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We tell stories you can touch.
We tell stories you can touch.
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Wherein The Choice is reached and new Legacy rewards are unveiled.

Posted by Timothy Sullivan (Creator)

My dear friends,

We know for certain that all those who pledge have more choice than ever before! Our third stretch goal, The Choice, has been met. Not only does this include an epilogue as an additional mailing, but the epilogue itself also offers several variances of tone, meaning for the first time the final moments of the experience can be tailored to the sensitivities of the recipient. Do not expect the option to “feel good,” however one may choose the lesser of several dark endings.

Mere hours remain until our campaign has reached its conclusion before noon this Thursday. Only those who have pledged, even as little as a dollar, will have access to the many rewards we have offered. We cannot be certain when Filigree in Shadow will be available again. Moreover, we do not know for certain whether the Seance, Bespoke Seance, or any additional variants will be available at all once the counter reaches zero.

Now. Regarding the outburst of that Curator yesterday.

Despite coming from the mind of an intruding spirit, I will honour the offer of extending the deadline for The King in Yellow, Tempus Fugit, The Weeping Book and the the newest inclusion, Risen! You may also add multiple experiences, if you wish one for yourself and for a loved one, now or after the conclusion of the campaign by taking the cost in Canadian dollars, including shipping, and adding it to your pledge.

I wish to add an additional pair of rewards, which I hasten to say, come from my unclouded mind. There are now two final Legacy Rewards, opportunities to immortalize yourself, a loved one, a business or anything else you believe deserves this honour, by naming a company that takes an advertisement in a Victorian newspaper. 

The first, Advertiser the Lesser, offers a medium sized space, whereas Advertiser the Greater will include a much larger space. The previous Legacy Rewards were snatched up very quickly, so act now if such an opportunity interests you.

For those concerned about my recent possession and the undignified brute who wrote with my pen, I am grateful for the kind words you have sent. Please be assured that we have reached out to the greatest minds in the field of Victorian spirit possession and, I am told, the matter should be entirely resolved by this evening.

The Greatest Minds.

Your servant,

The Curator
of The Mysterious Package Company

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    1. Elim Horton on

      Ooooh, most delightful! I'd forgotten to convert to CAD, so I thought we were still about 100k away from The Choice.