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Minimalist sketchbook / notebook for journalists and creatives. It is a must-have tool for Designers, Journalists, and Artists!
Minimalist sketchbook / notebook for journalists and creatives. It is a must-have tool for Designers, Journalists, and Artists!
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Production Update

Posted by Tim Tu (Creator)

Dear Backers:

We had the chance to go check production few days ago, as our original plan was to ship everyone’s order out in February. However, we’ve discovered an issue that we need your assistance with in order to move ahead with the production process.


Rounded Corners Dilemma 

Most of the traditional notebooks today, such as Moleskine, have rounded corners a well as rounded pages. So the front and back cover edges are only a few millimeters away from the inside page edges. Please see pic here:

Our goal is to have a rounded cover, but to keep the corners of the pages inside squared. This is so when you rip off a page, it will retain a clean edge all around.

We made a prototype earlier to simulate what we wanted. However, it seems that when it came to mass production, because on the automation of the machines, the corners were too wide and too far offset from the inner page edges (5mm all around) that we think that it's way too far and won't be aesthetically pleasing. Please see pic here:

We're looking for other new vendors who might be able to solve this issue. While we'll try to find the perfect solution to this, we want to know YOUR thoughts on this issue:

Take The Survey Here

As you can imagine this little hang-up might end up causing a slight delay to our production schedule... we’d still like to ship out in March but now it’s looking like it will be closer to April.

We will keep you updated here with further information on production. We're really sorry about this delay, and we hope you'd understand our commitment to making the best product we can. Rest assured, we'll make a product that you'll love to use.

Please let us know if you have any concerns or suggestions.

Thank you,

Tim & the SketchyNotebook Team

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    1. Tim Tu 3-time creator on

      @Mihai Yes, an update will come soon! Thank you!

    2. Mihai Petrea on

      Hey guys,

      Do you have any updates on this one? :)


    3. John McLaughlin on

      I think it's fine and would rather have a product than wait for one.

    4. Tim Tu 3-time creator on

      @Lois Thanks for your input!!

    5. Missing avatar

      Lois on

      Well… I’m alright with rounded corner.
      After all, I don’t think I’ll tear them out as they’re hard cover and the content will end up thinner than the book spine as the pages are taken out.

    6. Tim Tu 3-time creator on

      @Joey That's why we're really struggling with the decision~ there's 2 sides to this happy accident!
      @Chris Thank you so much for your input!
      @Scott We totally get it, we're trying to build a sustainable solution rather than just for Kickstarters... having said that, it's important for us to understand the profile of our backers so we can build a better product for you. Thank you for your understanding!


    7. Missing avatar

      Scott Larsen

      I agree that it's worth taking the extra time to make the notebook perfect. Definitely worth a brief delay.

      Also, I don't see the need for all the unrelated marketing/demographic questions.

    8. Chris Chen

      On one hand you could use the extra height to help store/ balance a pen at the top of the notebook.
      On the other, it isn't symmetrical, and if you put your notebooks to hard use - i.e. being jammed into bags etc., that void might cause the covers to... "crunkle" and bow inwards, and degrade the protective quality of the covers.
      (Yes, I know it's only 5mm, but it's 5mm! :P)
      I think I'm going to say, take the extra time necessary to make the notebook perfect. 5mm all around. I'd rather wait for a great product than an on-time not-so-great product.

    9. Joey Triska on

      Just going to put this out there: I actually like the larger margins, as it gives better protections for the interior of the notebook, and I think it looks distinctive, and kind of pleasing. I'd actually love to see how that looks in-use. Maybe a happy accident?