New Studio Album from Toad the Wet Sprocket!

by Toad The Wet Sprocket

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      Osvaldo Herrera on

      Great video. Thank you guys for being such an inspiration. Can't wait for what's to come. Glad you guys are back.

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      Nancy Hodges on

      Definitely offer the tin astronaut robot guy as a kickstarter item! Or I'll be happy to give him a good home. He's the coolest!

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      Fred Hoffmann on

      Thank you guys for sharing your hearts with us over the years. You'll never truly know how they affect those across the world, but I thank you for your passion in music. Keep it up!

    4. Daniel Magnolia on

      Thanks for the video update!

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      Christopher Henry on

      Love The Shirt Glen!

    6. Keith Schulz on

      You guys sound amazing. How is it now (20+ years since buying Pale, B&C, & Fear) I'm appreciating Dean's voice properly after watching this video? My bad Dean-o.

    7. Lisa Clarke on

      Thanks for being the soundtrack to my morning coffee today - it's like you were here in my living room :-) Congrats on the success of the kickstarter!

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      Christopher J. Zehnder on

      Kieth, I agree with you: Deans voice is awesome. When Todd and Dean harmonize with Glen during live shows its like listening to the Beach Boys sing!

      So how much to adopt the Tin Space Man? I'll have to find him a safe perch away from the restlessly curious hands of my 5 year old!

      Thanks for making e day a little more interesting for us all!

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      glgoodman on

      The artwork is unbelievably cool. The junk DNA structures, the steampunk/clockwork bird, everything, really.

    10. Jamie Dutton on

      It sounds even better acoustic!

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      Christopher J. Zehnder on

      Yea, -I love he DNA helix! Hope it finds it way onto the T-Shirt.......the artist Ben Ciccati has some pretty cool paintings, etc on his web site, worth a look.

    12. Rolando on

      Sounds great acoustic! Wish I could get out to see you on this tour, but I'm enjoying the new album!!

    13. William Pochert on

      Thanks g :) Love the artwork as well..this acoustic version is even better than the studio.. wow..nice work :)

    14. Rick Hansen on

      This acoustic version is amazing, I can't wait for the acoustic version of the entire album

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      Stephanie Leagle on

      See you in St. Pete!

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      Zachary B Hurley on

      Awesome acoustic version! Quick question...when will I receive the digital download of the album? I pledged the $25 option a week ago but have not received anything. Will this be available on August 4th?

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      Sandra on

      So Lovin' this acoustic version!! Really looking forward to my kickstarter package AND the acoustic version of the album! Go TOAD!!!!! <3

    18. Carlos Bartual on

      Ooooooo Que grandes que sois, es uno de mis temas favoritos... y en acústico...

      Amo vuestra música el disco es una pasada me gusta mucho y no paro de escucharlo, cuantas ganas de tenerlo ya en mis manos

    19. Toad The Wet Sprocket Creator on

      @ Zachary - check backer update #8 for instructions on how to get it! We can't do it automatically unfortunately.

      Thanks everyone for the nice comments!

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      Jason Spielfogel on

      I think I mentioned this already, but I'll mention it again, I'd really like it if you could increase the number of $75 packages available. I'd gladly increase my pledge from $50 to $75 if the signed 12" LP package were available again.

      By the way, L O V E D the acoustic video you posted today. My heart smiles whenever I see you four playing together.

    21. Kevin Amburgy on

      The tin man has a good home in Ohio. How so I get him?

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      Kenneth Hitt on

      Great video!! Glen's video is so good!! Thanks for all the great music!!

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      Paul Stibal on

      I want a copy of the acoustic track! This is awesome! I need to know when you are coming to the Twin Cities.

    24. Lisa Boguslaw Paully on

      Love the acoustic version!! Can't wait to see you tonight in Ft. Lauderdale, it has been way too long!

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      Michele Martin on

      Wow. Fantastic acoustic version. I agree that it's great to hear Dean's wonderful voice so clearly. That was an extra treat. Love y'all's new work. You're my favorite band ever!!