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A dice and tile press-your-luck word game for 2 - 6 players.
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Featured above: a round of Length x Wit, played for your amusement.

Game Overview

Using a combination of wooden tiles and artisan dice, players attempt to create words based on their dice roll. Each letter die multiplies the word score. Players must then decide whether to stop and score or draw another die, roll again and risk it all!

  • Number of players: 2 - 6.
  • Playing time: about 1 hour.
  • Ages: 13+ (depending on language mastery)
  • Language: the dice and tiles are tailored to English.

Inclusive Gameplay

Length x Wit is a game with very little player downtime. Many turn-based games have long periods where players must wait for their turn to arrive, especially if there are many players. Length x Wit easily scales from 2 - 6 players by allowing all players to score during anyone's turn.

On Your Turn

At the beginning of your turn you start with 9 letter tiles and one letter die. Once you roll the die, a word must be created using the rolled letter and any number of your letter tiles. You may now either score the letter points, ending your turn, or press your luck. When scoring a word, the number of dice acts as a score multiplier. The more dice you use, the higher your score. If you decide to press your luck, continue your turn by setting aside the used tiles, then drawing an additional letter die. Rolling both dice, you must now spell a word using all of the new dice letters and any number of your remaining tiles. You may repeat the process as many times as you wish, however the more dice you roll, the more difficult it becomes to create a word.

On your turn you may use the dice in your word as a score multiplier.
On your turn you may use the dice in your word as a score multiplier.


After you make your word attempt, all other players are allowed to Respond by making a word attempt of their own. They may attempt to score points for themselves on your turn, using the same letter dice you rolled and their tiles. They score points in the same way you did, except since it's still your turn, they are not allowed to use the dice as score multipliers. The Response feature makes Length x Wit faster-paced than other turn-based word games.

Others may not use the dice as a score multiplier when responding.
Others may not use the dice as a score multiplier when responding.

The full rules may be found here:

Durable and Portable

Length x Wit has been lovingly hand-crafted in the Portland area, using wood, dice, and cloth components. Its small compact size and durable wooden box make it a perfect game for pub or parlor. We have even designed the bags to nest inside of one another, so all the game components will fit inside the drawstring tile bag, if you wish to leave the box behind.

Choose Your Color

Once the campaign has concluded you will be able to select the color of dice best suited to your tastes!

Available Dice Colors:

  • Ivory & Newsprint Brown
  • Black & Gold
  • Ivory & Red
  • High-contrast White & Black

Each copy of Length x Wit may be engraved with a personal message or custom monicker. Visit our Engraving Options website for ideas on what some of the possibilities are. Remember, the ideas presented there are only suggestions and we will gladly entertain any ideas you may have of your own!

Personalize the wild side with a monogram of your choice! We have options to replace one, or both, of the default wild star symbols with a monogram of two letters of your choosing.

Each Extra Dice Set includes the same 11 dice letters as the full game, and you will have the opportunity to pick the color once the campaign has ended. Need an Extra Dice Bag for your Extra Dice Set? Add-on another beautiful maroon and gold dice bag.

These dice have the numbers 1 through 6 elegantly engraved on their sides and are perfect for generating random numbers for all occasions! As a bonus, the dice include "+", "-", and "blank" subscripts, so they will work for the Fudge/Fate systems too, whatever those are! The dice are designed in our classic Length x Wit Victorian revival style, and are available in any of the unlocked Length x Wit color schemes.

Additional Copies

Add-on additional copies of Length x Wit.

ANY Tier:

  • United States: $40.00 / copy (includes shipping).
  • International: $60.00 / copy (includes shipping).


  • U.S. Holiday Delivery: $45 / copy (includes shipping).

About Add-ons

Add-ons with Kickstarter can be complicated if you've never done it before. For a guide on the process, click here: Add-on Help.

Additionally, we intend to build a backer fulfillment website (much like we did for our previous project Dice Empire) where you may adjust your pledge, even after the campaign has concluded.

Length x Wit: Digital Game

With its small box and sturdy components, Length x Wit is already a very portable game, but by unlocking this stretch goal, Length x Wit will go mobile!

With the introduction of the digital game, you will be able to play with friends across the world on your mobile phone and tablet devices. The game will feature both "Pass & Play" and "Push Notification" game modes. It is slated for initial release on the Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devices; we will be considering other platforms depending on the interest of the initial release.

We stand by the quality of our products and hope that you will back our project, but please consider also helping us get the word out.

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Follow us on Twitter and we will include an additional wooden token of our appreciation with your reward. Twitter: @PlayTinderbox

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Leave a Review!

Once you receive your copy of Length x Wit and have had a chance to play it a few times, please consider leaving a review your gaming experience at: Length x Wit. Thank you!

Making an awesome game is a lot of hard work, but we have an experienced team that LOVES this kind of work.

The team at Tinderbox Entertainment is honored to be working alongside local game designer Dave Myers. We love his games and are proud to bring his first design to Kickstarter. The rest of our small studio is comprised of a hand full of perfectionists from the greater Portland area. Our current team is comprised of a bard, a druid, two wizards, a rogue, and a warrior. Only one of us can spell, but all of us love making and playing games.

This is our second Kickstarter project, and we will be using the extensive experience we gained from Dice Empire to make sure your experience with us is as pleasant as possible!

Risks and challenges

The only risks involved in this campaign are possible shipping delays. We will do everything possible to ship rewards to backers by the estimated delivery date, however (except for the Holiday Delivery tier) the final shipping date will ultimately depend on the quantity of rewards we need to send out.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

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