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Multiple RFID key cards & key fobs can be stored and accessed from one device for the first time.
Multiple RFID key cards & key fobs can be stored and accessed from one device for the first time.
Multiple RFID key cards & key fobs can be stored and accessed from one device for the first time.
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    1. Tiny Labs Creator 5 days ago

      @Jason - Sorry for the delay, just posted an update :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Jason Bordujenko 5 days ago

      Hi. By your previous update you've been in Shenzhen for the last week. Is all on track? Do you have an estimated shipping date as yet? Please keep the comms flowing.

    3. Missing avatar

      Mark DePalma on November 15

      I just remembered that I never received this and haven't heard anything in a long time. Are there any updates?

    4. Missing avatar

      Mario on November 12

      Hello, I'll make a move soon. Is there a link where I can change my Shippingaddress?

    5. Missing avatar

      Chris Weber on November 8

      Hi, I am moving and need to update my address. When is this going to ship?a

    6. Tiny Labs Creator on October 26

      Hi Jae,

      Not much for updates. Trip is booked to Shenzhen Nov 12-Dec 3rd. Currently working on making sure all the pieces are there for production along with travel logistics.

    7. Jae Kim on October 26

      Any New Update?

    8. Rich Alexander on October 15

      Thanks for the update. Honestly, nothing new. Have seen that fixture already. Would like to have had an update on shipping target date.

    9. Tiny Labs Creator on October 15

      Nigel, Eddy, Kai - Sent survey link and instructions to change address.
      Rich - Refunded pledge, should process in the next day or so.
      I'll post an update today...

    10. Missing avatar

      Kai Musgrove on October 15

      Can you please resend survey link? Last one you sent was a link to

    11. Rich, The 3D Guy
      on October 14

      Can I please get a refund?

    12. Rich Alexander on October 13

      Guy’s, a monthly update is expected here, especially if you are behind schedule. Would love an update.

    13. Nihat Engel on October 10

      Hey mate, whens the next update?

    14. Eddy Ng on October 10

      resend the survey link.... please

    15. Nigel Gan
      on October 8

      Hi can you resend the survey link pls

    16. Tiny Labs Creator on October 5

      @Julia - Sorry, must have missed your DM. Just sent you a link to update your address.

    17. Missing avatar

      julia mesner on October 5

      Hi, I moved country, you are not answering my DM, can you take my new address ?

    18. Tiny Labs Creator on September 28

      @Dongmin - Yes, the original link was sent to your email. Sent you DM with more info.

    19. Missing avatar

      Dongmin on September 28

      Where can i find the survey link?does it comes to my email?

    20. Rich Alexander on September 26

      @TinyLabs. Thanks for the estimated shipping update in the response below. Appreciate the communication.

    21. Tiny Labs Creator on September 17

      @Kelly - Sent you a DM with the survey link. The factory fixture should be done in the next few days. Ironing out manufacturing details now and getting component lead times. My rough estimate at this point would be 6-8 weeks.

    22. Kelly Lien on September 16

      Can I get a resend of my survey link as well? Need to change shipping. What's your estimate for ship date now?

    23. Missing avatar

      Matthew Sheppard on September 8

      Lol... looking forward to the MKII..

    24. Tiny Labs Creator on September 7

      @Trent - Sent you the survey link to update your address.
      @Mathew - Unfortunately it's not as simple as recording a bit stream. Each transaction with the reader is bidirectional with a random unique challenge/response.

    25. Missing avatar

      on September 7

      Hi. Have you sent out a survey yet as I can't find it to update my shipping address.

    26. Missing avatar

      Matthew Sheppard on September 5

      Would it not be possible to simply record a bit stream then refine it into the correct "variety" (to take up less space)- no ip issues as you are just recording binary data.

    27. Tiny Labs Creator on September 4

      Hi Mathew - Yes, if demand is there for the current revision of Keysy we'll look at adding 13.56MHz support. The problem is the ecosystem at 13.56MHz is more fragmented, each manufacturer uses it's own protocol over standardized transport. Mifare classic support would be the first target. Others like HID iClass are technically possible but have IP associated which makes them hazardous from a legal front.

    28. Missing avatar

      Matthew Sheppard on September 3

      Looking good... Do you think you might produce a dual frequency keysy in the future? Some modern locks are now using high frequency rfid.

    29. Tiny Labs Creator on September 1

      Thanks Kristof! I really appreciate that. The support and understanding from the Kickstarter community has been a major source of inspiration when pushing through the never ending checklists. Finally, there is a light at the end of the tunnel ;) Will be posting an update shortly.

