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Epic 2D side-scrolling action and stealth adventure game with a twist: even "evil" has a story to tell.
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2017 - Our Latest Update

Posted by Tinker Games (Creator)


First and the most important thing, we want to apologize deeply for our inactivity in social media. We were in a total chaos, but it’s still wrong to not maintain our communication with you all, and we are really sorry for that. :( We really wanted to update things, share what happened, etc., but as many things happened, it’s just simply too hard (more in the story). A lot of things has happened, and we wanted to share it through this post. Here, we are talking to you all as the Pale Blue development team, and not as the company. We skipped the managerial thingy and post this from our own side. This is the voice of the people who are working on this game for almost about three years, and we really hope that you could learn what really happened through the development from this post.

The Beginning

In 2014, we were in a need for new project to keep the company living. We decided to make our next product with Kickstarter support, since we wanted to try living by working on game product that we loved. But it was not that smooth. We had several game idea pitched, and finally we got one idea which we all want to make. But, the upper management decided not to do the game for some reasons, mainly marketing reasons. Finally the team has to make another idea, and in the end, Pale Blue was chosen.

Going from small & medium sized games (mobile), we expected some difficulty in developing PC game, but we were confident (too confident) that we could learn things on the go. Our base GDD was based on “What are the cool things to make?”, “What can we make on those duration?”, and “What can we do with our current experience?”. Now, we know that we were imagining something that are way beyond what we could manage at that time.

And then comes the Kickstarter pitch. At that time, the company decided to make the KS funding target fewer that we should have asked. The main reason is because we want this game to be funded, since asking too much could resulting in failure, while this project’s success was crucial to keep our company running. Even with the stretch goals, it was still too short from what we expected to create the base game.

Journey & Difficulties

The Kickstarter was funded! We was thrilled that there are a lot of people like you who have the same vision with us and want this game to happen. We were so happy and so excited, and at that time, we thought that everything could be done as long as we were working for it. So we celebrated a bit, forgot about the funding targets, and then we started the whole things. By the time this KS was funded, some of the people were actually still in the middle of another project, so we didn’t have that many people to put in the Pale Blue team except the original Kickstarter member. In the beginning, there were only one programmer and several artists on Pale Blue team. We are used to doing mobile games, so we thought that we’ll be able to do this by this much people in the beginning. We’ll just figure out the real team after all our member are finished with the other projects. We didn’t have dedicated game designer, product manager, nobody to lead the timeline, minimal plan for the financing, and nobody to lock the game scope. We have all the freedom, but nobody to lead. There was an assigned leader, yes, but we didn’t have that much experience on managing team that much. Our past mobile game developments was mainly just like a group of friend working together. In the end, nobody knows what to do with developing a game in this scale. We just did what we used to do.

For several month, what we did was: doing the game assets while programmer tried to make the base game. This is one of several problems that we learned: We are trying to prototype with polished artwork. We did the colored character animations which was decided mostly by aesthetic considerations from the beginning. What we didn’t realized was that the art will affect the game design aspect, not the other way. For example, we must make the running speed a bit fast since we have Ellen running sprite stepping too big, causing her to slide when the speed is not fast enough. In the end, we did a lot of asset redesign (especially with background assets) because we have to design them based on what the game design needed.

After that, our other crew from the other projects started joining Pale Blue team. We also recruited several new people for this team. It was around more than 11 people at that time. But there were still no game designer, no game producer. We were still doing what we want to do. We were aiming to finish Chapter 1.0 and 1.1 to be tested, and then progressing to Act 1 on Q1 2016.

Tokyo Game Show and after

Almost one year after the Kickstarter, TGS 2015 came and went. We launched our first completed integrated build. A lot of feedbacks came through the testers. We took a look on them, and after many considerations, we decided to revamp our workflow and many other things:

  • Redesigned enemy and background assets from the beginning 
  • Revised the combat system 
  • Unfinished modules/content development (cinematic, boss, Ellen abilities). 
  • Created level design content together 
  • Managing our social networks (since we promised some forum before) 
  • Followed Bethesda’s workflow level design (from GDC slides etc)

In our (still in)experienced head, we thought we could still make it somehow. We planned the Combat build to test the core mechanics, Cinematic/story build to test content workflow, Boss battle and Tyrant build to test boss battle, and then full content development. 2016 is a whole new start. (Spoiler: we didn’t make it…)

We changed things, but there is no one to justify if what we’re planning is necessary or not. There is still no singular vision for the game mechanic part, there is no one to ask about the budget and how we can get around with what we have, and there is no one that directly said, "This is it, if we can't hit the target at that time, we're done". It’s just as we could do this forever without anything bad happening.

