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A chilling ghost story. Supernatural suspense honoring the likes of Alfred Hitchcock & early Stephen King. Read more

Seattle, WA Film & Video
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A chilling ghost story. Supernatural suspense honoring the likes of Alfred Hitchcock & early Stephen King.

Seattle, WA Film & Video
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TJ Mino
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TJ Mino

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Sadly, telling a good ghost story has become a lost art.  Too many filmmakers go for the cheap scare instead of creating genuine suspense and paying it off with a thrilling ending.  

"A Penny Earned" is an old-fashioned ghost story, the kind that gives you chills long after you see it rather than making you jump out of your seat. It relies on strong story, characters, and atmosphere rather than special effects, gore, or cliché “boo” moments. Think Hitchcock or early Stephen King.

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This Kickstarter campaign will fund the production of the short film “A Penny Earned”, a suspenseful, chilling ghost story written and directed by T.J. Mino.

Moviemaking is incredibly complex and takes a great deal of resources. We had to budget dollars for, among other things:

CASTING: We’re hiring professional actors to give the best performances possible, an absolute must in any suspense film.

LOCATION FEES: Finding the right locations are critical to realizing the look of the film. In addition to shooting permits, we need to rent spaces, provide security, and cover insurance.

CRAFT SERVICES: You’ve heard the phrase, “An army travels on its stomach.” The same holds true of film crews. We have to keep everyone fed and hydrated while they work their butts off to get everything shot on schedule. Nothing fancy, but sandwiches and snacks buy a lot of good will.

POST-PRODUCTION & SOUND: Most people don’t realize that often, especially in independent film, this process eats up the lion’s share of the budget. It requires specialized equipment and skilled artists and, if not done properly, is one of the first things that can spoil a movie.

MUSIC: We have a skilled composer creating original music for this atmospheric movie. I cannot tell you how much the right music can enhance a film.

EQUIPMENT: Lights, cameras, lenses, sound equipment, specialized grip & gaffer gear. They’re expensive and can add up quickly.

TRANSPORTATION: Truck rental to move equipment and transport of cast and crew.

I found an amazing production partner as passionate as I am about this film in Fueled Creative. Thanks to them we have access to some of the best equipment out there (case in point, we will be shooting on a RED ONE camera) as well as experienced, professional crew for a fraction of what it would all normally cost. Their commitment brought costs down across the board.

We will be shooting in and around the Seattle area and hiring all local talent. Supporting “A Penny Earned” helps support a sustainable Washington state film industry. The more projects skilled people can work on here, the less likely they are to move elsewhere to find paying jobs.



We’re already in pre-production and we’ll be working throughout the duration of the Kickstarter campaign—scouting locations, casting, storyboarding, etc.

We are scheduled to shoot late mid-April and postproduction will be complete in time to submit to several well-known festivals for late 2011. We hope to build momentum and awareness heading into the big 2012 festival season.

If you want to follow our progress we will regularly update our Facebook page with key announcements, production photos, video and other tidbits of interest.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration. If you can’t help support us financially, please consider putting the link to this page up on Facebook, Twitter, or just share it with friends who love movies and/or supporting the arts—the more people who know about our project and Kickstarter campaign, the better our chances of success.

Thanks for your help making this film!


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