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Minimalist sketchbook / notebook for journalists and creatives. It is a must-have tool for Designers, Journalists, and Artists!
Minimalist sketchbook / notebook for journalists and creatives. It is a must-have tool for Designers, Journalists, and Artists!
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1,510 backers pledged $60,079 to help bring this project to life.

Whoohooo!!! We did it!!!

Posted by Tim Tu (Creator)


A huge, heartfelt “Thank you” to all backers for all the support and love! We are now fully funded with $60,097 and over 1,510 backers! You guys rock!

The impact of your support extends far beyond the financial donation you so graciously made to this project. Your generosity enables us to continue on with the journey we embarked upon years ago: to create a better notebook than before

The ultimate success of this journey won’t be measured by the number of units we sell, the number of customers we gain, or the simple achievements we made along the way. Instead it will be measured by the legacy we leave behind. 

Although the Kickstarter campaign is over, our work is really just beginning here at SketchyNotebook. So far, our work has included posting updates, replying to questions and testing videos, which was the easy part of this entire project.

Next Step: Survey

The next step for you backers out there, is to fill out the survey. 

To accomplish a seamless delivery phase we’re planning to use a service called Backerkit for our survey, we need to set it up to create a more efficient order experience and to know exactly what pledges and add-ons everyone has. 

So please keep a lookout for emails from Backerkit in the future. 

We will send everyone the link to our survey application from Backerkit as soon as possible, so we can confirm all of the order information in a timely manner. The reason we are using a third party service is because it allows for better management of add-ons and is a more efficient option for all of our needs. It’s not a free service for us, and if we could avoid an extra step we would, but making sure everyone gets their order correctly is a top priority and Backerkit helps us achieve that. Kickstarter’s native survey function is poorly equipped to handle large varieties of add-on combinations, this is why we’re planning to use this service. 

Please let us know if you have any questions about backerkit or the delivery process or any other concerns you might have. 

We really appreciate everyone's patience during this new phase of the project. We know we’re definitely excited! 

From everyone at SketchyNotebook, 

Thank you!!!!


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