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Use your battle cards wisely to win sexy favors from your opponent in this strategic card game.
Use your battle cards wisely to win sexy favors from your opponent in this strategic card game.
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Did your expansion boxes look okay when they arrived?

Posted by Tingletouch Games (Creator)

Hi everyone,

So, it's a new year and we have lots of fun things planned, however there are still some things to wrap up from 2017.

To begin with with, we hope everyone have received their games by now, but if you haven't please contact us if you haven't already, and we'll try to sort out what has gone wrong, or if we need to reship your pledge.

Secondly, we noticed on a game that was returned to us due to an undeliverable address, that the expansion boxes were a bit damaged. While a returned shipment receives a lot more beating than just sending something one way, we would still like to let you know that if any of you received damaged expansion boxes, please let us know and we will immediately send you new boxes, completely free of charge of course. If you have changed you address recently, please provide us with the new address, or we will use the one we sent to last time.

While the cards inside all should be perfectly fine, we'd hate it if some of you received boxes that are squashed, and we definitely do not think that is okay. We want all our backers to be happy!

This should only be an issue for some of you who received your shipments in blue or white padded envelopes directly from us. All other shipments were packed differently and should be perfectly fine. Hopefully most of these are too.

If you did receive a damaged box, we apologize for this and will of course learn from it and make sure to protect our expansions better when shipping from now on. The only way to offer free worldwide shipping (without a much higher product price) is to send smaller shipments in these padded envelopes, usually this is fine, and we always add extra protection, but we may have underestimated the amount of beating a tuck box endures during shipping. 

If you need a replacement box, it will be sent flat with thick cardboard protection, which is very safe, and then you can just and throw away the old box and put your cards in the new one. And don't worry, we understand that you might not want to cause us any extra cost, and might not say something. However, sending new expansions won't cause us that much trouble, since they are very light and cheap to send. And if you received a damaged box, it's our mistake in the first place anyway. So, don't be afraid to speak up if you want new boxes, you're worth it!:)

Okay, that was all for now. We will soon post an update with some information about what we have planned for 2018!

Finally, here's a cute and completely unrelated random picture of our cat Wilma after opening, and playing with one of her Christmas presents:

/Magnus & Elin

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    1. Tingletouch Games 7-time creator on

      @Elizabeth, I'm sending you a PM.
      // Elin

    2. Missing avatar

      Elizabeth Lendall on

      Nope, I received nothing.

    3. Tingletouch Games 7-time creator on

      Thank you Mitch for telling us! Have fun playing ;)

    4. Missing avatar

      Mitch on

      Got mine with everything in tact and in perfect condition. Thank you!

    5. Tingletouch Games 7-time creator on

      Thanks a lot Sean, happy to hear things arrived fine and that you enjoyed the game. If you want to give us a review and/or rating you can always do it on Boardgamegeek, That's always helpful. You don't have to though, we're just happy to hear that you had fun!

    6. Missing avatar

      Sean Dunne on

      Backer from Ireland here - our expansions, and indeed everything else, arrived in perfect condition. We've had a blast playing the game so far! If you ever need reviews/testimonials, we'd be glad to provide some.

      Looking forward to seeing what's in store in 2018!