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A gripping, gritty and authentic science fiction book set in the "Elite" game universe. Not tacky, schlok SF, but a d*mn good story.
A gripping, gritty and authentic science fiction book set in the "Elite" game universe. Not tacky, schlok SF, but a d*mn good story.
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‘There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.’

It's been quite a while since my last Kickstarter update, simply out of respect for all those of you who didn't want to be emailed with as much information as I post on the book blog.

However, over the past several months Out of the Darkness as a project has changed, almost beyond all recognition. What was conceived as a 30,000 word novella has grown into a full blown novel. For me, this is both exciting and daunting, as I'm aware people are keen to read the Elite: Dangerous books when the game is released (estimated for March, 2014) or even before.

I am still committed to completing the (now) novel as fast as possible, but I stand by my original statement in this Kickstarter: if it comes to a choice between the quality of the final release or getting the book finished early/on time, then I choose not to compromise the quality of the book.

If you wish to read a (slightly) humorous post with some in-jokes and a little more detail, then just follow this link. To stay more in the loop, feel free to add your email address to the blog subscribers' list, or not, as you wish. One person's bacon is another man's spam.

In the meantime, breathe deeply and meditate on how waiting for the game is developing your inner-steel and strength of character.

Until next time, commanders.

T. James.


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    1. T. James Creator on

      @Mr Knee No need to apologise. I find it frustrating too - it's great to hear feedback from backers and potential readers, and I want it to be easy for them to leave it.

      In the end, I blame the spammers who seem to think it's their right to advertise yak dung diets and solar-rechargeable dangly bit enlargers on someone else's bit of online real estate.

    2. Missing avatar

      Mr Knee on

      I will apologise if the last bit of my previous comment came across with a harsher tone than intended... It was supposed to be semi-light hearted...

    3. T. James Creator on

      @Mr Knee Honestly, I think I spent around a month lying to myself, while contemplating how long the project would really turn out to be, yet vainly hoping it was going to be a manageable length.

      I *could* place a marker at exactly 30,000 words. However, that would offend those with high aesthetic standards. Instead, I shall promote numeracy amongst my readers, and any who wish to do so are free to count as they read... ;-)

      Sorry to hear the spam catcher on the blog isn't working for you. I'll see if there's another update waiting to be installed. If not, I can't think what causes it. It works fine for most, but not others. I would love to revert to the standard Captcha, but when I tried this I was still getting upwards of 100 spam messages per DAY!. Because it labels legit messages as spam sometimes, I had to check through the entire list. That's lost writing time.

      I'm emailed every time someone leaves a comment here - so I'll reply here if you still wish to comment on something, or email me the comment and I can post it for you (via I'm keeping my eye out for a more reliable spam solution, but I've yet to find one. Sorry it isn't working for you.

    4. Missing avatar

      Mr Knee on

      Surely it is only a lie if you knew that what you were saying was untrue or very likely to be untrue?

      But in light of the betrayal of forcing us to read more, I shall forgive you if you make sure there is some sort of marker at exactly 30,000 words so that I know when I must stop reading and put the book away... :DD

      What does piss me off though, is the "Prove you are human" test on your site of which I cannot actually get past despite following all the instructions (such as the "press start to prove you are human" button)... I certainly won't be contributing anything via it...

    5. T. James Creator on

      @light487 Absolutely my intention - the doing a good job part, not the taking my time (unnecessarily).

    6. light487 - Kickstarter Junkie on

      Take your time.. do a good job.