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T!na B...Sophomore Album: DREAM AWAKE ©  project video thumbnail
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DREAM AWAKE will cradle positive sentiments in a relaxing and invigorating melodic escape. Wanna take that ride now? Let's go... Read more

Honolulu, HI Indie Rock
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This project's funding goal was not reached on March 20, 2011.

DREAM AWAKE will cradle positive sentiments in a relaxing and invigorating melodic escape. Wanna take that ride now? Let's go...

Honolulu, HI Indie Rock
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tina b
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About this project

As you heard in the video, my first endeavor (MAKE IT REAL) was entirely self-funded. This learning experience -- that I consider my advanced education in Songwriting & Studio Arts -- is something I share with you to demonstrate that I have put my own money where my mouth is.

The good news from the school of hard knocks is that I also now know what to look for in a recording studio, producer, engineer, and musicians. I understand what to listen for before mastering. I realize the value of taking time to let the songs stew, brew, and blossom.

Before going into any further detail about this project, I want to take a moment to give credit where credit is due to my video creator Twila. She and her husband are responsible for finding the location, and bringing the message to you as you see and hear it in our conversation above. Twila is a local wahine who absolutely embodies the Aloha spirit, and instantly understood what we aim to accomplish here. You can reach her via, so she can bring your video vision to life as well.

Since you know from the video that the investment in MAKE IT REAL was far beyond 3 times more than what is being listed here, you can rest assured that the money for this album will be frugally, effectively, and thoughtfully used. Enlisting the right resources makes all of the difference.

As you may be aware, the delicate balance here on Kickstarter is finding that perfect intersection of: (1) how much funding you can realistically raise in (2) the brief and fixed allotted time. The clock is ticking...

*In case you were unaware, just 1 penny short of the goal means that no funding is awarded.*

Please tell your friends to check this out...and encourage them to tell their friends as well. Let's get the coconut hotline firing on all cylinders!

So, the $12,300 is a completely bare-bones amount that will likely enable 9 songs to be included on the album. The hope is to offer between 9 and 12 solid, stirring creations. Any amount of support that exceeds the listed funding minimum will subsequently improve the quality, and enable more songs to be incorporated into the finished album.

THE BASICS (9 Songs):

* Writing & Development * Studio: Recording Vocals...melodies, harmonies, texture, back-up/fill * Studio Musicians...minimum of guitar, bass, keys, drums; horns, etc. are extra * Studio: Recording Instrumentals * Studio: Recording Drums...separate room, separate time; more costly * Studio Engineer * Mixing/Editing * Producer...this individual's fresh and experienced ear makes a huge difference * Mastering

* Kickstarter receives 5% ~ this supports the site and screening process (yep, had 2b approved!) * Amazon credit card processing fees are 3% - 5%

ESSENTIAL EXTRAS (not included in the $12,300):

* Additional Songs * More Nuances & Complex Recordings * Artwork * Graphic Design * Printing * Duplicating * Packaging * Publicity * Marketing * Promotions * Shipping/Handling for Rewards (see sidebar) * Reward Fulfillment/Administration * Photographer * Videographer

Music connects us. It has the power to catapult us instantly back to our favorite memories, and provide sensory landmarks of those moments that changed us or saw us grow. It soothes and excites and inspires.

It is such a thrill to anticipate returning to the studio to create new songs for you that we can enjoy together, as well as individually. Profoundly amazing it always is to hear how a tune opens-up something, or resonates personally for someone. I absolutely love it, and find that among the best parts of this magical process.

Please accept my most heartfelt gratitude for taking an interest in this labor of love, and offering your show of support.

Until we meet again: Namaste', Aloha, and All My Best to you & yours!

t!na b


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    Select 3 of your favorite MP3s from MAKE IT REAL to be sent your way within 60 days of funding.

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    $25 reward

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    Receive an entire digital copy of DREAM AWAKE pre-release, and your choice of 3 favorite MAKE IT REAL song downloads as well.

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    $60 reward

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    Receive DREAM AWAKE digital copy pre-release, and full MAKE IT REAL album (digital or CD) as well.

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    Receive a Logo Item (see video), plus the DREAM AWAKE album pre-release, in addition to MAKE IT REAL.

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    Receive video clips from writing, development, and studio a Logo Item, DREAM AWAKE, and MAKE IT REAL.

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    $150 reward

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    Receive a (limited edition) photo book including personalized documentation of the writing and studio process, scenic island locations, and special video clips, a Logo Item, DREAM AWAKE, and MAKE IT REAL.

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    $300 reward

    0 backers Limited (25 left of 25)

    A 1 to 3-hour collaboration with you and/or your band (phone, Internet-based, electronic media share) for "FRESH EARS", providing input on any elements you prioritize. Full albums and swag for DREAM AWAKE and MAKE IT REAL are yours as well.

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    $500 reward

    0 backers Limited (10 left of 10)

    Receive a Personalized Song written specifically for you. Following a phone conversation that will enable us to discuss your interest area/theme/subject of choice (G or PG-rated, of course), your professionally recorded and completely original song will be sent to you with a care package of other DREAM AWAKE and MAKE IT REAL swag.

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    $1,000 reward

    0 backers

    Receive a Private Acoustic Show the next time we're in your area, or you're in ours. Also, Your Name (or the name of your choice, if preferred) will be listed in the THANK YOU/MAHALO section of album credits. Expect a swag bag as well, including Logo Items, DREAM AWAKE and MAKE IT REAL albums.

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    $3,000 reward

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    Receive an Invitation for yourself+1 to the Studio during a portion of the recording sessions, plus an Acoustic Performance (travel and lodging not included). Be listed in THANK YOU credits for DREAM AWAKE...and enjoy your DREAM AWAKE and MAKE IT REAL albums and swag.

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    $5,000 reward

    0 backers Limited (3 left of 3)

    Enjoy a Personalized Tour of the Island (travel and accommodations not included), with an opportunity to see precious and spectacular locations only the locals know. In addition to the chaperoned tour, an Acoustic Performance on the beach, and an Invitation to a portion of the Studio Recording await. Of course, you will be properly included in the MAHALO album credits, and fully equipped with all of your DREAM AWAKE and MAKE IT REAL swag!

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