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Multiple RFID key cards & key fobs can be stored and accessed from one device for the first time.
Multiple RFID key cards & key fobs can be stored and accessed from one device for the first time.
Multiple RFID key cards & key fobs can be stored and accessed from one device for the first time.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Jacob Eschen
      1 day ago

      Hi Tiny Labs.

      As some of the other backers I’ve had experiences with keycards and fobs that could not be copied. I am quite sure it is because they are High Frequenzy cards and keysy works with Low Frequencies.

      Do you have any plans to (or is it possible to) make a ‘keysy’ device for HF RFID devices?



    2. Tiny Labs Creator 6 days ago

      Hi Antonio - Sorry you are having issues. I sent you a DM to troubleshoot.

    3. Antonio Paz on


      Backer number:488

      I received my devise some time ago, and suddenly has stopped working, I tried to reprogrammed but do not seem to work. What is the best way to resolved this issue??

    4. Tiny Labs Creator on

      Sanny - Can you email a picture of the cards/keyfobs it isn't working with to and I'll take a look?
      Paul - I sent you a DM with information.

    5. Missing avatar

      Paul Billingslea on

      Hi, I was just checking on this and realized I never received my 2 Keysy's nor did I receive a shipping notification. I was hoping to have these before we went to Mexico last year and when they weren't finished in time, they kind of fell off my radar. Can you look and see if they ever shipped?

    6. Missing avatar

      Sanny Tan

      Glad I ordered keysy. So far the product quality is good. But up until know there is only one rfid that im able to copy. While the rest it failed. Don't know how to solve this....

    7. Tiny Labs Creator on

      @Foong - You asked for multiple refunds in the past (after you were refunded on 12/19). Now you've asked multiple times where your product is... Please see your comments below.

      @Grant - We have inventory on it's way to the US now along with another shipment to the Hong Kong fulfillment facility (for international customers). I'm hoping to have it up on the website and shipping early next week.

    8. Missing avatar

      Foong Wei Kheng

      I have not received anything yet. Please contact me and let me know why I haven’t received the product yet. Thanks.

    9. Missing avatar

      Grant G

      I would like to order more but site shows out of stock. Do you know when you will have more in and do kickstarter backers receive any discount?

    10. Tiny Labs Creator on

      Hi Jose - Send you a DM with tracking information. Looks like it was delivered.

    11. Jose Vignon on

      I have not received the key fob yet. Can any one help me with this?

    12. Tiny Labs Creator on

      Hi Michael - We are, currently we're in a bit of a transition. Everything is set up to ship directly from Hong Kong from the next production run but I do have some RW fobs here in San Diego. If you don't mind paying through paypal shoot me an email and I'll get those shipped out. Kickstarter price is $12 /5-pack + $3 US shipping.

    13. Missing avatar

      michael mitchell on

      Are you still offering the 5-pack of re-writables.

    14. Tiny Labs Creator on

      Hi Prideo - This is normal when writing to the rewritable fobs. The quickstart guide is being updated to reflect this. The quick red blinks indicate a successful block write to the underlying chipset. After all blocks have been written you will see 3 green longer flashes (success) or 3 longer red flashes (failure). Sorry for the confusion.

    15. Missing avatar

      Prideo on

      Is anyone aware of the reason the keyfob blinking three times red, and then three times green when copying from the device?

    16. Tiny Labs Creator on

      @Zachary - So when you press a button you don't see any LED light now? Sounds like it may be a battery issue. I'll send you an email to troubleshoot further.

      @Daniel - I sent you an email with more information.

    17. Missing avatar

      Zachary Wluka on

      My keysy randomly stopped working today. I went to press a button, the green light flashed, then I pressed another button and nothing. Now none of the buttons work

    18. Missing avatar

      DANIEL YU on

      I cannot find mine after its departure on the 13th of April 2018 for Paris, France.... it is now the 23th of May 2018. Would you please help me to find the parcel? thank you

    19. Tiny Labs Creator on

      Hi Arvind - For the first one that isn't working - Does the LED blink faster when Keyssy is put on top of the card? If not it may be a different frequency which isn't supported.
      On the second one can you try and use the included rewritable to make a copy and see if that works? There are some readers that we've seen that do not respond to the Keysy emulation. If possible send pictures of the cards to and we can troubleshoot further.

