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Use your battle cards wisely to win sexy favors from your opponent in this strategic card game.
Use your battle cards wisely to win sexy favors from your opponent in this strategic card game.
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The Bedroom Battle app is here!

Posted by Tingletouch Games (Creator)


Good news! It took a little time, but we've finally managed to complete the final stretch goal, which was a pretty big one - an app expansion.

It's here!
It's here!

Now, before we give you the download links, there is one thing we need to confess. We know we promised that the app should be free for all backers, however, it turns out this is not possible when publishing it on Google Play. Our plan was to offer it for free during the first month, so you all have a chance to get it for free, and then change it to a paid app. Unfortunately we have learned that if you make an app free on Google Play it can never be changed. Ever :(

This app expansion contains a lot of new content and we'd love to give it to you backers for free, but giving it out for free to everyone forever would be a bad business decision. The Apple App Store allows $0.99 as the lowest price, so to be fair to all users, that is the price we will use for the first month - both for Google Play and App Store.

This means you can all download the app for under a dollar
(and under a euro) until October 31. From November 1 the price will go up, so if you want to get it almost for free, download it before October 31.

We regret that we promised a free app of course, but we hope you understand it was an honest mistake on our part for not checking Google Play's policies before we made our promise.

Okay, moving on! Here are the download links:

Download the Bedroom Battle app expansion for Android

Download the Bedroom Battle app expansion for iOS

The app works on all modern phones and tablets that runs Android or iOS

So, how does the app work you might wonder? The basic concept is very simple: Each time you win a SMALL or HOT reward card in Bedroom Battle you also get to spin a wheel of fortune in the app, and hopefully win an extra reward in addition to the reward you select on the reward card.

When you spin the wheel there are three possible outcomes:

PINK - You get to select ONE of two random rewards. It can either be something related to the game or something a bit more naughty.

YELLOW - You get to select ONE of two seriously sexy rewards. How sexy they are depends on if you've won a small or hot reward card in the game.

WHITE - This is the one you don't want to win, as it means you have to choose ONE of two random PENALTIES instead of rewards.

Just like in the base game all challenges in the app are designed to work for everyone – regardless of gender or sexual preference.

The app expansion adds a total of 100 new sexy challenges and 50 game-related actions to Bedroom Battle, and it can of course be used together with our two other expansions as well. It also adds a bit more randomness and unpredictability to the game, so if one of you is always winning, the app might mix things up a bit.

Now, since this was the last stretch goal for this campaign we probably won't post many more updates here in a while, so we should probably also tell you about our two new products

Many of you already know of this of course, but if you don't, we proudly present to you The Love Calendar for Couples and The Advent Calendar for Couples!

The Love Calendar for couples to the left and the Advent Calendar for Couples to the right.
The Love Calendar for couples to the left and the Advent Calendar for Couples to the right.

The Kickstarter campaign is live right now, and you can learn all there is to know about these sexy, fun, and romantic calendars using the link below.

Click HERE to check out the new calendars!

Finally, we have of course tested the app thoroughly on both Android and iOS devices, however there are thousands of different devices so if you encounter some kind of bug or issue we would appreciate if you send us a message here on Kickstarter. Please include what kind of phone or tablet you are using and, if possible, the version of your operating system. Yup, being guinea pigs for new products is one of the perks you get for being backers! :)

We're very happy with how the app turned out, and we hope it will provide a lot of sexy fun for you and your partner.

Kind regards,
Elin & Magnus - Tingletouch


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    1. Tingletouch Games 7-time creator on

      Thanks Ron, hope you like it!

    2. Ron McIlroy

      Cool, bought the app!

    3. Tingletouch Games 7-time creator on

      Mark: We thought about that, but Apple only gives you 100 promo codes per release and we had almost 500 backers. So, we couldn't think of a way to make distribute them fairly. We could do a "first come first served"-thing, but we decided it would be the most fair if we had the same low price for everyone, instead of free for some and paid for some.

    4. Missing avatar

      Mark Carter

      Shouldn't you be able to give us a promotional code we can redeem to get the app for free?