture and fulfill the orders, pay our wonderful team, cover recording costs, and we have a little left over for promotion and marketing. A few years ago it would have been so much more difficult to get a project like this off the ground, and there would have been a mountain of debt, but here we are - it's amazing to be able to start the release process free and clear. Thank you all so much.

We are nearly done with the package design and will send out manufacturing orders as soon as the campaign closes. Vinyl will likely take a bit longer than CDs and posters, but we'll keep updating you with the progress until we can get your orders into your hands.

We're so happy we were able to get the music out to you early. Kickstarter isn't actually built for early rewards, but they were generous in allowing us to go ahead and find a workaround to provide you with downloads before the campaign was over. Once we've finished the campaign, artwork will be reworked and we will provide updated download links for you.

Perhaps we'll reach the stretch goal of $250k, perhaps we won't. It's been exciting to see the campaign become so active again in the last week (We're back on the front page of Kickstarter!). However it goes, it's been a great ride. It took a while for us to get this record made, and just seeing the early reaction to the music has already made it worth the time and effort.

Once again - word of mouth is just about our only way of spreading the news. Thanks for all you've done, and we'd still appreciate it if you shouted out once more through Twitter or Facebook, or if you happen to run a giant media conglomerate and want to stick it on the evening news or a stadium jumbotron that's ok too.

Thank you all.
You rock


P.S. We thought you might want a sneak peak of the New Constellation Album cover. We hope you like it!

P.S.S. Annnnnd an acoustic version of "California Wasted" 

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    1. Amy T Baxter on

      hi still haven't gotten my download code but i have listened to the album via a friend. amazing to say the least, New Constellation is my theme song and it has such positive vibes and uplifts the soul. ps Earl Corrolluzo Its Amy Baxter here i saw your post. good to see your around as we formed the band we played in "Betty at The Station" and Toad was such a huge connection to that era of music we created. Miss you buddy, love u!

    2. 4fthawaiian on

      I updated my email and kickstarter username.. Hopefully that will help. Desperate to hear the album :/

    3. Julie Smith on

      I submitted my form 7/15 and never received the code. Would appreciate it if someone could look into it for me.

    4. Rob Holloway on

      @Matthew: they just recorded the acoustic EP yesterday so you haven't missed anything. the live EP will be recorded on the upcoming tour and I assume they'll send all download instructions to the emails we've signed up with here on kickstarter. and once the campaign ends those who signed up for the digital download + bonus tracks and "special extras" from the album sessions will receive the "special extras". whatever they turn out to be :-)

    5. Missing avatar

      matthew l wright on

      None of the stretch goal music has been released yet right? I love the new album and the backer bonuses I'm sure will be just as good. Will we get emails about when /how those are ready for download?

    6. Missing avatar

      Brent Huber on

      Anyone like me who couldn't find the download instructions, go to the home page and you will see the link for backers. Instructions were not in updates but waiting for us at home. Hope you enjoy as much as I do.

    7. Missing avatar

      Brent Huber on

      Sounds like the download is out from listening comments below. Not sure where to find instructions or links? Looking forward to it.

    8. Sujoy Banerjee on

      Sounds great! Haven't gotten the download instructions either, can't wait to hear the rest of the album!

    9. Missing avatar

      James Campbell on

      I submitted the distribution form 2 days ago but have yet to see an email with download instructions. I'd be appreciative if someone check on this for me. Thank you.

    10. Missing avatar

      vortican on

      KICK ASS. MEGA. Thank you so much for this!

    11. Jeff Gora on

      Are you guys able to sign the limited edition vinyl LPs at the $50 level? The post want clear. If anyone knows, please post. Thanks!

    12. Kelly Thomas on

      Just increased my pledge...can't wait to hear the album and help get this music out. Way to go guys!!

    13. Missing avatar

      Michael Mueller on

      PS Just increased my pledge to your project by 4X, because you guys are that damn good! Best of luck!!!

    14. Missing avatar

      Michael Mueller on

      You guys sound terrific! As good as it ever was. Hope to see you on the road soon... get up to the Northwest... Portland would be best. Take care!

    15. Missing avatar

      P. Joi Mejia on

      Honestly, I love you guys. And I am so loving the album. Take care and travel safe.

    16. Missing avatar

      Gregory Russell on

      It's not Dulcinea, but it's good. Can't wait to see ya live again.

    17. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    18. Missing avatar

      Joseph Kohr on

      I'm talking about the one one Youtube, with the mechanical space man.

    19. Missing avatar

      Joseph Kohr on

      Love the acoustic stuff. Are you going to post the New Constellation video?

    20. Missing avatar

      Earl Frank Coralluzzo on

      I forgot to mention the new album cover is good too and very appropriate..! E> C.