2016, Fund, and Passion

This is our planning, taken from March update: 

  • 1. Pass Zero - Concept 
  • 2. Pass One - Layout -> Already done for chapter 1 - 3. 
  • 3. Pass Two - Gameplay -> Ongoing build, 1.3. 
  • 4. Pass Three - Complete (Late April 2016) 
  • 5. Beauty Pass (Late June 2016) 
  • 6. Final Pass - Polish, Polish, and Polish (Final targeted at July/late August)

We had our plans, but our lack of production experiences really came around this time. We seemed to have clear goals, but it keeps on moving. We finished combat build weeks late. We still going through with the lack of experience to our next build (cinematic & story). On the other side, there is no one to point out our budget issues. Worse, we didn’t actually know anything about the budget condition. Is it safe? Where does it goes? Are we taking more than we should? Is there anything left for the merchandises?

Around the time of creating the (late) cinematic build, finally there was a shocking revelation from the company that there will be no fund left. To be honest, the fund may already have been out from a long time ago, but the company still have other projects to fund the team. There were already finance problems before, though (some of the team not being paid in full, or at all). Finally, around July 2016, it was decided that the Pale Blue team couldn't be paid anymore, because there is no money left.

Our rough money calculation for 2 year - purely based on our guessings, since we didn’t know the real calculations. There seems to be a lot of other costs we didn’t know too.
Our rough money calculation for 2 year - purely based on our guessings, since we didn’t know the real calculations. There seems to be a lot of other costs we didn’t know too.

Actually, this project could’ve ended that day. But then, everyone from the team discussed together and we came to a conclusion: the team will continue this game’s development, with or without money. We already loved this project too much, and we know that there were a lot of people who were waiting for this game to be finished. Maybe we couldn’t deliver what the massive beginning project was plan to be, but we want to deliver something.

Back to the productions, we realized that we had problems with our level designing flow. Level 2.1 that we were doing was too confusing to navigate, and at that time a lot of other stages were also designed without thinking this aspect. We needed to redesign the levels. By this time, we were still going but we can't really focus fully like before. Relationship between the company and the team started to strain. On the company itself, various department are collapsing. Nobody are there to take care of social media, website, or even the human resource. The team ourselves are full with working on the project, and as much as we want to share all the things with you all, we have no visible improvement from the game to share, and the company also thought that it’s still not the time to share all the things that really happened within the project. We felt really, really bad when we always know that all of you were expecting a lot of things, but we couldn’t provide you anything. After all, what keeps us from going on from the beginning was all of your support. Seeing supports becoming hatred was very hard for us...but it’s also our fault.

The team started to work on other projects from both inside or outside the company, freelancing, and doing other jobs to make the ends meet while still doing this game. Progress started to drop, still going on but way slower. The bright side of going outside the project was: we have different perspective on things. We learned how good production happens on other companies. We implemented a lot of new development system and it really helped many things. But we're a bit too late. Burdened by the past works, the unorganized process, and the lack of game design vision, we couldn’t fully implement the system that we learned. We need to continue with all the mess that we had from the beginning. What are the assets that has been done? What are the features? Why are we making this ability for Ellen? Do we include this feature or not?

Early 2017 and The Waning Fire

Our production process was far more organized by now. But we’re still a bit blind on game design by now. We’re still designing based on all of the team’s opinion, with no one to decide fully. Our visions becomes blurry. We tried to get back from the beginning: core gameplay. We researched many games, and finally we decided to make the whole feels more like Muramasa. Not much platform, but focused on combat and hack-and-slash feeling. Polished artwork and story.

But then, the team was also tired. By now, it’s already around a half year that we are working this game with no fund. There’s still a gap within the team and the company, which leads to another question: is it our game, or their game? After we finished this game, will it be our IP, or their IP? For the team, the company’s support is a bit lacking in this last few months, and it was hard for them to work while thinking that in the end, what’s really getting it all was the company. It’s as if we’re a baby team that was expected to walk on our own, and the company is just a house for us to stay. It lead to a stressful air inside our Pale Blue workplace. People started to work from home since their family disagreed with us working without salary. And finally, people started to plan their resignation. They want to help if there’s any clear plan that needed help, but for now, it’s impossible to stay fully at the company with no clear plans.