    30. Joshua Ferguson on August 30

      Woohoo getting excited! :)

    31. Kristof
      on August 29

      As most of the backers I want to encourage you and complement you with the good communication.

      I genuinely wish you the best of luck in the last straight line to the finish and hope you will sell many more after the product is launched. It looks like you work very hard on this and care a lot about the product. With this attitude you deserve to be successful.

    32. Tiny Labs Creator on August 29

      Hi Rich - Yes! As of a couple days ago both FCC and CE certifications have been completed. I'm preparing a larger update to send out later this week but things are looking good. On the final home stretch!

    33. Rich Alexander on August 28

      @Tinylabs, according to your Aug 17th comment, both CE and FCC approvals should be done. Any update?

    34. Jerkamie (deleted) on August 21

      Even though most of the nations exporting electronic equipment into the US market have their own standards for EMI as well as independent certification and conformity marks (e.g.: The CCC certification mark for China, the VCCI (Voluntary Council for Control of Interference) mark for Japan, the KCC mark by the Korea Communications Commission for South Korea, the ANATEL mark for Brazil, and the BSMI mark for Taiwan), most of the products still sold in these markets hold the FCC label. Electronic products sold in parts of Asia and Africa hold the FCC label even though it holds no legal significance, and also without any means to verify whether they actually conform to the specified standards or not.

    35. Tiny Labs Creator on August 21

      Hi Jasper,

      These will be manufactured in batches after FCC/CE is complete. If there are any issues during regulatory they will be fixed in all units. I don't have the cycles to make small batches and ship them by hand. Apologies for the delays. I'd be happy to offer a refund if you don't want to wait any longer. I appreciate your support.

    36. Jasper Overgaard Waale on August 20

      I'm not in the US, the FCC do not mean anything to me, so just send me my Items, thanks

    37. Jerkamie (deleted) on August 18

      Jose you better check yourself before you wreck yourself he had some problems along the way and gave really great updates. They are being FCC tested which is required for good reason. Just chill out and relax a bit.

    38. Tiny Labs Creator on August 17

      Hi Jose
      Please see the latest updates here:
      Just spoke to the lab, CE certification will be done this week, FCC should be done next week then we will be moving into production. Apologies for the delays.

    39. Jose Maria Blanco Sanchez on August 17

      Hello, where in the Hell Is my item????

    40. Tiny Labs Creator on August 9

      Hi Trent. You can update your address through the original survey link until it gets locked a couple days before shipping. Thanks!

    41. Missing avatar

      on August 9

      Hi. I recently moved and need to update my address before the Keysy's are shipped

    42. Tiny Labs Creator on August 8

      I appreciate all the support! We're currently on schedule with the regulatory testing so I expect that will be done sometime next week. I'm currently working on the factory programming and test fixture to ensure each unit gets properly tested for QC before shipping.

    43. Jerkamie (deleted) on August 4

      This guys made really good updates, please take the time to read them. I also think hes worked his heart out on this, so everyone needs to take the time to go read them please.

    44. Jae Kim on August 2

      Any Timeline Update or Progress? Thanks

    45. Missing avatar

      Stu on July 29

      @Tiny Labs - keep up the good work. Excited to receive the product when you get it all sorted.


    46. Missing avatar

      Tracy (deleted) on July 24

      Hello tiny labs's great to see the creator answering any questions or concerns we may have, in addition to offering refunds when asked in a timely matter. Many of us requested an updated schedule and you didn't disappoint so thank you! We can be impatient, and I understand deadlines/dates can change, but I'm a fan of your project and can't wait to get keysy in my hands. Can't speak for others, but I'm willing to wait a bit longer for something you're 100% ready to send out.

    47. Rich Alexander on July 24

      Sounds good. Thanks for the response.

    48. Tiny Labs Creator on July 23

      @Rich - That is a fair request, I've been hesitant to keep updating the timeline because inevitably things come up and I'll have to revise it again. Put simply, I don't know what I don't know and going through the process for the first time I lack any sort of frame of reference for proper planning. That being said the milestones are still the same. Once FCC/CE is done on the Aug 17th I'll be focused on spinning up the manufacturing starting with a couple small runs and scaling up. If something more nefarious was going on I would have stopped sending updates long ago ;)

    49. Rich Alexander on July 22

      Not asking for a refund, I completely know the Kickstarter risk. All I am looking for is a list of remaining milestones and the "planned" ship date. If there is something more nefarious just come clean so I can quit checking for updates.

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