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Epic 2D side-scrolling action and stealth adventure game with a twist: even "evil" has a story to tell.
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We Have Reached the Main Goal!

Posted by Tinker Games (Creator)

Greetings and salutations to all of you~!

What a happy moment we had just now! Pale Blue campaign has finally reached its main goal at $48,000! We have another 60~ hours on the clock until the end of the campaign... Let's push ourself toward the stretch goal(s)!

As a reminder, here's our updated list of stretch goals!

Gonna have a cake for the celebration? Here, let Ellen lights on the candles by her awesome ability: the fire breath! Well, you can't call it a 'giant monster' without having such hot blow, right? :)

And here's another reminder: gonna have the live stream on later on tonight! Take a notice on the scheduled hour, and please stay tune on our channel by clicking the following image~ 

That's all for now! Don't forget to visit our Steam Greenlight page and vote a 'yes' for Pale Blue! Thank you, and see you soon~

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    1. David Bruno on

      Quote @Tinker Games: "@David: thanks for the feedback! The programming team gonna try to adjust it~"

      Awesome! Maybe have them look at some of the METAL SLUG games and perhaps something like Final Fight or some other popular side scrolling/platformers? :D

    2. Nirleka on

      Yay, congratulation! I hope the final product will be good and your steam green lit will also success :D

    3. Tinker Games Creator on

      Yeaaaay, #BabyShark, have you all seen another picture of #BabyShark at our Twitter ? :P Cuteness Overload, right Cie Kite and BloodyKILLER44 ? XD

      @AABAR, we will add PayPal Payment as soon as possible, wait for the announcement.. :)

      Thank you all ! :D

    4. Missing avatar

      Brett S.

      Excellent! Congrats :)

    5. Lean Me on

      « Rescue all Cocoon Hatchlings!
                                        Objective »

    6. AABAR on

      Congrats! Now maybe can get this also to Mac & Linux!? P.s. any possibility of donating through Paypal now?

    7. Missing avatar

      Taejix on

      I'm hoping it hits 53K, personally. It'd be nice to be able to play it, what with me running linux and all.

    8. Saodhar

      I second that. This hatchling is adorable!
      Pity the first stratch goals are not swapped (I know it's egoistic of me since I only play games on Windows, but still). Anyway - let`s make it to at least 53K!

    9. Chris Chen

      Congratulations on being funded. But now you've let the genie out of the bottle... The shark *has* to appear in the game!

    10. Cie Kite on

      @Tinker Games : A transformation in shark would be brilliant for a submarine level ! But you will have to give her a more terrifying appearance. The current appearance only tempts to make her a big hug ! <3

    11. Missing avatar

      Ja Powers

      Okay, the fire is cool...but that is the most adorable little Shark!Ellen ever~!

      Good update.

    12. level1imp

      60 hours, anything can happen, c'mon 63k, at the very least :)

      BTW, does Ellen draw her energy from the ground/earth when using her fire breath? I noticed the flow starts at her tail and that her tail appears to be buried slightly (that or or it's simply the angle, in which case ignore this question).

      Either way, very nice animation and awesome power.

      Every update is always filled with something new and interesting, keep up the good work (°∀°)b

    13. Tinker Games Creator on

      @Cie Kite: whoa, there's something on the tube! Whose baby is this? xD

      @David: thanks for the feedback! The programming team gonna try to adjust it~

      @DeafTard: Thank you! We also wish that Pale Blue will have a smooth development from today on~

    14. Cie Kite on

      OMG the animation of the fire breath is sooooooo cool !! I love it !!

      But i have a important question ... What is the creature which is in the broken tube !? She looks too cute !!

    15. David Bruno on

      OK, that $68K goal needs to happen! Have you guys thought about maybe pulling the camera in or having a more dynamic camera, where it pulls in and out depending on the action on screen? I have noticed that with the camera pulled back as much as it is that players really miss out on a lot of the character detail and animation.

    16. DeafTard on

      YAY!!! CONGRATS! Now lets get this game funded and hopefully draw some more last minute backers to plow through a few stretch goals! Even though this project is not coming to consoles since that's what I wanted but its impossible to back away from this game because of how amazing it looks. So I am going to keep an eye on this for future news because who knows, maybe it will end up getting ported in the long run!