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TTWS is releasing their first album in 16 years, New Constellation and we want you to be a part of it!
TTWS is releasing their first album in 16 years, New Constellation and we want you to be a part of it!
6,304 backers pledged $264,762 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Lisa Tesler

      Tried to see TTWS at Kaaboo last weekend. The stage area was too small, and I couldn't get anywhere even close! I literally couldn't see a thing. I had a Hang Five pass, but it was so jammed I couldn't even get to that special entrance!

      Bummed to have missed them, but glad to see how popular their set was. I feel like I had something to do with that, as one of their backers. :-)

    2. Adam Winther on

      Well, Still waiting to get my signed vinyl. I have screenshots supporting this as well as an email from a representative that said we were all supposed to get it and it was an error. She also said that they would be doing another printing art to sign for the album. This is a breech of trust. Come on!

    3. Kyle Collins on

      Now that I've listened to the album for a few months, I've found that the mix is actually alright and fairly smooth to listen to. The CD's sadly a casualty of the loudness war (even the 96k files fall victim to this), however the songwriting is up there with their older stuff.

    4. George Mack on

      Exactly Kyle, and Adam, I didn't say the album was horrible. I think any album with more than a few good tracks to my opinion is a good album. Not every track will please every listener.

    5. Kyle Collins on

      @Adam Winther - I've heard several versions of information regarding the vinyl. Originally it was stated that all vinyl would be signed. When mine arrived unsigned, I used the contact form on this site and was told that the vinyl was signed at the $125 level. Now I have heard that there was some sort of mistake, and that all vinyl was indeed supposed to be signed? I'm curious as to whoever organized and implemented this whole thing... seems it's a bit of a mess.

    6. Adam Winther on

      Btw, They made it right with me when they made a mistake so....I guess I'm a psycho.

    7. Adam Winther on

      Once again with the "Toad and the Wet Sprocket". Please, if you are going to flame, get the name of the band right.

    8. George Mack on

      Oh boo hoo Adam, you're right, I never claimed to be a huge toad and the wet sprocket fan. And I've never claimed to be a massive fan of the other albums I backed either.

      I sure do know how I feel because it's my feelings, what an idiotic statement on your part.

      Huge management team or not, a quarter of million dollars for an album release should allow you to hire additional help.

      Regardless this project was handled poorly and I am not the minority, just look at when the album was released in stores and people did not have their CD's yet or how about when people had the show in their town and had no contact information for their $1,500 meet and greet.

      You can be a huge fan all you want but it's really borderline psycho-fan how you are defending them even with all the facts in place. When my favorite artist pulls some kind of crap I call him and let him know and he usually corrects his mistake(s).

      "When will we fall down?" Hopefully they won't, after poor management on their big return to music.

    9. Adam Winther on

      @George got your cd even after a mix up and you are complaining? You do realize this was mainly for fans to back an album so that it could happen? I am pretty sure the limited CD is different artwork. I know the vinyl is. I didn't get my album signed because of a mistake but they are signing it for me at a concert. Sounds like they do care or they could have just blown me off. You are in the minority as far as how you rate the album. I have been a fan for decades and this is by far their best effort. You sure seem to know a lot about how they feel. They are not that huge a band I can only imagine that they don't have a huge management team. I hope this makes you feel better now that you have vented and shown how inflexible you are. Have a nice day, buttercup. Btw, I can tell how big a fan of Toad AND the Wet Sprocket you are.

    10. George Mack on

      The management on this project really rubbed me the wrong way. I got my limited CD a month after you could buy the normal CD. This was blamed on a lost shipment but no proof could be made of the first shipment, only the second shipment had proof.

      I have backed other artist albums on kickstarter and some ran late but no matter what I got my CD before the public.

      I think a lot of the loss of customer care comes from the fact artist management was involved and the artist was left out of it on this project.

      Honestly I feel like Toad and the wet sprocket are just happy we funded them and never really cared past that. I was so let down I just listened to the album for the first time recently. I liked half the tracks which is good for a full release.

