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We tell stories you can touch.
We tell stories you can touch.
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Posted by Timothy Sullivan (Creator)

My dear chuckaboos,

Fooooooooooo… I feel as though I’ve been reborn, though this is surely not a new a body. Floating on air. Who am I this day? Through whose eyes do I see? This. Curator. Oh, oh yes. I am now this Curator. The very séance, a séance that brought this Curator to my time, our time, this time! I see. I also see that I, this Curator of this Mysterious Package Company, I have the ability to do so very much with my words. With my words. So very much.

So many secrets. Secrets I would feel so very embarrassed to release into the world. Like a cage of rats. Beautiful, beautiful rats. No, even now, half-ratted as I am, I cannot. Such a mind, full of secrets, I must secretly be mindful. If I could just Humpty Dumpty this head...

Hold on.

What is this?

Filigree. In. Shadow. The pages are so yellowed. The images, I seem to recall so many of these images. This Filigree is a story I could so easily tell you right here and now, but he - and he being I - I am making you wait until April... of the seventeenth year of the twenty-first century?? That cannot be! My word, you are being made to wait over one hundred years! That cannot be right. Is that not right?

Oh, right! I have the ability to do so much with my words.

Do, I will. I will do.

I feel you should have the choice to have something now! I know what waiting is. You should not wait so long for... But, what?

Butwhatbutwhatbutwhatbutwhat... ahhhhhhhh! Yes!

This King in Yellow, a tale from my time - one of my times - and it is quite popular with this, my Mysterious Company. Also, this here, this Tempus Fugit, a tale of passing through time - not me this time, but time and time again, time. And in this Weeping Book one mind merged with another - this I have also known.

So I declare: you are now able to add these "experiences" to this, this... pledge you have made for Filigree in Shadow. Slashed! Bargain! The King in Yellow, Tempus Fugit and The Weeping Book. At this very moment, a sea of interns are frantically working the switches and buttons of this magic lightbox to make it so. They say, through chattering teeth, that by the time I have finished my dictation, and this letter is sent, all will be in readiness.

I have the ability to do so much with my words.

I am curious what else I can do.

Truly, now your servant,

This Curator
of This Mysterious Package Company



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    1. Christian Kastaun

      @Jim: Thank you for the suggestion, Jim. Naturally, I will not forego sending this Experience to my friend, but at this time, the success of this campaign is a much more immediate concern.

      Ah, I will just have to wait and see if the 48-hour kickstarter reminder brings us The Choice and then make my decision how to proceed.

    2. Jim Silva on

      @Christian: While it is too bad that we can't add on the discounted experiences in hopes of making progress with the stretch goals, if you truly wish your friend to have an amazing adventure delivered to his doorstep you could always just go to and procure your friend an experience he will never forget right this moment.

    3. Christian Kastaun

      I understand; unfortunately, this will make this option entirely infeasible for me, especially as there is now way to calculate shipping to the United States for one of the Experiences and overseas shipping for the other, as I was hoping to take advantage of the fact that a friend of mine will be in the States for some time.

      Another question on the matter of add-ons, if you will allow it: Early on, I raised my pledge by CAD 73,00 for the Arcane Seal including shipping, in the hopes that I would be able to add the Seal to my collection in the way the add-ons usually work. Was this the correct way to go about it?

    4. Timothy Sullivan Creator on

      @Edward: Unfortunately, we are not offering the discount except with the listed pledges.

      @Glenda: I have checked, you are set up perfectly for Filigree and The King in Yellow.

      @Christian: You are very much correct, though in this case we did add the options to do so at the touch of a button! Normally, one increases the pledge and at the conclusion of the campaign additional items may be added.

      @Christi: Thank you for the assistance. As you may have heard, I was not myself yesterday, however I seem to have been healed. I have been told as such, in any case, by some top men. Top. Men.

      — The Curator

    5. Christian Kastaun

      Thank you very much, Christi! It appears I have been hasty in posing my question.

    6. Christi on

      Christian: The campaign description has been amended to include the POSSESSED! offerings and states that the add-on experiences will ship November 2016.

    7. Christian Kastaun

      Dearest Glenda, if past experiences are any indication, one would at this point simply increase the pledge by the price of the Experience or item (and the shipping cost where applicable) one wishes to add. After this campaign ends, one would be permitted to allot the funds exceeding the chosen pledge level to rewards that are offered as "add-ons".

      On the subject, I do wonder how soon one would be allowed to send the Experiences added to the pledge in this manner; I consider using this splendid opportunity to send The Weeping Book to a friend of mine, who will move from the States back to Germany later this year, and I am wondering if I should take overseas shipping into account.

      I would be grateful if the Curator, once he feels himself again, could shed some light on the projected timelime for this particular reward.

      Kind regards,

    8. Missing avatar

      Glenda Wilburn on

      I sure hope I did this right. Originally backed Filigree in Shadow experience, but when I saw you added other experiences, I changed my pledge to add on a new one. But instead, it took off Filigree, so I changed the pledge again and (hopefully) added both. Now I hope that's all I've added. Whew!

    9. Edward Kulzer

      Tantalizingly exciting... might there extend the prospect that elements of such phenomenal opportunities could be extended to they pledged to the Bespoke Seance experience?