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A dice and tile press-your-luck word game for 2 - 6 players.
A dice and tile press-your-luck word game for 2 - 6 players.
317 backers pledged $13,916 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Tinderbox Entertainment 3-time creator on

      @Trowby & @ Julie - Your orders have shipped!

      @Frank - You still need to complete your order. I've messaged you directly with the instructions you need to finalize your order. Thanks!

    2. Frank Zepp

      Still waiting for my copy of the game. Can you message me so we can resolve this? Thank you.

    3. Missing avatar

      Julie Peyton on

      I filled out my response last year (April 2015) but have never received my game. I sent you a message last month and never heard back. Help?

    4. Trowby Brockman

      Somehow I never ordered my early bird. I just sent it along with an order for an extra set and one of the special dice. Many thanks for alerting me again. Please acknowledge. Trowby

    5. Tinderbox Entertainment 3-time creator on

      @ Brian D. Ferguson - We've sent you a message. We look forward to completing your order as soon as possible.

    6. Brian D. Ferguson on

      Hi, just wondering if anyone will answer my question.


    7. Brian D. Ferguson on

      Terrific game. Can I purchase copies of the game for Christmas presents?

      Please let me know. Thanks.

    8. Jo Leutton on

      Received & ready to play - looks amazing! Thanks :)

    9. Gary McGrath

      Received yesterday, played last night after a dinner party.
      Fantastic product - very impressed with the quality, and the 'Olde World' charm of the design. Now our friends want their own copy!
      Thanks for a kickstarted product that really works as advertised.

    10. Tinderbox Entertainment 3-time creator on

      @Harley Adams - We need you to complete your order before we ship it. We will send you a message with more detailed instructions to help you through the process.

    11. Missing avatar

      Harley Adams on

      Hi! Have been excited for Length x Wit for so long, can't wait to get it! Just wondering if I'm in this backer round or the next one? Thanks so much!

    12. Michael Kremer on

      I was out of town over the weekend, and just found my copy in my mailbox! All the components look great. I can't wait to get this on the table! ;)

    13. Tinderbox Entertainment 3-time creator on

      @Amy - Thank you so much for sharing such a heartwarming use for Length x Wit. Our warm regards to you and your family!

    14. Missing avatar

      Amy on

      Completely forgot to mention I received my copy last week here in Australia. Quality is excellent - really pleased with it. Am hoping to use it with my kids to extend spelling & vocab (my son is autistic & spelling can be an issue for him...this is visual & hands-on, so appeals much more than boring rote learning). Thanks!

    15. Michael Kremer on

      Woot! Finally received my confirmation. You guys must be about done!

    16. Missing avatar

      Raider84 on

      Anybody from Europe have his/her copy yet?

    17. Missing avatar

      brent a brewer on

      I did have a wild in there somewhere

    18. Tinderbox Entertainment 3-time creator on

      @brent a brewer - Congratulations! Five dice can be really difficult to score. And out of curiosity, was the 'H' wild? (Because 'exhaust' with 5 dice should score 90!)

    19. Missing avatar

      brent a brewer on

      Won my first game last night with a 5 dice "exhaust" for 75 points BooYAA :-)

    20. Sasaki Chasofito

      Got it. We had a game in which the entire family was able to be involved in. Much enjoyment was had. Not a complicated game. Just need to know more than a few words and keep your luck about you. A good time was had by all!
      Thank you!

    21. Chris King on

      I got my copy in the mail this morning the box looks wonderful! Can't wait to play it! Once you get shipping email, things happen fast! :D Thanks Tinderbox!!

    22. Missing avatar

      brent a brewer on

      Yay! Shipping notification! #263

    23. Missing avatar

      brent a brewer on

      any progress on shipping? ;-) hoping to get mine soonish

    24. Tinderbox Entertainment 3-time creator on

      @Raider84 - Unfortunately, once the package goes into the USPS parcel system, the tracking number is the only information that we can use to see its status. We don't know if it is being sent by boat or plane, but lets not panic. Sometimes parcels take strange routes. If it doesn't arrive in another couple of weeks, we will look into it. In the unfortunate case that your package is not delivered, we will send you a replacement.

    25. Missing avatar

      Raider84 on

      Hi, is the shipment via plane or boat for the EU? Do you have the Name of the boat? My package left LA on 11. July - still no further Status. Would like to track the plane it must be in my hands now.....

    26. Tinderbox Entertainment 3-time creator on

      @Jill Heller - We're really glad to hear that you had a great time! It is inspiring for us to hear how much our backers are enjoying Length x Wit! An online store is a long way off, but we plan on allowing any backer to order as many copies of Length x Wit as they'd like. Of course, we have to fulfill all of the Kickstarter orders first, but we will message you with details on how you can order more.

    27. Jill Heller

      Hi Tinderbox games!
      We just had our first game night tonight and had a BLAST!! Thank you for creating such a wonderful game!

      We're thinking of giving it as holiday gifts this year, is there a way to purchase extras?


