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Multiple RFID key cards & key fobs can be stored and accessed from one device for the first time.
Multiple RFID key cards & key fobs can be stored and accessed from one device for the first time.
Multiple RFID key cards & key fobs can be stored and accessed from one device for the first time.
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    1. Jerkamie 1 day ago

      Jose you better check yourself before you wreck yourself he had some problems along the way and gave really great updates. They are being FCC tested which is required for good reason. Just chill out and relax a bit.

    2. Tiny Labs Creator 3 days ago

      Hi Jose
      Please see the latest updates here:
      Just spoke to the lab, CE certification will be done this week, FCC should be done next week then we will be moving into production. Apologies for the delays.

    3. Jose Maria Blanco Sanchez 3 days ago

      Hello, where in the Hell Is my item????

    4. Tiny Labs Creator on August 9

      Hi Trent. You can update your address through the original survey link until it gets locked a couple days before shipping. Thanks!

    5. Missing avatar

      on August 9

      Hi. I recently moved and need to update my address before the Keysy's are shipped

    6. Tiny Labs Creator on August 8

      I appreciate all the support! We're currently on schedule with the regulatory testing so I expect that will be done sometime next week. I'm currently working on the factory programming and test fixture to ensure each unit gets properly tested for QC before shipping.

    7. Jerkamie on August 4

      This guys made really good updates, please take the time to read them. I also think hes worked his heart out on this, so everyone needs to take the time to go read them please.

    8. Jae Kim on August 2

      Any Timeline Update or Progress? Thanks

    9. Missing avatar

      Stu on July 29

      @Tiny Labs - keep up the good work. Excited to receive the product when you get it all sorted.


    10. Missing avatar

      Tracy on July 24

      Hello tiny labs's great to see the creator answering any questions or concerns we may have, in addition to offering refunds when asked in a timely matter. Many of us requested an updated schedule and you didn't disappoint so thank you! We can be impatient, and I understand deadlines/dates can change, but I'm a fan of your project and can't wait to get keysy in my hands. Can't speak for others, but I'm willing to wait a bit longer for something you're 100% ready to send out.

    11. Rich Alexander on July 24

      Sounds good. Thanks for the response.

    12. Tiny Labs Creator on July 23

      @Rich - That is a fair request, I've been hesitant to keep updating the timeline because inevitably things come up and I'll have to revise it again. Put simply, I don't know what I don't know and going through the process for the first time I lack any sort of frame of reference for proper planning. That being said the milestones are still the same. Once FCC/CE is done on the Aug 17th I'll be focused on spinning up the manufacturing starting with a couple small runs and scaling up. If something more nefarious was going on I would have stopped sending updates long ago ;)

    13. Rich Alexander on July 22

      Not asking for a refund, I completely know the Kickstarter risk. All I am looking for is a list of remaining milestones and the "planned" ship date. If there is something more nefarious just come clean so I can quit checking for updates.

    14. Missing avatar

      Sanny Tan
      on July 22

      I'm still backing you up Keysy... really would like to see it become a reality......

    15. Kristof
      on July 21

      Thanks for the update. Good to see that there are creators who understand the importance of good communication.

      Looking forwards to the next update in a month with hopefully the news that shipping has begun.

      Good luck in Vegas.

    16. Rich Alexander on July 19

      It's been another month. Would like to see a formal update please. Coming up on the year anniversary of this project.

    17. Rich Alexander on June 30

      @Tinylabs. Hoping to get a formal update in July. A video of some sort would be cool.

    18. Joshua Ferguson on June 29

      Agreed Rodney. Been the most feedback I have ever seen in a Kickstarter!

    19. Missing avatar

      Rodney Smith
      on June 27

      The creator takes the time to update us with status updates and pictures at least once a month as well as replying to comments in here.
      All i can say is Creator your a top notch person keep up the great work as you help put faith back in creators, to the masses out there try to hold off on refunds if you can as id call this legit as far as i can tell.
      I've had my share of scammers on KS, some i got out before they funded, others not so lucky and this does not have any of the signs i had from others , I think we will get it in the end and it will be a quality version as well by the looks of it so will be worth the wait.