    21. Missing avatar

      Earl Frank Coralluzzo on

      Fear is the best album cover... PALE, is my personal favorite album!!! But New Constellation is quickly becoming my second favorite Toad album.... Please keep it going guys. Life is Beautiful" way more, w/ you guys in it than not... Please keep making new music, it's obvious that u guys now even have more than ever to offer together as a unit/team/ group! You have been the soundtrack of the best parts of my life. Not to mention got me through the hardest times of dealing w/ death and heartbreak. If this is it for Toad, it was worth the wait but keep it coming if at all possible... See u soon in Ft. Laud. again and possibly Miami or Orlando areas..? P.S. Freakin' love The Eye, Rare Bird, Moments , Get What U Want , & Friendly Fire to name a few! Sincerely, Earl C.

    22. Brent Evans on

      Well, I thought New Constellation was my favorite track. Now it is California Wasted (acoustic). Quit teasing us! I can't wait for the fresh Toad tunes to be delivered. Great work guys. I appreciate seeing and hearing the last two videos too. I feel like I just had an all access pass to one of your shows.

    23. Missing avatar

      Mika on

      I'm not much older than you guys, but my story is a bit too long to tell. Let's just say it's been a revelation rediscovering TTWS after all these years! You've made this 1980s valley girl  (transplanted to the SF bay area) very happy--oops, did I just say that out loud?! ;o )
      Your almost daily interaction via Facebook/Twitter during your current tour and New Constellation Kickstarter campaign has been awesome. Looking forward to seeing you LIVE back in California! 

    24. Missing avatar

      Richard Blair on

      It's absolutely a blast to know that I have had a very small part to play in getting this new music to all the Toad fans (myself included). I'm glad to see that other people have stepped to the plate for this awesome band. I know that if we try a little harder Toad can reach they're stretch goal and maybe, just maybe, they will be able to add a show somewhere in Utah. Even if that doesn't transpire I'm very glad to have something really good to listen to in the car and at home. Thank you, Toad!!!!!

    25. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    26. Billy Streu on

      I keep reading about people enjoying the album. I have made my pledge, but have not figured out how to get the download. Am I waiting for an email? Where do I get it? I want to enjoy the album, too. :(

    27. Bruno & Brenda Ciccone on

      Hey guys, thank you for the intimate acoustic song videos in your last two updates. We love them! Signed CD's and other perks aren't bad, but at the end of day, taking part in your new journey is what's most fulfilling. Compliments to Ben Ciccati for his beautiful artwork - what a wonderful selection for the grand design of your "New Constellation." Wishing all of you the best in creativity and imagination, Bruno and Brenda Ciccone.

    28. Missing avatar

      Sandra on

      Man that is a gorgeous tune! Luv the acoustic version, it's SO Toad!! Brings me back to my youth, thank you guys!! ;)

    29. Benjamin P Smith on

      They way you guys use capos in different positions with first position chords is a trick I use constantly to beef up folk tunes. Learned it from playing your songs as a teenager :) It's neat to see you still using it, especially here with the three guitars. Sounds awesome, guys.

    30. Betty Coleman on

      I have been a long time fan of your music. I am happy to have another cd to add to my TTWS collection. This cd is outstanding, I listen to it over and over. I do have my favorites New Constellation California Wasted , The Moment I'll Bet on You , Get What You Want and Is There Anyone Out There. Thank you for letting me be apart of this. I hope you can make it to Northern California sometime.

    31. Joseph Ormond on

      Awesome! And even more awesome that you recorded these at the Cat's Cradle! Best wishes from continued and greater success! Thanks!

    32. Rob Koch on

      Fantastic work guys! I will be at the Minneapolis show, can't wait.

    33. Carlos Bartual on

      Es precios me encanta, felicidades por todo se lo merecen... Grandes Toad..... :)

    34. Missing avatar

      CJ Molina on

      Sounds great! I love listening to the acoustic version of songs.
      Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to hearing more... hint-hint...
      The cover is great too.

    35. Missing avatar

      Michele Martin on

      What could be nicer than sitting in my kitchen eating a healthy lunch and listening to "California Wasted"? Fantastic!!!

    36. Missing avatar

      Kent Heyborne on

      Can't wait for Colorado shows!! I'll be the guy yelling and clapping. Thanks for the extra tunes!

    37. Erin Templeton on

      "California Wasted" is one of my favorites from the album, & I loved the acoustic version. Thanks for sharing it with us!

    38. Michael Hoch on

      Thanks for sharing an acoustic version of one of my favorite songs from the album. Great harmonies. Love the cover artwork.

    39. Todd Straka on

      Awesome. Thanks for the acoustic versions, reminding me of the coffee shop/record store days of past

    40. Missing avatar

      Steve Johnston on

      Thanks for giving us these acoustic videos of the new music. They sound great.

    41. Missing avatar

      Ruth Stamos on

      Love the cover. I am so excited!

    42. Sarah Lawrie-Vargo on

      I die. You are as great as ever!