    28. Tinderbox Entertainment 3-time creator on

      @brent a brewer - Happy Birthday! We do want to give you a tracking number... Does it matter whose it is? ;) Seriously though, based on your backer number, your reward will ship as part of the next batch! Thank you for bearing with us!

    29. Missing avatar

      brent a brewer on

      I know you guys want to give me a tracking number for my birthday today

    30. Tinderbox Entertainment 3-time creator on

      Next up . . . 251 !

    31. Douglas Bohne on

      What number is the shipping up to?

    32. Jo Leutton on

      Oh! I'm back #304 - looking forward to hopefully being in the next batch!!!

    33. Missing avatar

      brent a brewer on

      Sweet thanks :-) So looking forward to this game :-)

    34. Tinderbox Entertainment 3-time creator on

      @brent a brewer - We'll do our best to keep you informed. We just sent out another batch today, ending with backer 208.

    35. Missing avatar

      brent a brewer on

      Tinderbox -Would you mind providing a weekly comment update as to where shipping is at? I am soo anxious to get this game in my hands.I'm sure that there are.others who would like to know and cheer you guys on through the finish.

    36. Tinderbox Entertainment 3-time creator on

      @Raider84 - We only send 2 emails. One to confirm your order has been placed and one when it has shipped. I suspect the email you are talking about to be phishing / spam, but please message us through Kickstarter if you have any concerns.

      -Team Tinderbox

    37. Missing avatar

      Raider84 on

      Did anybody got a Mail from a Package delivery dep. Should answer per Mail at @aim with a Code. Is this Mail real or spam?

    38. Bonham on

      That's interesting. I live in Federal Way and I seriously doubt we'd be used as a hub for out of state mail (especially when Portland is right across the river from Vancouver). On the bright side, maybe that means mine will show up soon!

    39. Amanda Helstrom-White on

      The USPS has stolen my package apparently. It went from being in time for delivery yesterday to "delayed". No idea why it decided to go to Federal Way, Washington on the way to Portland, Oregon from Vancouver, Washington anyway. I should have asked if I could have picked it up in person. If it ever turns up I'll be happy. Stupid USPS.

    40. Chris King on

      We wouldn't be asking all these questions if we weren't all excited! Thanks for the update, Tinderbox. Keep up the good work! :}

    41. Michael Kremer on

      @Tinderbox: Thanks! I know you guys are a small team and working as hard as you can. The long wait without any updates was making me nervous. I'm looking forward to this one! ;)

    42. Tinderbox Entertainment 3-time creator on

      @Everyone - Our apologies for any delays you may experience. We started shipping in June as promised, but as usual we are never sure what kind of production / shipping throughput we will be able to sustain until we start doing it. Thus is one of the joys of Kickstarter…

      However, we now have enough data to report that we’re shipping around 30 - 40 orders a week, with small bursts here and there. We have another 15 lined up to ship out tomorrow, ending in backer #195. Additionally, our intention is to ship them out in order, but sometimes some numbers get skipped due to the amount of product we have on hand or the complexity of the order. Of course anyone who gets skipped due to a post office run gets added back in to the next batch. So it wouldn’t surprise me if some of you have experienced some reward arrivals slightly out of order.

      We know you are all anxious to receive your rewards, and shipping them out our top priority! Thank you for your patience. We promise to get Length x Wit into your hands as soon as possible!

      @ Michael Kremer – I think your estimate is about right, but if we can get it to you sooner, we will.

      @ brent a brewer – We’d never say no to beer and pizza! When can you get here? ;)

    43. Missing avatar

      brent a brewer on

      Tinderbox what backer # are you up to? What's the holdup? One shipping party with beer and pizza on a Saturday should kick this project out...

    44. Michael Kremer on

      @Chris: They are being mailed in order by backer number. We coming up on four weeks since shipping started and the highest number I've seen receive a shipping notice so far is Joseph at #112 (at least of those who have commented). I don't know if you should start getting excited until you receive your shipping notice. Personally, I came in on the tail end of the campaign, and the way things are going I am not really expecting mine until August - unless Tinderbox comes back with something different.

    45. Chris King on

      @Joseph Prozinski : Thanks for a small review! I think I ordered the gold/black dice too! Now I am getting excited!! Partly because, you and I both live in IL. That means mine must be getting close!

    46. Joseph Prozinski

      I just received my copy today. I've not played it yet, but it looks very nice. The dice look very good. The tile and dice bags look very nice. The box is glued together with a very good quality glue that feels like it won't come apart. Two nice a brief rule cards. My only gripe about them is that some people may have problems following the flow chart of what to do on their turn. Not everyone deals with flow charts well. That being said the other rule card has the rules spelled out, so all is not lost. The flow chart is a nice visual reference for those who understand them.

      I went with the gold on black dice. I really like how the gold paint came out on them.

      Now to try it out.

    47. Michael Teague

      I'm backer #75 on the EARLY BIRD SPECIAL tier, FWIW.

    48. Michael Teague

      Woohoo! Received LxW on Saturday!

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