Now what?

After the declining passion and various issues within the company, finally we took a step together. The team and the company finally reached a decision with Pale Blue: we will now spent a three-month-intensive development on Pale Blue core gameplay. The team will be small, fully funded for three months, and there will be a dedicated Game Designer to make decisions. There will also be Producer to help, we will follow a systematic development planning, and we will have a real deadline. At the end of the three-month-sprint, we are planning to produce a working prototype build for everyone to test. It won't be the full game, but it'll be the core that'll become the base for the real game. It doesn’t mean that we’ll redo all the things that we made up until now, since we will still keeps some of the usable assets and also codes.

Our latest test with crowding enemies and more aerial combat
Our latest test with crowding enemies and more aerial combat

But then, all we can do for now is just making another promise. We know that maybe some of you already lost your trust on us, and we don’t blame you for this. If you want to request your money, please feel free to do so via email to, therefore your request could be listed. We will try to inform the company about your requests, but unfortunately we cannot promise you anything from our team… :(

We hope that from this update, we could answer some of your questions on what happened all this time. For now, we really want to hear your honest opinion on this. Please let us know what you think on the comment section, and we will try our best to reply your comments. Let it be your question, your response, your anger, your dissatisfaction, your disagreement, your support, or maybe your idea or suggestions based on your experience. Anything! We are desperate for your voice, since we couldn’t do this alone. This whole post was created by the team for this one purpose: to hear your opinion.

Also, we are thinking to update you all throughout this three months, but we couldn’t manage all the social medias with our current conditions. So, we will try to focus our update on one social media, which one would you prefer for our main communication media? Kickstarter, Facebook, Twitter, or other(please specify)?

Thank you for reading this, and thank you all of you who stayed with us up until now. We really hope that we could really pull this three month through and make something real. Again, we are really, really, really sorry for all of the things that happened. :(

Best regards,

Pale Blue Development Team


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    1. Quintin Acklin on

      I hope that you guys are able to create the game that you had envisioned. I truly hope that Pale Blue will be resurrected from the ashes and be a hell of a game. I still believe in you guys,

    2. Alan Daniel Rueda

      I am incredibly saddened to be finding this out so far after it was posted. I still believe in this game though, I loved the concept. Keep my money, I know the rules of kickstarter and won't just ask for money back because it didn't work out.

    3. Mack Harris on

      Thank you very much for the update, this is one of the first projects I backed out of passion alone and even tried sharing to help you guys reach that stretch goal in those final days as I wanted to see this happen desperately. Having a comprehensive explanation finally gives some closure on the whole thing I really do hope you guys can deliver an amazing final product and look forward to the prototype

    4. Tinker Games Creator on

      @Michael Melnikoff: you're really welcome. And absolutely, this was a huge eye-opener for us--we hope we learned a lot from it by doing this sprint better than those years. And don't worry, all of you are commenting here because you cared, and we are thankful for that. :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      Jeffin, thanks for the mature response to my admittedly harsh comment. I do hope you can salvage something out of this.

    6. Tinker Games Creator on

      @Magus Killer that would be very helpful. We'll release a progress demo after this 3 month is finished and maybe before, and we'll be glad to get lots of feedback on the demo. For animator we prefer to work on the spot, but thanks for the thought! :)

    7. Magus KilIer on

      I was fearing something like this would happen after trying the public demo that was released a while ago, but it's cool that you've come clean about it, and it's awesome that you're got funding for 3 months to work on it
      Could i help you guys out as a tester/amateur combat deisgner (and even amateur animator lol)?,I've tested for Aztez and left some feedback regarding the combat on the last demo you guys released, and i would love to help in any way i can

    8. Tinker Games Creator on

      @Michael Meinikoff Thank you for sharing your opinion. When I see it your way, it is indeed just like you say:
      - We said that we have the talent, in my opinion maybe just because we have some mobile games on the appstores and we have great (in our opinion) artists and programmers. But truthfully, we lack the whole game developing systems.
      - Funding: We just agreed with the proposed funding target, thinking "maybe we could reduce some stages from the script", but then--without enough experiences, we are just imagining things. Actually, even with sufficient funding, it would be hard to make a game with this scope.
      - Team: the starting team was partial and we're even missing some positions that we should have from the beginning because our lack of knowledges.
      - Vision: this is also right. I think what we have clear vision is only about the story, but we have kind of blurry vision about the game. We know it will be platformer, it would have this and this features, but in the end we realise that we didn't have one solid vision from the beginning to the end with realistic plan.

