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We tell stories you can touch.
We tell stories you can touch.
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Forsooth! I've returned, bringing Risen and extending the discount offer!

Posted by Timothy Sullivan (Creator)

Why, hello again, you old chuckaboo!

Haaaaa HA! For those of you who read the writings of that Curator, you would be well aware that he had been cured, a simple regime of rest, good food, and exorcise. Did it take hold? It held something, that is for certain. It held me in and gave me the opportunity to see so very much, and learn so very much!

A day of rest, seeing through the eyes of that Curator as they concerned themselves with the activities of the day before, a day of activities which were of no concern to this Curator, and whose eyes saw the rest of the day. And learned so very, very much. Much like that Curator, I wish to muse, now… on the subject of “the rest” and its opposite, “the rising.”

Rest, you see, has two meanings, and I mean to unfold them both, as I just did above. Foooooo… you see, I can be just as clever as that Curator!

The second meaning, the rest… the remaining… for the remaining. One meaning sounds like sloth, and the other like endurance! So, let us endure, shall we? Through the rest of this Kickstarter campaign, and even beyond!

Ahhhhhh yes, I learned so much about that Curator. I understand this “Kickstarter", and I see so many of you enjoy these experiences that this Curator was able to release into the wild for you, so let us get even more wild, shall we?

THE REST OF THE CAMPAIGN you will be able to get these experiences. What, you would like more? How about this: all backers will be able to add these experiences to your pledge even after the Kickstarter is complete, so pledge for Filigree now, and concern yourself with the rest after this Wednesdsay!

Regarding the opposite of rest, “the rising.” Why don’t we ensure that this other experience, Risen!, is available as an option for you as well. As I have re-risen, let us reckon Risen! into the register, a LIST of experiences that now includes this… Risen!

I am certain that top… men… are once more en route to remove me from the mind of that Curator. Perhaps… that Curator’s mind? Oh I didn’t, did I? Won’t I stop? Wouldn’t you like to know what else I can do? I can’t be sure I can tell you, but we’ll see!

Your true servant,

This Curator
of This Mysterious Package Company

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    1. Christian Kastaun

      Dearest Curator,

      it is beyond generous that you intend to honour the promises made by this mischievous spirit; I will certainly take advantage of this offer. I hope this finds you well and your recovery is coming along splendidly.

      Kind regards,


    2. Timothy Sullivan Creator on

      @Mathieu: We shall be making an upgrade to The Seance possible in BackerKit.

    3. Missing avatar

      Mathieu Perreault-Dorion on

      Dear Curator,

      Would you entertain the possibility of allowing your esteemed backers to, for lack of a better term, upgrade their pledge using the pledge manager. Myself for exemplar would really like to partake in the seance but find myself financially unable to do so. If I could pay for the regular pledge at the end of the campaign and for the difference in cost when the pledge manager hits, my desire for this experience and my monetary constraints would happily meet.