      I won't be backing anymore artist album releases without asking if the artist will be directly monitoring kickstarter to make sure their fans are not let down.

    11. Missing avatar

      Ben Frederick

      It's awesome! Not signed, but you know... I'd rather get it signed in person. :) I'll bring it next time you guys are in Indy! Thanks!

    12. Adam Winther on

      @Mary Chang- I was told in an email from their rep that it was a "manufacturing" mistake. (not sure what that means, lol) and that all LP's were to be signed. I was also told they are working at getting insert reprints done and sent out. Hope that helps.

    13. Missing avatar

      Richard Sintchak on

      Still have not gotten my code either despite request being made. What's up??

    14. Missing avatar

      Mary Chang on

      Love the new music, have enjoyed my t-shirt, and stickers, and am so happy you are touring. Sadly, there has been some miscommunication and resulting disappointment involving the vinyl. After waiting as patiently as possible for months, mine finally arrived. No signatures were evident. Hmm, I thought. They must have signed the liner notes. So, I unsealed and inspected everything, but sadly found nothing. So, I came on to the forums, and found that I am not alone. Others received their albums unsigned, even though several months ago y'all said the albums would be signed. Could someone please let me know how you plan to deal with this? Thanks and have a great day : )

    15. Missing avatar

      Pamela Silverman on

      hi - i still haven't received the code for the digital download. can anyone assist? thanks!

    16. Missing avatar

      Katherine Smock on

      The June 6th update said all vinyl would be signed :( was rather disappointed when I opened mine and alas, no signature. Still love the album, but would have loved the signed vinyl as that update was what pushed me to chose the $50 vinyl option instead of another one.

    17. Adam Winther on

      I remember asking about the vinyl autographs because the 50 dollar CD's were signed. I was told they were too.
      Is there anyway I can get it signed at the Portland, OR. Concert I am going to?

    18. Adam Winther on

      I was told all vinyl was autographed when I asked months ago. this is a super bummer!

    19. Michael Grosvenor on

      Hey all... here's some clarification on the signed vinyl.. if you did the $50 level.. your album will be unsigned.... if you pledged $125.. your vinyl cover will be signed... I would've thought that $50 would get you a signature... Wrong.

    20. Michael Grosvenor on

      The vinyl arrived today... UNSIGNED.. Big bummer.. anyone else not get a signed copy? I sent a message to the team here.. hopefully they're able to get it to me.. Wonder what happened there!?

    21. Missing avatar

      Ben Frederick

      Apparently it's "ask and ye shall receive!" Thanks guys, and Merry Christmas!

    22. Missing avatar

      Ben Frederick

      Poke! Any updates on vinyl? Not worried at all, just checking up. I've been enjoying the heck out of the digital edition. :)

    23. Missing avatar

      Jeff Archibald on

      Could we please get an update on the vinyl and when it might start shipping?

    24. Adam Winther on

      For those worried about the vinyl being sold on Amazon. I was told months ago that our version is also there's that along with the different artwork.

    25. Missing avatar

      Taylor Johnson on

      still no vinyl for me... would be a nice late Xmas present..

    26. Jill Goyette Head on

      A quick update - I clicked on the Contact Me link just to the right and expressed my concern. I was contacted almost immediately and have received all of my items. Great help, responsive, and quick!

    27. Darin Francis on

      Hey there, still waiting on my CD. Should I be concerned? A friend told me that he got his... Thanks in advance for any help!

    28. Missing avatar

      Joshua Neuffer on

      I sent in everything I needed to get my backers award but than unexpectantly moved. I placed a forwarding address with the post master but I have not gotten my CD or T-shirt. Who do I contact to resolve this?

    29. Missing avatar

      Cheryl A. Rickabaugh on

      Jill--I believe that you were the one who contacted me via email. I hope that someone is monitoring these comments and just hoping to add to the list. I've received no survey. I certainly can buy the CD on Amazon, but would really like the backer's version. I know that it must be a massive project, but feel as if I've fallen through the cracks.