      Our lack of knowledge and over-confidence had bring us to said things that shouldn't be said. In the end, as just you said, it becomes a lie. :(

      It wouldn't bring me any joy to read this kind of comments, but I think it is necessary to remind myself about what have we messed up here. It would gives other knowledge and gives us a slap to do better. Thank you so much for voicing your feeling, I really appreciate any kind of comment. And also, thank you for keeping your pledge, we really appreciate your support.

      Best regards,


    9. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      This is pathetic. You get some semblance of dignity for actually admitting all this, but what you have admitted it you lied to us every step of the way.

      You lied about having the requisite talent to make the game in the first place, with nothing but mobile developers with no experience making real games.
      You lied about the funding goal, admitting you asked for too little on purpose otherwise you wouldn't have gotten funded. YOU KNEW THE GAME WOULD NEVER BE COMPLETE WITH THAT FUNDING AMOUNT.
      You lied about having a team ready to work on it - you just admitted most people didn't even start on the game because they were working on other things.
      And you never had a vision for that game, just a dozen people working on random things with no project direction or accountability.

      And now you say your development company is falling apart? I'm not surprised. When your project is built on lies and hopes that you can somehow make a game without anyone finding out you lied, reality's going to be quite unforgiving.

      I won't ask for a refund because I know Kickstarter is donations and not a store, but I certainly would never fund any of you again.

    10. Tinker Games Creator on

      Just wanted to drop by for a sec to say thank you SO MUCH again for the new supports. We're really glad to have you all :,)

    11. SSJCyberSonic on

      I'm glad you decided to not give on this project.

      Please keep my pledge and make this game a reality!!

    12. David Bruno on

      A very honest and respectable update. I'm keeping my pledge and faith in the game. Keep up the great work. It's a project of passion and I can't wait to play it.

    13. Nekoi Nemo on

      So, "life happened", eh? Guess all that left for us is to have hope~♪

    14. ABIB on

      I loved the concept and I love supporting people really trying to do something different, even if I knew that you didn't have what it took to actually make the game. That's right. I took one look at your pitch, looked at your past work, and then realized that you had no chance of actually making anything resembling your proffered vision. I didn't care, though, and I still don't. I knew you'd try, and try really hard you did. What really sealed the deal was the art, you have a really great artist and designer on the team (and you better treasure her!). I think it's fantastic that you're getting one last shot to make something of this project, and I hope it goes well. Keep my money, all I ever wanted was for you to try. If I cared too much about actually getting a finished, polished game, then I wouldn't be here on Kickstarter. I come here to find special people doing special things, and Pale Blue really fits that.

      I generally don't use twitter/tumblr/facebook/whatever, but I check my email regularly, so updates here on Kickstarter work best for me. And really, as long as I can get that digital artbook I pledged for, I'll be pretty happy. You guys never disappeared and you never lied, and that means a lot. Thanks for this update, and I wish you success on your future endeavors, whether they be Pale Blue or anything else.

    15. Tinker Games Creator on

      Hi all, again--thank you so much for the new encouragement and support. Every new comments are really meaningful for us. I will try to check this page at least once a day (since I have to do production too) so feel free to comment or ask anything and I'll try my best to reply on some of the questions.

      Nintendo Switch! As great as it is, we really don't have any experience on it nor any fund to buy the tool. It would be a great thing, but for now we want to reduce any new risks that may come from porting to new platform. Similar to making it into mobile game, it would need tremendous optimisation and calibration to match the mobile game controls, so unfortunately for now we have to stay on PC for minimum risks. But again, all input are welcomed, and maybe someday when most of the game finished, we could take a look on those opportunities.

      @Andrew Warner hi there, it's really nice to see you again. I remembered when we're still active, you are one of the people who has a lot of communication with our team. We are really glad to have your help and passion! We're sorry that it has to come to this situation, though...but thank you so much for still supporting us up until now.

      Again, thank you all for the kind support. It's our first day in this 3 month sprint, hopefully we could work more efficiently from now on.


    16. Missing avatar

      Daniel Flores on

      Well, first of all, thank you for an update. I will definitely not ask for a refund, I just want to play that game eventually.