    20. ARVIND TIRKEY on

      I received my Keysy. My apartment entry card didn't get copied.
      My office card did get copied but it never worked on the machine at the office door.
      What is the reason?
      One - not getting copied
      Second - even though it got copied, it didn't work on the machine.

      How to solve this issue?

    21. Tiny Labs Creator on

      Hi Thomas - Sorry about that. The product is CE certified but I was not aware of the German language manual requirement and CE statement. Please keep me posted if it gets rejected. I will look into these requirements moving forward.

    22. Missing avatar

      Thomas Reith on

      Unfortunatly my package was stopped by the customs duty office in germany.

      Actually they are missing a european company for putting the produkt in the european market (at least for the shipping). Additionally they
      said, that concerning the product security its necessary to have a product manual in German and a CE Statement.

      The produkt is now beeing send to an autthority to check, whether the product meets the requirements for the import
      in the EU.

      Wenn the product fails the test, the customs duty office will send the package back to the sender in Singaphor ;(

    23. Tiny Labs Creator on

      Thanks Kristoff, appreciate that! It was a long process and didn't turn out perfect but hopefully the backers feel the utility of the product was worth the cost.

    24. Tiny Labs Creator on

      Hi Michael Choi - Can you try removing it from the plastics and see if the two antenna connections are still intact? I've had a few reports that they broke loose. We're still working on the manufacturing side of things to prevent issues like this. Please reach out via email ( and we'll sort out a fix or replacement.

    25. Kristof

      Picked up my Keysy and glad l did. Works well.

      Big congratulations to move this over the line. Even though there has been a significant delay I think no one really complained about it because everyone knew you were working hard and communicated well.

      Really pleased with the product and how you have ran the campaign. Well done and an example for others!!

    26. Missing avatar

      Michael Choi on

      My Keysy stopped working :(. Any help?

    27. Missing avatar

      Michal on

      I've received my keysy this week, but managed to read only 1 ot of 3 cards that I'm using :(
      It seems that 13.56MHz version would work better, so I hope we'll see them developed soon :)

    28. Jack Chen on

      Got to use it for a month. Works ok-ish on some of my readers/cards. Definitely a satisfactory Kickstarter that delivered what was promised.

    29. Tiny Labs Creator on

      @Desmond - Thank you! Glad to hear.
      @Bashir - Noted, personally I hate it when products rely on some external cloud server so that will be a requirement. If there is BLE with an app I'll make sure it will still operate standalone.
      @Gabriel - Thanks!
      @Bosnjak - Sent you a DM. Some of these couriers are ridiculously slow. Now I know which ones not to use in the future.
      @Peter - I'll generate an invoice and send it to the email on file
      @Jasper - Thanks for the update, glad it finally arrived.

    30. Jasper Overgaard Waale on

      Arrived in Saigon Vietnam,

    31. Missing avatar

      Peter Machaty on

      Customs in Austria are holding back my keysys due to a missing invoice. Would you mind getting me a copy by email?

    32. Missing avatar

      Bosnjak on

      Still nothing here in Germany
      Would you look after please

      regards Rob

    33. Missing avatar

      GabrielH on

      @creator Received mine last week, tested on 2 cards, and works like a charm. Awesome product! I'll back you again if you have added the 13.56Mhz version.

    34. Missing avatar

      Bashir on

      @creator. I will back you again on a 13.56MHz version. Keep it simple like the original, most people would want to use it like the cards so for me BLE is not required or integration with a mobile app.

    35. Missing avatar

      Desmond Tam on

      Just received, and tested with primary Keysy as well as programming two blanks. Works great! Awesome job, and congrats!

