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Tinker Steampunk Metal Fairy Meeples, for when you need to get some attention!
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Thanks to a lot of great people, we have been able to make steampunk meeples, playing cards, a few different styles of dice and a bunch of coins and chips to play a variety of games with. Thank you if you're coming back to see our new project, and welcome to the family if you're seeing these things for the first time! 

Tinker Bits are steampunk-themed game accessories for use in a variety of games. We have several projects in mind, and we're hoping to offer a lot of fun bits to make your games (or about anything else) more fun!  This time, we're making Steampunk Fairy Metal Meeples!

They are part of the Tinker world; little wind-up ghost-in-the-clockwork fairies to accompany our other meeples, or to stand alone as game pawns, decorations or conscience reminders.  

As part of Kickstarter's March "All in 1" promotion, this is a short campaign, with only one reward pledge tier.  We'll be ordering these little fairies in 8 different metal colors, and for your pledge, we'll send you three of them in different colors, semi-randomly chosen from the batch we order.  (And if you want all 8 colors, simply add $12 to your pledge!)

It's that simple.

The mold is made, the colors are chosen, we just need to put together a production run with your help, and then get them sent out!  They are made of solid zinc alloy, then plated in different metals for the colors.  They will come in Antiqued Brass, Brass, Antiqued Copper, Copper, Black Nickel, Silver, Antiqued Silver and Misty Gold.  


It should be noted, as in this update, that if you also back our sister campaign, Tinker Bits II: Mad Science Metal Meeples, and are willing to wait for both batches of goodies to ship together, we will send you an additional semi-random Tinker Fairy.  If we can get to $2,222 in total funding by the time we finish, we'll also send an extra Antiqued Gold Tinker Fairy to every backer.


Once the campaign finishes, we'll place the order and get the ball rolling to get these in your hands in June.  That's the plan, anyway, though delays in shipping may push us into July.  If we're lucky, we'll be faster, though, and we'll do our best to get them out as soon as possible.

Thank you everyone!


Risks and challenges

The molds have already been completed. The meeples will be shipped from overseas, which entails some risk, but it is minimal. Once I get the meeples and the packaging, I'll need a bit of time to get everything prepped and sent, and human error might occur, but I'm careful and thorough, and I'll do as much as I can as soon as I can. There could always be troubles once the meeples are en route, but again, those would be tied to random, unforeseeable problems.

This project will overlap a bit in time with the Tinker Bits II: Mad Science Meeples project, but will not have problems as a result.

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    Fairy Troika

    3 Semi-random Tinker Fairies: They will be different colors, chosen mostly at random from the batch we order, which will have 8 different metal finishes.
    *** If you want all 8 colors instead, please add $12 to your pledge.

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