      Second, I wish your team to stay focused on the project and eventually deliver it. Once you'll do it, I'll make sure to recommend everybody to buy this game on Steam or whatever other platform you may release it. Just do it and do it good.

      Good luck, guys!

    17. Kevin Monkhouse

      Good luck in your next few months. I hope it's productive, and gets you where you want to be.

    18. Andrew Warner on

      I am one of the highest tier backers of this project and failed to receive communication for over half a year.

      I can respect the honesty (at this point), but when I contact people in this Kickstarter (notably Mukhlis) for several months (over half a year) without any update status on said game aside from Kickstarter - it's incredibly dissapointing to say the least...

      I have e-mail tinkergames regarding a refund. Personally, I don't expect a full refund (given the amount), but a partial would be expected given the failure to receive nearly ALL of the stated rewards AND (to a lesser extent) doing so in a timely manner.

      Do I want Pale Blue to succeed? Yes. Will I do it with the tier I formerly pledged at (knowing now it will be a significantly less game and rewards)? No.

    19. Bruno on

      I must admit, while I was reading this update I was seriously hoping it wouldn't end in "...and so, we're officially cancelling the project" and I'm glad it didn't.

      I don't want a refund. Unlike some Kickstarter Projects that I backed, you always seemed to be very passionate about your updates and, even now, when everything went the wrong way, you preferred to be honest and explain everything that happened, instead of lying or buying time with more false promises. That's why I choose to believe in the team.

      Even now I want this game to be released, even in a "reduced" version (only Ellen playable, maybe even only the Juggernaut transformation and less stages, but with the full story script that has been completed). I know many people would've already give up with all this troubles, but since you are still working on this after all that happened, it would be so sad to see this project fade away.

      Your sprites AND art are beautiful. Although you had a big vision for this game that won't be totally fulfilled, maybe a simpler, but solid game could attract enough attention (and cash) so you could even fulfill your original vision in a sequel.

      At last, I would prefer my updates in Kickstarter, I'm used to checking my projects here and I always see Kickstarter Updates in my e-mail. The only thing I can offer now is my deep appreciation of your work and my best wishes for you in the next 3 months.

    20. Fletcher on

      As for me, I'd prefer updates on Kickstarter. I was just looked around the other day to see if this project had "died". I'm glad to hear you all are still attempting, even after money ran out. It is more than some projects, and you have my gratitude and admiration. I'm not sure I would have continued on the project myself after money ran out.

      That being said I'm still worried about your plan and your finances, but I can be patient. Please continue to update me via Kickstarter, or make another announcement regarding where you'll be updating on us Kickstarter.

      Good luck!

    21. Docoda on

      You know, I am quite sattisfied with the answer I got after my initial message.

      Seems a lot of the things I talked about have been answered or listened to. Keep going like this and I hope to see an update in 2 weeks.

    22. Fletcher on

      A td;lr for people.

      The project lacked a experience with non-mobile development, as well as a lack of experienced management. Without management the project kept revising the game without clear goals, and ran out of money. The company opted not to inform backers and instead focused on trying to get the project continuing.

      The team opted to continue working on the game without being paid and instead freelance to pay themselves, while the company sought other projects. For awhile there was some bad blood between the company and the project team, but now the two are working together again. They've gotten some experienced managers and the company has offered funding for a 3-month development cycle to produce a working prototype alpha build for all backers to test, and then they'll see where they can go.

      In the mean time they ask people how you would like to remain updated: Kickstarter, Facebook, Twitter, or something else.

    23. Cristina Fabian on

      i love the art of Mukhlis and as a nunamer I will support him. I am sorry the team went through all the pain but don't give up. In Italy we want the Tinker succeed!

    24. Anonymous on

      is it possible for a tl:dr?

    25. Steven Guzman on

      I have to say, it pains me to hear about what you went through. There's no way that I can be mad about it knowing that you guys tried so hard to make something, even working without pay. The strife of making that decision and the tension in your own workplace sounds really rough. I'm glad that we got to hear the truth from you. I hope that in these 3 months you can learn what it takes to make clean progress and manage resources. Everything you went through wasn't for nothing. If you continue to learn and improve then you'll never be taking a step backward and as long as you're doing that, I'll continue to support you. I'll be looking forward to the fruits of your labor and your future works.
      Oh and update on Kickstarter. It's the surefire way to reach out to those who directly supported you.