    36. Kristof

      No problem, l completely understand that’s beyond your control and l know you have worked hard and communicated well throughout the project. Main problem is that l need to get to the post office during office hours... If l manage to do so, I’ll probably will pick them up as I’m excited about the project, but don’t see it happening as they are more closed than open.

      Genuinely wish you all the best and hope that your hard work pays off!

    37. Tiny Labs Creator on

      @Willie - Sorry about that, sent you an email to troubleshoot.
      @Kristof - I totally understand, my apologies. They should of been declared $20USD each, not sure what happened in your case. Since we shipped to 59 countries and each country is different we've seen import taxes vary widely.

    38. Kristof

      Just got a message that l could collect my key card at the post office once paying 25€ import taxes. Appreciate the hard work you have done over the last years, but given that the product arrived over a year late and that it will cost me an additional 25€ I’m not sure I will collect it... Again, appreciated your hard work and dedication, but the additional 25€ was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. All the best and hope all your hard work pays off!

    39. Missing avatar

      Willie Ong

      Hi there, thank you for the duplicator. I have been trying to get it to work, I managed to get a green light indicating that the reading was successful but when I press the duplicator at the sensor, it was not successful. I tried also to write to the token provided but was also unsuccessful. What am I doing wrongly?

    40. Tiny Labs Creator on

      Thank you all! I've put countless hours into this so it means a lot to see that people are enjoying it ;)

      At this point I think another version with added 13.56MHz support would make sense. Thinking of adding BLE to allow it to connect to the phone which opens up a ton of potential use cases (ie: sharing tags remotely with friends, time limited windows/expiration - think house sitter or AirBnB...) The physical form factor will definitely change, probably replacing 4 soft buttons with one central concave hard button, slimmer if possible. Would love to hear any/all suggestions!

    41. Missing avatar


      Hi there I have received mine in Singapore too and it worked perfectly. I am very pleased with it.

    42. Missing avatar

      Tim on

      Received mine in Singapore this week. Works perfectly as described on 125 kHz systems! Well done Elliot for delivering a great product! Definitely one of the best Kickstarter projects I’ve seen in terms of communication and product quality!

      Any plans to create a 13.56MHz compatible Keysy? Many offices and even residences these days are already on 13.56MHz systems. I would definitely back again if you do!

    43. Kelly Lien on

      Works great! The only suggestion would be to make the plastic narrower or something where the hole is to make it easier to attach to a key chain.

    44. C Lim on

      Received my keysy today - works like an absolute charm!

    45. Tiny Labs Creator on

      Nihat - Sent you an email to troubleshoot further.
      Alexander - I appreciate the valuable feedback. I agree on the industrial design aspect. The form factor was inherited early in the project from the prototype plastics used. Being more familiar on the electrical/firmware side we punted on the mechanical design to focus on functionality. If we produce another version we will definitely be looking to change aspects including the buttons.

    46. Nihat Engel on

      Hi mate,
      Got mine today
      One of the keysy's seems to copy my indala card ok (light flashes green) but doesnt work when I put it up to the reader
      The other keysy wont copy the card at all?
      Any user guides?

    47. Alexander Tsirel on

      Got mine today(Australia)
      - Works as described
      - Easy programming
      - Good plastic

      - relatively small buttons
      - buttons feel like old tv remote perhaps same life span

    48. Nihat Engel on

      Hi mate, just wanted to ask how I can check on shipping?

    49. Tiny Labs Creator on

      Hi Christopher - Actually I just got some Keri samples (clamshell, thin card and small fob). They're PSK so they have the "quirk" where you can only copy them from one side due to how PSK demod was implemented in hardware. I was able to copy all 3 with Keysy. The bitrate/modulation/etc looks very similar to Indala even though the formatting is different. Shoot me an email with a pic of the card/fob you're having issues with (

    50. christopher stovell

      Any luck with those keri cards yet? :D

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