    30. Jill Goyette Head on

      I am concerned because my friends have received their CD's from backing this project, but I still have not received mine. I looked through emails and spam folder and found nothing concerning needing my address. Please let me know if there is something further I need to do in order to receive my shipment of items. Thanks.

    31. Scott SanGiacomo on

      My CD arrived today!

    32. Missing avatar

      Cheryl A. Rickabaugh on

      Does anyone know how to send email via Kickstarter? I've gotten no response to

    33. Missing avatar

      Cheryl A. Rickabaugh on

      I've sent email, but still have not received a survey, though I backed the project. I have been receiving Kickstarter updates, the email address is in my contacts w/Gmail, and no email in my spam folder. How can I get the survey emailed to me (

    34. James Moss

      The CD just arrived in my mailbox today. Can;t wait to listen to it. Thanks again guys.

    35. RobK, Guildmaster of Valoria on

      I just saw Toad perform in Albany, NY - GREAT concert! New Constellation sounds great live! Kudos, guys!

    36. Missing avatar

      Joey Yelverton on

      Have not received package as of 11/02. Pls let me know if additional information is needed!!!
      Thanx, JY

    37. Paul Bowman on

      cd just arrived today! Looks & sounds terrific! Thank you Toad!

    38. Paul Bowman on

      No cd yet... any indication as to when it might arrive? I know its being shipped overseas but it is taking a while.

    39. Jamie Dutton on

      My cd arrived Friday and I LOVE it! Thanks so much for a great KS and fantastic new music!

    40. Missing avatar

      Pearson Buell on

      Yay! CD arrived, as promised. Thanks, Toad, for the awesome tunes.

    41. Missing avatar

      Kevin K on

      Just came today.

    42. Missing avatar

      Bob Baylis on

      No CD yet, no email from a Lora that I can find, and no contact information for a Jessica in my Kickstarter account or this page. Why not just publish someone's email address to contact for assistance? Please contact me to discuss.

    43. Chip Roop on

      I'm still waiting as well...

    44. Missing avatar

      Pearson Buell on

      Still have not received the CD, which I would think would have arrived by now, given when they were supposedly shipped. Anyone else still waiting?

    45. Joseph Ormond on

      I received the wrong size shirt. I'd like to replace it with the right size. Thanks

    46. Damian Ray on

      I have not received my CD yet and I know they said they were shipped out and on the way. I was just wondering at what point should I be concerned that I haven't received the CD? By the end of the week or end of next week?

    47. Rob Holloway on

      @Jason: don't get so bent out of shape about the vinyl. first off, they are delayed at the plant. that's not the bands fault. second, the kickstarter edition has expanded artwork and 4 tracks that aren't on the "amazon" vinyl, which you also can't get because *that* is at the same plant backordered. so the kickstarter folks will get their expanded vinyl before amazon and it'll be well worth the extra cash. I wish folks would research before complaining to the band. this entire thing was about supporting the band. the goods are just icing on that cake. after a 16 and a half year wait for a new album, we all can wait a little longer for things to arrive

    48. Missing avatar

      Scott Cooper on

      @Darin - This from another thread

      Creator Toad The Wet Sprocket 1 day ago
      Hi everyone - things were shipped separately so if you are missing one thing or another they will be coming shortly. We're really sorry about this but we are trying like mad to get everything out.
      Please note if you are at the $15 level - there are no physical goods so we do not need your address.
      If you haven't gotten your CD yet - it is in route. Most of you sent your address back in August so there is no need to send again - that note was for the few who didn't respond to the survey. Hopefully you will get it in the next few days.
      If you still don't have a download code - please message us directly - do not post here.
      THANK YOU :)

    49. Missing avatar

      Robert Hollowood on

      I'm seeing artwork for both the "In The Round at Revolver" and "Live in the West" EPs on the Internet but the one's I've found are 500 X 500. Does anyone know where to get larger artwork 1000X1000?

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