    26. Schadows on

      I fall in love with this project thanks to its art (couldn't afford the artbook unfortunately), and I must admit I kind of forgot about it between each updates.
      I was also a little underwhelm by both demo, so I can only agreed with the change of gameplay (and I loved Muramasa on my Vita).

      Frankly, I know I should probably stop having hope for the game to come out, but seeing how involved in this project you seems to be, I can't help it.
      I won't ask for a refund (not that I spent that much money on it anyway), I hope for the best.

    27. Missing avatar

      Ray Naula on

      I think updates via Kickstarter would be best as alot of people probably dont follow you on facebook or twitter. For some people this is a kind of Fire and Forget sort of deal.

      More importantly updates on Kickstarter would be easier to tarck and follow that on the other platforms. Also feels slightly more official.

      Thank you for the update! Make sure to get plenty of rest and excersise regularly!

    28. Edward on

      Thanks for the update, maybe you should scale down to an app game instead of PC!!!!! Please at least consider that. Maybe take a poll from the backers see how they will feel about Pale Blue as an app instead

    29. Kyuujuuichi on

      Will you be releasing the game? Will you give me everything in my backer package?
      If it is yes, then I see no reason to be angry.
      I myself am trying hard to earn a living and getting angry and requesting refunds brings nothing but harm to both parties.

    30. Riku Marjamaa on

      This is random, but please bring the game to Nintendo Switch, it's a new succesful console, your success is guaranteed

    31. GameKnights on

      Real shame to hear there are complications plauging the game. Hope it doesn't end up getting axed after so long like so many of the kickstarters i've seen.

      Was really pumped for this when i first saw.

    32. Sano Wasi Wisrawa Yoga on

      Thanks for writing the truth. And keep vigilant guys. There will be a light at the end of the tunnel.

    33. Tinker Games Creator on

      I am really, really surprised to see all of the replies. I don't think we deserve all this kindness from you guys. Thank you, thank you so much for all of your unending support. I am really touched by all of your support. TT-TT

      Now for the current state, this is to make everything clear:
      - we are redefining core combat system, but the gameplay will still be 2d side scrolling. It is planned to be less platformer and more hack-and-slash
      - transformation and skills are still there
      - for now, we are focusing the playable Character on Ellen only
      - the story, scripts and dialogue is already finished until last chapter. We will stick to this story until the final stage. But it is not implemented yet, since we didn't have all the stages on hand. And thank you for all the writer here who wanted to help. If we need any help with the story, we will sure to keep you guys in mind :)
      - animation assets for Ellen and Juggernaut are already finished, but we expect some changes in this sprint.
      - we have several enemy assets, but it seems that we need more. And current enemy still needs tweaking.
      - we have several BG artworks and concepts, but there are still a lot to be done, since BG depends on game design.
      - merchandise is still not in our workflow yet (since at the beginning we're planning for the marketing team to take care of that), but we will plan it after we finished the most parts of the game. But I'm kinda thinking to go with the digital artbook first (not fixed, just a thought).

      And lastly, Mukhlis Nur is the head conceptor of the game, but he has already done all he could for now. He finished the story, concept characters, VN cutscene, VN sprites, UI and many things. Since we're stuck on this phase, he's giving his best on supervision about the world concept and feeling. Since he didn't come from game design, he takes care of the most of the story and artwork. Until we move on from this phase, he will be doing another things while communicating with us, so we're sorry if you haven't heard anything about pale blue on his socmed. m(_ _)m

      And thanks for all of the suggestion. We will learn from our past failure, and we will try to focus on the story and artwork. The hard thing about the past game design is that we want too accommodate everyone's input, and in the end nobody really knows the end of the product since it's a fragment from different ideas. Hopefully we could see a clearer end on how the product will go from this sprint by focusing the judgement from one game designer. It won't be a breakthrough system, though, but hopefully it would be an enjoyable gameplay that accommodates the story and the artwork well.

      That said, from now in this 3 month sprint, we will try to update via Kickstarter every 2 weeks for the progress. Feel free to ask anything here and I'll try to reply if there's anything you want to know. Again, thank you, thank you for all of your support. :,)


    34. Michael Roebling on

      As someone whose tinkered with game design, and knows people who work moble gamss I understand your problems clearly. I also know how hard it can be for passion to survive reality, when you realize drive isn't all it takes to succeed.

