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We tell stories you can touch.
We tell stories you can touch.
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Wherein I discuss the sensation of being watched before attending a séance.

Posted by Timothy Sullivan (Creator)

My dearest friends,

I have been asked about the message in our Filigree in Shadow introductory film, most notably the notion of being watched. Or in other words, “The Feeling of Being Stared At.”

In 1898, on the 23rd of December, one Edward Titchener published an article in Science on this very subject. Titchener notes that “We are all of us more or less ‘nervous’ about our backs.” His scientific opinion found that we become uncomfortable and fidget, so that when we turn our attention to the pair of eyes, feeling like fingers on our necks, we have instead drawn the attention of eyes that, until our awkward actions, had been focused elsewhere.

However, I have felt the gaze upon me and turned to find someone across a room, their eyes fixed on me. A shiver, is it? A pressure somewhere in our thoughts? It is difficult to describe though I am certain we all know how it feels.

Ah, but for now let us forget such silliness. I am expected to momentarily partake in a séance designed to mimic the one documented in our Séance Reward level, however before I do it was my hope to discuss our proximity to the next stretch goal: The Choice.

We are nearly at the halfway point between our previous goal and The Choice, which offers a magnificent opportunity to tailor the experience to the recipient. This goal offers not only an epilogue, giving insight into the more recent history of the house in our story, but a choice as to the tone of the epilogue, and therefore the disposition of the final moments of the experience. I would not go so far as to say the choice is between an ending that is happy and one that is not. More accurately, it will be whether it is simply dark, truly horrific or viscerally disturbing.

Now is the best time to pledge if you have not, or increase your pledge if you have! I know the goal seems so very far away, but it would not take much for us to bring The Choice into being… there, did you feel that? 

It feels as though I am being watched once again. I truly wish I could find a way to demonstrate this sensation without the use of words, how it feels to make a transition from the comfort of personal privacy to the chill when it is clear you are being observed. A set of eyes, ethereal or very much of this world, turning to you when, in reality, there should be no one watching.

If only that sensation, of eyes seeing and seeing through you, could be delivered through an update here on Kickstarter. No matter, I must be off to the séance! I will most certainly inform you of any discoveries or observations in the next update.

Your servant,

The Curator
at the Mysterious Package Company


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