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A gripping, gritty and authentic science fiction book set in the "Elite" game universe. Not tacky, schlok SF, but a d*mn good story.
A gripping, gritty and authentic science fiction book set in the "Elite" game universe. Not tacky, schlok SF, but a d*mn good story.
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Closing Stages

Firstly, I want to reiterate my thanks to everyone for their support, whatever their pledge level and for any promotion they've done.

If you are feeling frustrated that I haven't been able to be more specific about thresholds for the stretch goals for professional editing and artwork, then I apologise but there are a couple of reasons for this.

The first is I cannot get a quote until I know a) the length of the book, and b) which service I intend to use. Finding an editor is as much about finding the right one as it is about getting the cheapest. A cheap edit will harm a manuscript more than no edit at all. I intend to find an editor with actual experience editing science fiction stories if at all possible, and someone who will add to the vision and scope of the book.

The second reason is because several backers have reduced their pledges I have no way of predicting the final total of this project, so I cannot issue a guarantee that their will be professional editing at the close of the project because even though the number of backers has gone up the total pledge is wavering.

Let me state I am not blaming backers who wish to change their pledge, that is their right. I am saying that I cannot guarantee a stretch goal when funding is erratic.

What I would ask backers is, please don't pledge more than you want to or can afford and then withdraw it later. I leaves uncertainty in everyone's minds, including the other backers. If you do downgrade your pledge (as is your right to do so) please consider putting the money into the other writer's Kickstarters - it will help them and the Elite: Dangerous game get the funding they need.

The funding seems reasonably secure at this stage, unless there is a flurry of cancellations and downgrades, but the stretch goals are in your hands. Pledging is great, wonderful and exciting, and extremely welcome, but please, no matter who's project it is, do so consistently as it helps everyone concerned.

We're coming into land in about twelve hours. Cargo will be evaluated and another update given as to our next destination and itinerary. Buckle up, weather conditions uncertain but sunshine the most likely outcome... You may now switch on your telephones and wifi devices. Drinks will be served shortly and the inflight entertainment can be found here:

Elite: Dangerous videos and announcements.


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    1. Dan Atkinson on December 22, 2012

      Sorry to hear that some people have downgraded their pledges. It could of course be any number of reasons. One is that Christmas is fast approaching and people suddenly find themselves in need for a little extra cash for presents/food/drink. Anyway, I thought I'd increase my pledge as a result, since I really believe in what you're doing, and had such a blast reading the stories that came with the previous games.

      All the best!