      I noticed of all the things you are working on, you didn't mention story development which is worrying, because the concept is so awesome. I do some freelance writing, and am willing to volunteer my time if you want it, if not I understand. Do what you guys need to, and I hope you succeed. I personally hope it's very successful, and with video games I never look at delivery dates too harshly. They always get pushed, it's hard not to. Games are so complex.

      So I implore you to keep in touch, we are here and I think that Kickstarter is definitely the right platform at this point. Don't go silent again, or lose what remains of the Goodwill most of the backers have. Despite everything, I still believe in the game.

    35. Toby Bad on

      Yeah... I would like so this game finished and I don't really mind waiting. If it's worth it!

      Sparse updates on the other hand are way worse, that part should not be left out. Of course I want them to be here at kickstarter obviously. This is the place.

      Cheers and keep at it!

    36. Zaranell on

      I would be upset if all you had to offer was excuses that pointed the blame towards someone or something else. However, you didn't just tell us everything that went wrong and why you couldn't make the game the way you had planned - you told us everything you did wrong AND you told us exactly what you learned from the mistakes you made, as well as how you plan on incorporating those lessons in the future. *That* is what tells me this project is still in good hands, and why I still trust you to do the best you can. As long as you learn from your mistakes and try your best, that's all I can ask as a backer.

    37. Jayme Dale on

      <3 <3 <3 thank you so much for the update! It sounds like quite a ride. I'm rootin' for y'all!

    38. Missing avatar


      Cheers and support from me too; try not to take harsher comments to heart. I still believe that most people understand and accept that Kickstarter is about giving a chance to creators, not making a purchase or being entitled to daily reports.

    39. Marilith on

      First off, let me say that I'm on team support. Kickstarter projects are always gambles so I don't take particular offense to unholy delays and indeed, rather than disappointed, I'm relieved to hear that work continues and the whole thing didn't collapse and die. It's the story, characters and art style that sold me and it sounds like despite all the trials and tribulations on the game design side, those areas remain something of a strength so that suits me just fine. Heck, the end result could be a visual novel or something in Twine and I'd be happy if the appropriate amount of love were placed into it. That said, I think directly controlling Ellen and putting the player in command of both her powers but also decisions and how others react to them and her in general offers not only more entertaining gameplay but also has potential for more impactful storytelling through player engagement and immersion so please continue with the planned 2D action genre if possible.

      My takeaway from this post is that things went pretty far sideways but despite that, the team persisted and the passion for the project remained in the face of adversity so I don't want to flog you for the sins of the past but hope to stoke that passion and keep things moving forward. Bringing a vision to reality isn't easy but the honesty and clear desire to make good on past promises demonstrated says a lot in my book so I sincerely hope that the hardships of the past months serve as an opportunity to learn and grow rather than dishearten or diminish. Keep that spirit and you keep me, simple as that.

      I do still want that shirt at some point too but as I said before, delays don't scare me so if that isn't until after the game launches and makes some money, I totally understand. I'm not a social media person so I vote updates continue here on Kickstarter.

      Best of luck and know that I'm still here, cheering for you from the background! ^_^

    40. Saodhar

      I'm really glad to hear from you. I hope you'll overcome your difficulties and rekindle the passion for the project.
      A for the updates - KS and fb are best for me. twitter also works - but I'm not usiong it much.

    41. Missing avatar

      Nichole Hopper on

      It's sad to see this happened. But that is the risk in backing something, unforeseen issues. I back enough for the art book because I adored the style. Are those still planned to go out? I'm curious because I would have loved to still have it.

      At least, out of everything, you all know some important facts you didn't before about the process into making a game. Even if this doesn't work out, you can try again hopefully. You all have a beautiful style and I would have loved to see this have some form of life.

      But some things just don't work out, you know? At least I was able to catch a few of your streams! Those were fun, being able to talk real time.

      Anyways, thank you for trying and making some beautiful pieces of art! Hope everything settles down for you all.

    42. Patrick Tan on

      I've no strong feelings about this development; having backed some projects that were either scams or which quietly failed after a few years of development (some with virtually no updates whatsoever beyond an initial period) I've long lowered my expectations for most of them, especially those still ongoing and way overdue.

      While your team deserves some commendation for wanting to continue, pardon me if I'm not exactly holding my breath. If your team can finish this up someday you can be sure I'll be very pleasantly surprised, otherwise take your lessons and apply them towards whatever projects are undertaken in the future be it via Kickstarter or elsewhere.

      As for the question posed, I'd rather keep having any updates be delivered through Kickstarter.

