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We need your help to finish the first three episodes of a fantastic web series about dudes and memory reenactment called "Remember When." Read more

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This project was successfully funded on April 13, 2010.

We need your help to finish the first three episodes of a fantastic web series about dudes and memory reenactment called "Remember When."

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"Remember When" is a new web series about a group of dudes and their hilarious misadventures attempting to recreate the memories of their pal recently suffering from amnesia. Please check out the trailer we made (above) - we promise you'll love it.

Here's where we're at and how we need your help to finish this terrific project and share it with the world. Recently, we (we'll get to who "we" are a bit later) wrote, shot and have begun editing the first three episodes of this series. We've set a strict deadline to release the web series on APRIL 13th to keep our friends, family and fans happy. The problem? We've run out of money. What we're kindly asking for is your support so we can continue to edit, finish and finally deliver to the world a really funny, nostalgic look at memory preservation.

Some questions people might have:

So what exactly do you need money for?
In post-production, for lots of reasons. To guarantee the quality is top notch, we need to book some professional help with ADR and sound mixing. In addition to that, we still need to pay for lots of new post post-production costs like hard drives, software, etc.

Who's paid for the production costs of the web series thus far?
We all have personally, and boy has it been difficult. At this point, we've simply broke the bank.

How can I help?
If you like the premise and trailer, please please please check out the pledges and rewards. This could be a really awesome opportunity to have your name be a part of something fantastic. And if we complete our goal of $2,000 please continue to donate! Everything else will go toward us being able to afford to create more episodes in the future.

Who are you guys?
Great question! We were just about to get to that. We are comprised of two groups - This is What We Imagine (TIWWI for short, pronounced teewee) and Forgettable. Here's more info about us!

TIWWI is an art and video collective based in Los Angeles and focuses on hosting projects that encourage the stimulation of creativity and productivity in all of us. One of TIWWI's major ongoing projects is called "Weekends of Wonderment" which consists of two day periods devoted to the facilitation and encouragement of a diverse group of people to get back to the basics of simply making things together. After the projects are completed, everything is screened and celebrated at one of TIWWI's frequent "SHOW+TELL" events. In addition to that, TIWWI has recently begun another ongoing experiment in memory reenactment (obviously inspired by this web series) called ReVisions. TIWWI also co-produces and creates larger productions such as music videos (Frightened Rabbit, Joe Pug, The Everyday Visuals) and web series (as you can see).

Forgettable is comprised of Elisha Yaffe and Curt Neill, two Los Angeles based comedy performers and producers. Yaffe got his start working at Warner Brothers, where he produced content for Studio 2.0 and Neill has appeared in multiple sketches on G4 and was recently cast in the TV pilot Josh Jennings for Congress as the role of "Camaro Steve."
Both have been seen live on stage at venues including The Upright Citizens Brigade, The Steve Allen Theatre, The Ice House, Improv Olympic West, Comedy Central Stage at the Hudson Theatre, The Hollywood Improv, amongst others. Yaffe co-hosts the show Trophy Room in Hollywood. Neill does the same at Bar Lubitsch in West Hollywood with the hit comedy show, Rip City.

If our funding is reached by April 13th, 2010 we'll be able to pay off some of our ridiculous credit card debt and release "Remember When" online! If this happens, please check back at:

In summary, please support us! Thanks for your time and take care!


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