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A podcast host investigating corruption in a small mining town stumbles upon a secret race of werewolves in this 10 episode webseries.
A podcast host investigating corruption in a small mining town stumbles upon a secret race of werewolves in this 10 episode webseries and companion podcast.
A podcast host investigating corruption in a small mining town stumbles upon a secret race of werewolves in this 10 episode webseries and companion podcast.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Grace McGray on

      I was so glad to get this update as I was wondering just recently how things were progressing. I'm so incredibly excited for this project (more so than any other project I've backed) but I'm also ready to be incredibly patient as I know you guys are working on making it the best it can be for us.

    2. Patrick Munroe on

      What's the status on this, I believe they've been done shooting for a while. Curious about the editing process!

    3. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      Hi guys does anybody have any new information as to the progress. As it’s been over 2 Moths from the last update

    4. Missing avatar

      Belle on

      Has the email for the add ons been sent yet? I added and haven't gotten an email

    5. Alexandra Keniston on

      So excited for this, been a huge fan of everything you guys have done in the past. Glad I could help out even if it wasn't much. I know what it's like working with low budgets.

    6. Bridget Conway on

      So excited for this! Congrats, TCB!! :D

    7. Josie Daigle on

      is there a way to change your payment tear now? i just realized i meant to do the next one up

    8. Sharon R. Streight on

      Congratulations on far exceeding your Kickstarter goal! This is fantastic! I'm so excited to follow this project!

    9. Peta Prokopiou on

      So damn excited to see this! Wish i could’ve donated 5k to have a part in it. *insert cryface emoji*

    10. Missing avatar

      Gail on

      Thanks for the long stream guys it was nice to listen to while doing homework today. I've been putting my creative projects out there recently so I thought I'd give back to a group of creatives that I love and respect and get a cool t-shirt in return! Good luck you guys, can't wait to see the finished project!

    11. Missing avatar

      Kristel Wright Cochran on

      So awesome that you are finally funded and able to start this amazing project! I can't wait to witness the progress as well as the finished project!! Congratulations!

    12. Emily Voyce on

      It has been so amazing to watch all the streams and help you on this journey this month!!!!! Thank you all for doing this, and congratulations bc you guys completely deserve all the support you got!!!

    13. Missing avatar

      Holly Morton on

      Props to you all, this is very exciting! Happy to have supported the Wayward Guide, and I am looking forward to this awesome project! �

    14. Anna Elizabeth on

      Congrats guys- you all deserve it! You are all wonderful people who never fail to brighten my day!

    15. Rhianna Kathlyne Williams on

      I am SO PROUD of TCB, cast, crew, and all is backers for making this Kickstarter a success!! Now I am super excited for the next leg of the journey!! This is gonna be great!

    16. Missing avatar

      Catherine Edwards on

      I'm so glad you made it!

    17. Missing avatar

      Inge Zijl - van den Berg on

      120K, we're getting a blooper real, woohoo!

    18. Lefdmae De'emalr Effaeldm on

      Hi all, I've made a wallpaper for Wayward Guide, here if anyone wants it (with a few variations, Diane and two main characters for now, I'll probably make more later)

    19. Steve Wales on

      D'oh! Sorry, 3pm PDT is the end time... 9pm PDT is the start which would be 4am Sunday morning GMT (5am UK time)

    20. Steve Wales on

      @Daniel 3pm PDT is 10pm GMT (or 11pm British Summer Time)

    21. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      What time does the livestream start please in GMT time thank

    22. Missing avatar

      Freya Saunderson on

      So i noticed that Melbourne Australia has the most backers! Good work guys! When it comes out we should have a launch/viewing party or something!

    23. Missing avatar

      Shannon Lindsey on

      OMG! You guys made it!! I'm so excited for this and proud to be a part of it. Let's do this!!! :)

    24. Missing avatar

      Samantha on

      If you are doing any more photoshoots I would very much like desktop images and phone images to put as screensavers and backgrounds.
      Preferable of our wonderful main actress (Mary Kate Wiles). But variety is good.

    25. Missing avatar

      nyla on

      do i have to up the price of the shipping too? I have the 5$ reward and i want the diane pin do i have to put 15$ (reward+pin) or 23$(reward+pin+shipping)?

    26. Sophie Dembski on

      I am so relieved you've made the goal! Let's keep it up guys!

    27. rose on

      Will the show/podcast have swearing? (i.e. is this going to be family friendly) :)

    28. Madeline Roever on

      I'm honestly so glad you guys made your goal firstly because I can't wait to see this project come to life but also because I could feel and was sharing in your stress from two thousand miles away lmao

    29. Katina on

      This is fantastic! Congrats on meeting your funding goal!

    30. Missing avatar

      Freya Saunderson on

      what an amazing jump in the last day! Incredible!!!

    31. Maranda Hernandez on

      WE MADE IT! I am so excited to see how you guys do! Congrats!!!! I can't wait to see (and listen) to the podcast and webseries. This is so exciting and I am so happy for you guys!

    32. Liz Harvey on

      I am soooo happy and relieved that we made it. I am thrilled beyond words for you guys that this gets to be made in style. This gives us all something amazing to look forward to this year and next. Let's hope it blows way past the 100,000 mark to give you guys a safety margin. Congratulations to you all for a job well done.

    33. Missing avatar

      Savannah Erickson on

      Ahhh I am so happy and excited for you guys!!!!!

    34. Sarah Kerr on

      So happy for you guys!!
      Delighted that you get to go ahead with the project!

    35. Dani on

      Ahhh!!! We did it! I'm so happy!!!!

    36. Missing avatar

      Ella bliss on

      We did it! I'm so happy!

    37. Missing avatar

      Maria Villalobos on

      Congratulations guys!!! We did it!!!! �

    38. Missing avatar

      Sophie on

      We did it!! Congrats guys im so excited for this project!

    39. Peta Prokopiou on


    40. Missing avatar

      Becca K on

      #Dianeformayor is gonna happen!!!!!

    41. Missing avatar

      Amy on

      Congrats Guys!!!

    42. Missing avatar

      Kris on

      Excited!!!!! So glad that this will be backed!!!

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