      Good luck.

    43. level1imp

      Oh, also, communication through Kickstarter please :)

    44. Zachary Hagen on

      Let me start by saying I'm glad you are being very upfront, honest, and regretful.

      That being said I am really disappointed. I put $160 into this KS 3 years ago because of that beautiful artwork I saw. I was excited to play the game of course but I wanted the artbook, t-shirt, etc. because of how beautiful it all was. Now those things are probably never going to come to fruition. Even if you get this working prototype out then what about the actual game? The digital rewards? The physical rewards?

      I'm so torn as to what to do. At this point I feel as though I should request my money back, but as of right now I'm not. I really hope you have all learned a very harsh lesson of video game development. It will serve you well in the future.

      You should keep us all updated here on Kickstarter as to the progress of both the game as well as the company.

      I am keeping my money and faith invested in you all because I really want to see this come through to the other side. I want you guys and gals to be able to look back on this in the future and remember that you made it all work out in the end. I want you to succeed!

      Best wishes!

    45. level1imp

      I would say to try another kickstarter (or alternative crowdfunding) to raise additional funds to continue to project in full, though it could be hard considering how this campaign has unfolded.
      Personally, I would pitch in to another fund raiser as, despite the results thus far, I believe your team to be passionate about the project and feel these past 3 years have been a meaningful experience (though it is sad it took that long and for things to dip so low before anything dramatic happened in terms of team composition).
      I am likely in the minority though, as, with each subsequent pledge, I no longer wait with as much bated breath over project updates as I used to. Simply choosing to let the creators get on with it and maybe one day a package will arrive at my door or an e-mail with a key will pop up.
      Others are not so lax and that's a good thing.

      Anyway, it is truly sad things have gotten into the state they have. I shall be sticking with you to the end though, however that might turn out.
      All the best to yourself and the team.

    46. Missing avatar

      Rutana on

      You know... I had put 70 USD in a game where the delevoper came out after months of silence, cancelling the project and basically telling all funders "yeah, there's no refund, we spent your money to improve our art! Bye!"...
      I put 10 USD in this game. I won't ask for a refund. At least you're honest and you still try your best.
      But I also hope that this is a lesson for you, too. You really went into this very, very naive - and on the back of 1305 people who gave their money to you...
      I'm not angry, or mad, and I definitely not hating on you :)
      But there's one thing I really want to see: Get a Head! Design one person to be in charge, to be the Game Designer. Or ask someone who might be willing to do it for you.
      You NEED someone who overlooks everything and makes decision.
      Learn Level-Designing. It doesn't has to be complicated, just keep in mind that the best level designs start basic and teach the player new mechanics or difficulties on an intuitive way.
      Focus on art and story - I think that's what most people got interested in the project, as long as fighting and overall gameplay also feels good, you get a good game out of it.

      For updates, I'd prefer Kickstarter, as it reaches everyone the same.

      Thanks for your update and your passion. Good Luck for the future :)

    47. Chris Chen

      Thank you for the update. Please continue. I, at least, would like to see a game at the end of your journey.

    48. Missing avatar

      Brian Miller on

      This update comes later than I certainly would have liked to see. I'm sure it was difficult to write and I am happy you have at least opened up to us regarding the current situation. I think we deserve more frequent explanations as to what the current progress is and I think something more solid, like Kickstarter posts, would be the best platform for this (something more concrete and easy to look back on, as opposed to social media posts that can easily get lost in the shuffle).

      While this news is definitely not the most positive, it does seem like there is hope. With the company stepping in to help push things along, there will be more structure, and hopefully this will help. I look forward to trying the prototype and would extend an offer to help in any way that I am able. I certainly can't draw and have no programming experience, but I am a capable writer, so if there is need for any help in shaping the story, I would be happy to help. What Docoda said just minutes before me is true... sometimes writing things down can help gel things in your mind and can also help relieve some stress as well. Just keep us informed and carry on. I still believe in the project.

    49. Missing avatar

      Sam Jones on

      I say it'd be best to communicate how you've been doing so far (but certainly more regularly)

      I hope this game comes out and rekindles a bit of fire in you guys, just be thorough, it'd be a waste to release a broken game.

    50. Orm on

      It makes me sad to hear what you've all gone throw.
      This isn't the first time I've seen a project I've backed run into trouble, but I applaud you for not giving up.

      I wish you all the best of luck in the coming months.