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3 LED Functions, Multi-Purpose Pocket, Touchscreen, Removable Light, USB Rechargeable, Lightweight, Weatherproof and Secure
3 LED Functions, Multi-Purpose Pocket, Touchscreen, Removable Light, USB Rechargeable, Lightweight, Weatherproof and Secure
3 LED Functions, Multi-Purpose Pocket, Touchscreen, Removable Light, USB Rechargeable, Lightweight, Weatherproof and Secure
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    1. Nick Musti 2 days ago

      Any news on when we might see the gloves??

    2. Missing avatar

      Jason Huggins 4 days ago

      Been a while, are there any updates on this project??

    3. Boyd Whitney on November 6

      How’s it going Cade?

    4. Cade Cassidy 2-time creator on October 22

      Lights packed up and on the way :) finally
      Posted on Facebook.. They look good too..

    5. Missing avatar

      Steve Walker
      on October 21

      Thanks for the update Cade. Looking forward to em!

    6. Cade Cassidy 2-time creator on October 20

      Hi all I am not big on the comment section i don't know why. but I do respond to everyone i just prefer emailing direct, it seems more personal to me. But i realize people do glance through the comments and may not know unless they comment that i do respond to everyone.

      I actually got the final news from the freight forwarder today. In all honesty this was a difficult learning experience that a week ago literally had me in tears. The glove manufacturer was on point even after the red dye incident, but they have the gloves on the way.

      The light maker is the one that had more issues and the 3 weeks China has a country takes off really killed me. The light manufacturer then had an issue with actually getting them to me, but today finally I got a US freight forwarder to handle all the logistics they were having issues with.

      I was waiting for them to give me the tracking numbers and then I was going to post it as an update for everyone to follow along if they choose.

      I am just glad that they are coming I was scared that they might have tried to take my deposit etc etc, but it was just learning and well just different when you are dealing with China and not locally.

      I am just over joyed they are coming even if late. It is embarrassing ad at times felt helpless, but it looks like all is going to be ok. They did turn out nice.

      They are to hit NY via freight forwarder on the 18th Nov and then be in SC where I am on the 20th. Since they are prepacked all I have to do is print out the label and drop them in the boxes.

      Thank you again-I am always around. When I do get all the tracking info I am going to update blast.

      I did post some of the pictures of what they sent on Facebook and I can email them too and can show the B/L.. But I will post the tracking numbers when they provide them to me.

    7. Missing avatar

      Steve Walker
      on October 20

      Still no updates after a month and a half?

    8. Missing avatar

      Kaleb Barrett
      on October 14

      I agree 100%. Kickstarter needs to clamp down. It is getting way out of hand. Too many scams and fraud “creators” ripping people off. I can only hope this project isn’t one of them.

    9. Missing avatar

      Jason Huggins on October 14

      Comments and updates were good at the beginning of this campaign, now all gone silent? And behind schedule according to the campaign description, too many campaigns are like this at the mo, think Kickstarter have to start tightening up, getting a bit ridiculous??

    10. Boyd Whitney on October 4

      Hey just wondering where the process is at? It’s been awhile.

    11. Rip Odebralski on September 25

      Any word? Did the SNAFU on the one kind of glove get squared away?

    12. Norman Sherfield
      on August 25

      I would like more idea about how to determine the size also, will wait to respond to survey until there is a better idea of how to choose the correct size.

    13. Missing avatar

      Lyndon Nerenberg
      on August 22

      It's not clear to me what the differences are between the Utility and Work versions of the gloves. I can't find anything that details the pros and cons of each model, or highlights the differences in detail. It's hard to glean this info just from the pictures.

      My main use for these will be on the boat, both sailing and doing maintenance. I'm really confused about which of the two (utility vs. work) would be better. Help?!?

    14. Missing avatar

      Kaleb Barrett
      on August 22

      Will these run smaller or larger than average? I ask because it seems most gloves out there do not adhere to any standardized sizing system making some same sizes way different in fit.

    15. Missing avatar

      Steve Walker
      on July 13

      Congrats, looking forward to these!

    16. Missing avatar

      Mark Knecht
      on July 12

      I'm looking forward to using these gloves. Way to go Cade.

    17. JIMBEAUX
      on July 11

      Congrats hitting your target!

    18. Cade Cassidy 2-time creator on June 25

      Hey Theo, I did message you, but a brief summary. The site is based off of Shopify and Shopify is a Canadian company and the domain is from GoDaddy which uses AZ as there holding spot. I am in SC along with the store, the store has been here since the 1950's. Also, I have US and overseas suppliers and have tested them both for quality and logistics. It will just come down to the numbers and how much I can raise. Thank you again for backing :) that means a lot to me. All my best- Cade

    19. Theo on June 25

      I was surprised when I checked out your site, which is under 4 months old, to find it is based in Canada. There's a logistical reason for this?

    20. Theo on June 25

      Hello Cade. Now this might be a sensitive issue for some, but the question has to be asked: Are the gloves to be made in the USA? Are the electronics from China? It's important not only from the viewpoint of those who want to encourage manufacturing in the US but also because a US-based factory would make it easier for you to monitor and control quality.

    21. Cade Cassidy 2-time creator on June 16

      Hey everyone, Mark asked a good question and I sent him a direct message but thought I could post a brief version here too. Manufacturing started already and I paid them the initial deposit to start production. The gloves you see in my videos and in the pictures are from them (the sample run) I need to finalize the payment in order for them to release and ship. I will update the campaign to mention that as well.
      And please any questions you have please ask. I want to make this fun and successful and I all the help and insight you all have will go along way. I listen. :)

    22. Cade Cassidy 2-time creator on June 16

      Hey Mark, I just messaged you

    23. Mark Johnston
      on June 16

      Looks like an awesome product...but I'm a bit concerned about the timeline. The campaign doesn't end until mid-July, then you'll have to wait a week or two to get the funds from KS. How will be able to go from a product that hasn't been manufactured at the facility to having them completed, packaged, and shipped out in a month?

      Also, can you talk to what you've got set up for the manufacturing process? I understand you've got great experience in the packaging and shipping area, but it's really common for KS projects to run into issues with the manufacturing...With this project, it looks like you've probably done personal prototypes for each style of glove, but haven't done prototypes with the manufacturer, since they're waiting on the bigger financial commitment. All that could be entirely wrong, but I couldn't see anything on it either way in the campaign info...

      Finally, just because I didn't see it mentioned, where will they be manufactured?

    24. Missing avatar

      Otaku Kani
      on June 7

      Great looking gloves with a much needed light.. I think a better idea than a light on a hat or headband in my opinion, as you can get that light directly on what you are working on. It will come in handy while holding my dog leash and my rolling walker or cane and I can see uses for it when night fishing with the red light while tying or baiting a hook. Much better than T&M Tactical Gloves which only offer one light for your non dominant hand and no red light for about the same price!.
      Congrats on your first campaign and wishing you the biggest of success!

    25. Cade Cassidy 2-time creator on June 7

      Hey Mr. Kevene! Thank you so much :) I see that issue, I will send out individual sizing and style request once the campaign gets funded and I am given that option to message you direct. Thank you again

    26. Kevene L. Harris
      on June 7

      OK I'm confused! I chose your work gloves will I be able to choose my size ?