    20. Tiny Labs Creator on June 26

      Thanks @Bashir. I understand the trepidation some people may have. I've definitely seen some snake oil and all out swindles on KS and other crowd funding sites. I've spent the last two years on this product and I'm fully committed to delivering it. I'm happy to say the light is visible at the end of the tunnel in the sense that all technical hurdles have been passed. It's now just down to regulatory and manufacturing logistics. I look forward to getting everyone's feedback once they start using Keysy. The beta tester feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

    21. Missing avatar

      Bashir on June 25

      @creator. I have backed many projects, but never seen the creator process refunds when backers ask for it!

      I haven't said this before, and I hope I don't regret it. Give the guy a chance, it's mates yes we all know this but you took a chance and expect delays. He seems honest and he may fail but I don't think he intends to rip us off.

      Thank you

    22. Tiny Labs Creator on June 24

      @Walid - Processed

    23. Walid DIB on June 23

      Can you please process a refund.

    24. Me on June 16


    25. Missing avatar

      julia mesner on June 16

      Thanks i got my refund

    26. Tiny Labs Creator on June 16

      Quick update - Received the new boards this week and all tests are passing! Going to try and post some demo videos today or tomorrow. Will be kitting everything up to send to FCC test lab Monday. Stay tuned.
      @Julia - Yes, I'll process your refund now.

    27. Missing avatar

      julia mesner on June 16

      Can I get a refund ?

    28. Tiny Labs Creator on June 13

      Thanks for being patient guys, I'm working as fast as I can to get Keysy in your hands. For those that have requested a refund I'll process them today. Still shooting for September delivery date. I'm expecting boards back tomorrow, 2 days to verify, then off to FCC. I will post a more formal update in the coming days after I get everything shipped to FCC.

    29. Missing avatar

      Neoneotw on June 13

      Please process the refund for the full amount i have paid to my credit card

    30. Yau Ki Tat
      on June 13

      @Konstantinos it is september not november..

    31. Edgar 'Eddie' Flores
      on June 12

      @Creator Are you still on track at this point for the July delivery date? If not, I would also like to have a refund.

    32. Missing avatar

      Konstantinos Pilatis on June 9

      Hi Keysy team, i would like a refund because insee the estimated time for delivery is november now. Please tell me how to process one.

    33. Jose Maria Blanco Sanchez on June 4

      What about a shipment date??

    34. Joshua Ferguson on June 4

      Thanks for being brave and giving us a realistic update. Keep making it the best you can.

    35. Jae Kim on June 2

      Any New Estimate?

    36. Tiny Labs Creator on May 23

      @Alejandro - I'm happy to process a refund for you. Sorry about the delay, I understand your frustration. The refund will be for the pledge amount minus the 8% Kickstarter and processing fees (which are taken out by them before disbursement). Feel free to DM with any questions.

    37. Missing avatar

      Alejandro Suarez on May 23

      Please process the refund for the full amount i have paid to my credit card.

    38. Kristof
      on May 20

      Appreciate the update, but not impressed with the half year delay....

    39. Sam Grant on May 19

      @creator - Please provide a projected shipping date.

    40. Me on May 10

      your recent updates don't say anything about shipping dates. you are already behind a few months. a new timeline would be appreciated

    41. Edgar 'Eddie' Flores
      on May 6

      @Creator according to your timeline at this point you're running an initial run to test quality control? Are you still on schedule with that?

      Do you have any demo videos of how it's working or something within the production run?


    42. Edgar 'Eddie' Flores
      on April 25

      @Creator Thanks for keeping us informed.

    43. Tiny Labs Creator on April 23

      @Alejandro -
      I apologize for the delay. We've been working on fixing a few hardware issues to ensure strong compatibility across various manufacturers. Based on the latest tests it looks like we have a workable solution. I'll be posting an update on Kickstarter this week. Thank you for your support!

    44. Missing avatar

      Alejandro Suarez on April 20

      You guys are taking to long on this....

    45. Scott Levey
      on April 16

      Glad to see a creator in the comments. Keep up the good work. Hoping there are no software issues!

    46. Tiny Labs Creator on April 14

      We haven't shipped yet. Please see the latest updates for more information.

    47. PIYAPONG PAO on April 13

      When I'll get your product,I have not received it is very long time for waiting it. I m backer number 482. If you've already sending me please give me "Tracking Number".Thank you!!!

    48. Jonathan on April 10

      Any ETA on UK shipping dates?

    49. Missing avatar

      Nick Kraal on April 6

      Way long overdue ! Based on the updates, we in Asia can expect to receive by June / July 17 ???

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