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A mobile brick pizza oven made of durable, one-of-a-kind materials · impact-resistant pizza stones & more · built to last · made in TN
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Posted by Tennessee Stone & Design (Creator)


Thank you for your continued patience.  Our resolve is as strong as ever, are 100% focused on delivering. This email will not promise you an oven by X date - but we hope it will give you some comfort and insight into the most recent activities at TNSD.

It is sometimes hard to know what to write and when to find the time to write it when things are piling up. As we've always said, we are working to build a product to last a lifetime.

Here are few facts that will give you some visibility into our operation:

Q: How many people are working on the Relic and the TNSD Kickstarter products?

A: We have had a couple people go, and a couple new people join, but these people have been working non-stop.  4 full timers, 3 part timers (10 to 20 hrs/wk), and a series of contractors (riggers, waterjet services, contractors, electricians, foundation and dirt work, concrete, etc.)

Q: Where are you located? How do we know you actually exist (and are doing the work you say you are doing)?

A: First, you are all invited to come see our operation at 1191 Claylick Rd, White Bluff TN, 37187.  (Due to confidentiality protections, you cannot see our entire plant and process, but we are happy to visit with you and give you a tour.  One of our original prototype Relic Ovens is also on site, and we may be able to demo it for you that day - please call ahead to ensure availability for a product demo.)

Quick Quiz Question:

Q: Do you know how many part (and sub-parts) it takes to make a Relic Oven?The answer is: 147. This doesn't count what is known as the "tooling". We really just want you to know that the work needed to make these ovens isn't as easy as one would think.

A: answer is: 147. This doesn't count what is known as the "tooling". We really just want you to know that the work needed to make these ovens isn't as easy as one would think.

New Equipment

The purchasing and installing of large equipment like you see below has been a taken a large portion of our time. However, these are the machines we need in order to ensure you are getting the product you paid for. Below are just 2 recent equipment installation projects we have been working on. 

our new press for assembling molds
our new press for assembling molds
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Operations Infrastructure

It is very enticing to say and to think that we can make 20 Relic Ovens in our garage with the basic prototypes and tooling we have, but the truth is we just can't at the moment. It's not only unsafe for our workers, the product won't meet our tolerances and standards for quality, strength and other factors that make our products different from pretty much all cooking equipment used today. Lastly, the units wouldn't be safe and we may have liability in shipping a product that isn't safe.  

On-Going Support

We want to sure your product comes with a warranty. In the future, when you call and need a replacement part, such as a gasket of if you lose your door, we can get a new  one. However, just this simple requirement takes a facility, a phone system, a staff, a parts catalog, a manual, an inventory system, inventory parts, shipping arrangements, barcode scanners, etc.

Moving Forward

We have been accused by some as "thieves" and "a joke". We may have underestimated the amount of work required, we may be idiots for sinking hundreds of thousands of dollars of our hard-earned money into this product (when we could have spent it on a boat or a vacation), and we may be crazy for trying to improve upon the design of a brick oven, which has remained largely unchanged for 1,000 years.....but we are most certainly not thieves or "a joke". We take our work very seriously, and our commitment to deliver your product very seriously. We would appreciate it if we could all remain civil here.

We have not been the best communicators in the past. Moving forward it is our primary goal to be as transparent with you all as we can be. 

For even more transparency in to the work being done at Tennessee Stone and Design, we have created a 'List of Project Completed' presentation (click link below).

Again, we appreciate your support and cannot wait until we can send you one of a kind cooking products in the future. Feel free to reach out us for any other questions or concerns you may have. 


The TNSD team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Christopher Kell on

      How can I go about getting the correct product sent to me? I received a ring mount for a grill but it is for the 22.5" grill and not the 26" which I pledged for. Obviously this is useless to me and taking up room in my garage. PLEASE give us some means to contact you!!!

    2. Missing avatar

      Nicholas on

      I would like a refund of my full contribution. I have tried to contact you several times via different methods. Please contact me ASAP.